Tuesday, January 03, 2017

Some things

I shared this on Instagram today but wanted to share it here also.

Today was a BIG day! 

After 5 and a half years of weekly speech therapy - sometimes as much as four times a week and recently just once a week - Harper graduated from therapy today!!!!Hours and hours of practice and driving and dedicated work from therapists and working to say sounds she has never heard before. And it has been worth all of it. 

To meet her now, you would never know she is hearing impaired. What an enormous blessing speech therapy has been to us. 

And this picture makes me smile because it's so her.

And this was her at her VERY first speech therapy appointment.  She was just 2.  I didn't realize how bad her speech was back then until I watch old videos and Scott and I are always shocked by how far she has come! 

I've had a few people email me lately because someone sent them to my blog to read about Harper's story because their child was diagnosed with hearing loss.  One of these days I may update my blog and organize things but I thought I would share a few links in case I need a post to point people to for now.  I'm SO happy to share anything I know with other moms! 

Also - I'm doing Whole 30 again and I had decided not to blog about it but I shared a little on instastories and got a lot of response so I'm going to try and just share there what we are eating, etc if you are interested! 

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