Thursday, January 05, 2017

Snips and Snails and Puppy Dog Tails

I've had so many people recently ask me on IG or through email to do a post on little boy clothes.  

I had no idea dressing a boy would be so fun!!! 

I'm pretty much a split personality when it comes to style for Will Holden.  

For most days - he wears a ton of jeans, sweat pants, t-shirts and casual wear.  He goes to Mother's Day out a few days a week and I want him to be comfortable to play.  My favorite little boy's casual clothes come from Gap. I love a preppy look with vests and button ups too.  

They are having a big sale right now.

Now -  the truth is - I get almost all of his casual clothes second hand.  I have several friends who I buy hand me downs from.  I also love to shop resale shops like Once Upon a Child.  And Gap has great sales at the end of seasons (like now) where you can get good deals.  (I also like Old Navy and Target for casual clothes).

BUT I LOVE a sweet boy in a smocked jon jon or shortall.  I try not to get to "girly" by doing long sleeved tees under instead of peter pan collars and I'm not doing bubbles anymore.  (But I know in the deep south you can get away with more of this).  And I only have 2-3 years TOPS to put him in longalls so I'm milking it! It's mostly on Sundays though.  There are so many places you can shop for these outfits but I'm going to give you my top places (I like deals).

1.  Zulily.  I have bought some great outfits from here for good prices.

2.  Cecil and Lou.  They have the CUTEST styles ever in my opinion and for good prices.

3.  Remember Nguyen (they have a half price sale on Black Friday every year and I always stock up - you can get precious outfits for around $12 at that time.)  They are actually having a "bin" sale right now with great deals for girls and boys.

4.  This is my favorite place.  Join the group "Snips and Snails" on Facebook.  People are constantly posting cute outfits and shoes for good prices.  I have bought shoes and outfits here and I have also resold on here.

There are many more options obviously but these are my favorite places to shop for baby boys!!!  And in about 3 years - it will be under armor and shorts.  Am I right?

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