Tuesday, January 03, 2017

Rocking New Years!

Well, the girls stayed at my parents house for a few days after Christmas and had the best time.  They went to Silver Dollar City in Branson and to the movies and just had fun playing.  My parents brought them back on Thursday.  Scott took Thursday and Friday off and we did some work around the house.  Scott's parents came on Friday to celebrate Christmas and New Years.  We got out Saturday and did a few things but we mostly spent a lot of time at home together.  

My best friend/roommate from college and her family were in town this past weekend for a wedding so I was able to run over and visit with her for a few hours on Saturday.  I always love any chance I can see her.  We tried to get a picture but it didn't turn out so I'm posting a picture of Kandi and her husband from the wedding they went to.  She hasn't aged a day since college which is annoying - just as beautiful.  We have known each other since I was 5 or 6.  My grandparents used to live down the road from her and then we met again in college.  I'm thankful for our friendship.  

This was New years eve.  We grilled out steaks and then mostly spent the night playing a new Wii that Santa brought.  We were all in bed WAY before the ball dropped.  

I went to bed before the ball dropped in New York.  But Will Holden was up at 5 that morning and I was tired.  We are exciting people. ha! 

Sunday we went to church.  It wasn't too hard to make it since we weren't exactly burning the midnight oil the night before.  My in-laws were supposed to stay another day or two but ended up having to go home early.  

We decided to go downtown and go ice skating but by the time we got there - they were shutting down for hockey practice.  So we walked back to get ice cream instead.  The girls found a rock someone had hid.  Our town does the thing where you decorate rocks and hide them and then try to find more.  Apparently lots of towns do this - does yours? We are super late to the game.  

Why does Harper suddenly look like a teenager? She turns 8 in two weeks.  I'm sort of dying over this.  

We have wanted to go ice skating for weeks but just haven't had a chance so we went this afternoon.  It was honestly a little too warm.  It was in the 60's and ice was more like a river.  But the girls LOVED it.  Harper just took off - hello Dorothy Hamill.  :-) Speaking of the 80's - they were playing 80's hair bands while we there and it made me so happy.  Until Scott pointed out that most of the people at the rink weren't even born in the 80's.  (correction - I think Dorothy was more of the 70's.  I had her haircut when I was little.)

We have one more day at home (well Scott is back to work tomorrow) before school starts.  I still have to get our Christmas put up.  I left it up until after the Stamps came but now I need to get to work.  I'm ready for a fresh start! 

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