Friday, June 24, 2011

Harper's Hearing Results

Last night we drove down to Little Rock and spent the night. Harper had her sedated hearing test this morning at Children's Hospital. Traveling with babies and staying in a hotel is always an adventure. I read this week somewhere that said "For moms a trip with kids isn't a vacation - it's a business trip". ha! We actually did pretty good last night. Harper slept with us and Hollis slept in a crib and we got pretty good sleep even though we were up WAY later than our normal bed time.

I was worried about two things today - Harper couldn't have anything to eat or drink until after her test and if you know her - that could be a little stressful. And I was worried about her getting an IV.
She actually did great with no food/drink but the IV was a little rough. The people at children's are all so nice and try to make things as easy as possible on the kids. We had to be there at 8:30 and then we had to wait a while for her test got going. It lasted about an hour and 15 minutes but we got to be in the room with her the whole time. It went better than expected.
This is our audiologist. Isn't she pretty? Harper just LOVED her. I told you when Harper met our friend Caroline she went nuts over her and started calling her "Ya-Ya". Well for some reason - Harper was calling "Mrs. Jan"........"Ninny". She just started saying "Ninny, come here!" I was laughing so hard at her. Jan was so sweet to her and made it such an easy day. Jan's dad was actually one of my professor's at OBU and she and her 4 sisters all went to OBU. It's a small world.

We confirmed that Harper does have moderate hearing loss. We will be getting hearing aids and starting speech therapy soon. I'm honestly not upset about it at all - we are just excited to help her hear. Harper talks SOOO much (she never stopped talking the ENTIRE 3.5 hr trip home) but a lot of it isn't clear and it looks like she is missing so much of what we are saying so I feel like with help - she is REALLY going to take off. And Harper LOVES music and singing so I'm excited to watch her once she can really hear the music.

Since Harper had such a great "nap" and was in a really good mood and because we were so hungry - we decided to chance eating out for lunch. We went to one of our favorite places, Cantina Laredo and it was so good.

I have to add that if you ever feel down or depressed or sorry for yourself - go spend an hour or two in a waiting room at a children's hospital. I left our waiting room in tears because my heart just hurt for all the parents in there who were dealing with REAL issues with their kids. Yes - facing hearing aids with a toddler and knowing she will wear those for life is not the easiest thing - but it just doesn't compare to other situations I saw. I am just praying God gives EXTRA blessings to parents of truly sick/special needs kids. I sort of feel like He does.

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