Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Do you Hear what I hear?

Back in December we took Harper to her ENT to have a routine check of her hearing since having her tubes for a while. To my surprise, the audiologists were concerned she had hearing loss. I had been worried about her hearing when she was about a year old because she didn't talk much but by this point she was talking a LOT so I was no longer concerned. It's hard to test a busy 2 year old so we waited a little bit and they did another test.
This time they still thought she had hearing loss and at first I was pretty upset about it. They mentioned hearing aids and I just lost it. I sat in my car after the appointment and cried. They referred us to Children's hospital in Little Rock and the day we were supposed to go - it came a huge snow. So we re-scheduled and it snowed a foot on that day! ha! By then I was almost 9 months pregnant so we put it off until today.
By now I had come to terms with her possible hearing loss because I realized this was not life or death. She does not have cancer or a serious illness. She is alive and healthy and a big personality and a couple of little hearing aids are not going to stop her! I believe God gave her this strong will and spitfire disposition for a reason!
I was also so blessed because the audiologist we met with is the daughter of one of my professor's from OBU. They are an amazing family with five BEAUTIFUL daughters - and I've connected with a couple of them through my blog so it was nice to just have that connection.
It was a long day today. We drove 3 hours both ways and the testing took a couple of hours. They are still concerned she has hearing loss. She is not deaf and she clearly can talk and sing pretty well! (Actually she talks 24/7 - NON STOP at home!) We are going back next month for her to be tested under sedation so we can get a completely accurate reading and then we will know if we need hearing aids or speech therapy or both.
I just had a total peace today and wasn't upset at all. Actually Scott and I were walking out of the hospital and we saw several small children there with special needs and we both just started crying. I kept thinking about Friday's post and all the prayer requests and how so many people have REAL problems. PERSPECTIVE. We are so blessed and this is a tiny little obstacle. I think it might even be something God will use in Harper's life. (She could have loss from either ear infections of the meds she was on in the NICU or both).

We stopped by my friend Hillary's house before we left town. Hillary is one of my best friends and she just had Sadie. I was so thrilled that we had baby girls together. They are exactly 4 weeks apart. Doesn't Hollis look huge compared to Sadie? I hope these two can be good friends! Sadie is just precious!
Of course someone got a little jealous and wanted her picture taken (and she did NOT want her sister in the picture). ha! Sadie REALLY looks tiny compared to Harper. ha! Harper was SOOOOO good today. I was so proud of her. She is just growing up so fast.

And I just THINK she says funny things now..................what is she going to do when she can actually hear well??? ha! :-)

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