Tuesday, August 22, 2017

First Day

We had our first days of school over the last week.  We have settled into our new routine.  

Our school year is going GREAT so far.  Hollis has a very sweet teacher.  They have a treasure chest and the top kids with the most behavior points get a prize each day. Hollis has managed to get a prize every day.  She is my driven, smart, type A girl.  She takes school very seriously.  Harper said "no one is going to like you if you keep winning prizes".  And Hollis said "I don't care - I want the prize."  And that's the difference between my two. ha! 

Harper is loving third grade.  She has a great teacher as well and seems so happy! They are both full of stories and smiles when they get in the car every day.  

This will show you how excited she was! 

We have a tradition to go as a family on the first day and walk them in to their classes.  It was a super quick drop off this year.  I didn't even go into their classes - just said bye from the hall.  

Will Holden looks happy here but he cried for about 30 minutes after we left them.  It was a hard separation after almost 12 weeks of being with his two best friends and biggest fans non stop.  

Harper and her cute teacher.  

Hollis ready to go.  Her class has all of these fun chairs like balls and stools.  It helps kids to move and yet sit at the same time.  

Will Holden had his open house last week.  He acted shy and scared so I wasn't sure how he would do.  But I knew "big boy school" would be good for him.  

He had a great first day! He went right in without crying (both days that he has gone so far) and he is so happy when I pick him up.  His sweet teachers send us pictures and I love that! 

He's having a ball and it's going to be a good year! 

I guess I'm going to have to find red gingham for him every year.  I can't help it - it's my favorite.  

It's crazy how fast they grow! How is my baby girl already in third grade?????

And the confidence this girl has gained in just one year is amazing! I'm so proud of her! 

We are excited for a new year! 

All of you mommas of babies - I know it's sad to send your kids to school but it's also SO FUN to see them learn and make friends and experience new things.  I love experiencing it with them.  

Sunday, August 20, 2017

Oui Oui!!!!

This is a sponsored post, but all opinions are my own.

Breakfast is not my thing.
I feel bad for my family because I dread breakfast. I've never really ate much of it and there isn't much on my list that I like. I can't cook pancakes to save my life. And I also don't have time for ME to eat breakfast because I'm always rushing around trying to feed everyone and get them all ready for school and leave early and I don't have time to stop for myself unless I get up a lot earlier which is not happening.
So Yoplait asked me if I would try out their new yogurt. Now yogurt - I have time for. My kids love yogurt but they get kids yogurt. I don't often buy it for myself.
But I thought maybe I would give it a try.
This is a French Styled yogurt and comes in glass jars. I keep up with a girl named Joy Eggerichs Reed and she is a newlywed who recently moved to paris. Her instastories are so entertaining. Not long ago, she had brought home yogurt from the market and it was in glass jars and she was so enamored with it. She said you were supposed to return them but she was keeping them to do other things with them.

(Now I'm worried I'm getting in trouble for saying this. ha!) But hello - pinterest - how fun are these glass jars and all the things you could do with them. (And glass is fully recyclable and one of the few things that you can recycle infinitely).
It comes in a lot of flavors like Peach, coconut, Strawberry, Lemon, Blackberry and vanilla. It has not artificial flavors or colors and non GMO ingredients. It has real fruit at the bottom and it is DELICIOUS! It's very thick and creamy and made with whole milk.
I'm not exactly sure what my kids will be eating this fall but when I'm not making avocado toast - I will be throwing down some Oui yogurt before we run out the door! I also love to stay up late at night when the house if finally dark and quiet and watch TV and if I need a snack - this would be a great one!
Check it out yourself: http://www.ouibyyoplait.com/

Friday, August 18, 2017

New Mattress, Happy Girl

This post is sponsored by Walmart and Dorel.  The opinions are my own. 

I get asked constantly to do posts about products and 95% of the time I say no but occasionally I get asked to do something that I planned to buy and use anyway or that we already love in our home and that way I can give an authentic review.  

When Hollis moved to a big girl bed, we got her a cheap little mattress just to set her up.  But she has really needed an update and we planned to do that this fall when Walmart offered to let us try one from Dorel.   Okay -why not? 

It shipped in a box and arrived on my front step.  Mattress in a box? A pretty small box? 

Out of the box, it was rolled up tightly.  I'm still not sure.  

It unwrapped and turned quickly into a mattress! They say it takes 48 hours to fully take shape but it seemed pretty great right away.  

I put it onto Hollis' bed.  

And this is after the beds were made.  

I would say this is a great mattress for the price.  It's not a luxury mattress but for kids or a guest room or a dorm room - it's perfect! I laid on it for a while and it felt comfortable.  

But this was the actual test - and sister loved her new bed! She said it was "comfy".  And she slept like a baby! 

And thankfully it's made without any bad stuff like formaldehyde, etc so I'm glad to know she has a healthy bed! 

So if you in the market for a reasonable, comfortable mattress that couldn't be easier to obtain - this might be perfect for you! 

Find the link here: