Thursday, January 14, 2021

A little of this and a little of that

Just a little look into our life lately..........

We had a low key weekend this past weekend.  I had to get a lot of house stuff caught up but I promised Will Holden I would take him to a park to play.  So Saturday afternoon I took him in the freezing cold to play.  I love time with this funny boy.  

He's growing so fast! 

Sunday we went to church and got out early so we went to brunch at Louise.  They have this one really nice booth but we never get to sit in in but we got it on Sunday and I may have fist bumped.  It's the little things.  


I'm so proud to be their mom.  

I've been working a lot this week.  Susan and I have spent time on Tangible Truth and I've subbed a few days.  

Hollis started basketball! She likes it so far! 

We kept a friends' little girls the other night.  We had the best time with them.  They are so precious and tiny.  Scott said "were our kids EVER that little?"  

I had a fun girls night with two of my best friends.  It's really hard for me to make plans these days but oh it's good for my soul to spend time with friends who I can talk to about anything.  

We have a big weekend coming up! My Harper is turning 12! TWELVE! Can you believe that? So many of you have been around since I was trying to get pregnant with her or since she was born.  We have been friends for 12 years! ha! I'm so proud of the girl she has become! 

Monday, January 11, 2021

My Thoughts

I was going to do an instagram post or put this in my stories.  But I couldn't put it into words.  And then I knew it would be too many words for a short form post.  And then I decided not to post.  And then I felt a big tug to post.  So I'm spilling out my thoughts because this is where I am.

Let me be abundantly clear.  What happened last week was an abomination.  It was despicable and horrible.  Who honestly besides a small group of crazy people did NOT think it was awful??? I can't imagine who.  I didn't post about it because first of all - I have made it a policy to not discuss politics or world issues EVER and I've stuck to that for 15 years.  And I really didn't think anyone needed ME to tell them it was terrible. 

But people take that as silence and indifference.  


I care very much actually.  

I blog and post about my life and my family.  I don't post about politics or current events.  No one needs to hear my thoughts.  I am so weary of hearing every person on earth voice their thoughts on every subject.  I have to turn off social media because it's exhausting.  I refuse to even open Twitter anymore.  And the very people who get angry at me or others because we aren't posting and want us to post - probably wouldn't agree with what we post (I'm not talking about last week - I'm talking about in general).  So all it would accomplish is for them to get angry or for them to want to argue with me.  And life is too short to argue with strangers on the internet.  


Can I put that on a t-shirt? 

Everyone screams "tolerance" but the minute someone doesn't agree with them - even if they have been long term friends - they "unfollow" or "cancel".  People can't separate person from issue.  I follow SOOOOOOOOOOO many people that I don't agree with AT ALL.  But I like them as human beings.  And I listen to their thoughts and take them in.  I don't have to agree with people to like them. 

Like everyone else - I've been so saddened with all that has happened in the world over the last 12 months.  But what I'm more sad about is the hate I see from everyone on both sides of all issues.  Everyone says "do better" or "be kind humans" but IT'S NOT WORKING!!!! We clearly aren't.  

I love to follow people on social media.  I love seeing their homes and lives and families. I don't need to know their thoughts on every issue.  I don't understand why people expect that.  Some people wouldn't be happy unless I pulled up the news each morning and commented what I think on every story.  And guess what? Everyone would be mad.  

I'm not worried about popularity or numbers.  In fact, if you follow me and think I should make political statements or think me praying or turning to Jesus is WRONG - then please PLEASE unfollow me.  That would be best for everyone.  

Honestly - the easy and "popular" thing for me to do is just post on everything.  To make statements.  That's EASY.  And it's not really all that brave.  I see people constantly making "statements" or posting and I know they aren't living that out in their actual life.  They are just posting because everyone is posting. And they feel pressured. Sometimes the brave and hard thing to do is not post. To have the wisdom to keep your mouth shut.  To take action where you are and not have to talk about it. 

I'm looking to Jesus more than I ever have right now.  He is the only thing that is true. He is my only Hope.  He is the only "RIGHT answer".  I read in Genesis this past week how before Noah built the Ark and God sent the flood that "God regretted He ever made man".  I don't know if God feels that way right now but sometimes I do.  This non stop fighting and hatred can NOT please Him.  

We are living in hard and weird times.  There are so many injustices and so many people suffering.  I'm going to pray and do what I can privately to make a difference and I'm going to share small and happy things on the internet because that's my lane.  And I'm not apologizing for that.  

If you think I should talk about current issues more - there are a MILLION people on the internet doing just that! Please go follow them! 

Frankly - I think we could all use a little more light and laughter. And if you don't agree with me - I get it! I'm not going to argue with you.  I might argue with you that leggings are not pants, Instagram reels are awkward and Sonic has the best diet coke.  But that's as far as I can go.  

Friday, January 08, 2021

Pre Teens and Skin Care

We didn't start back to school here until Wednesday.  So we tried to soak up the last couple of days of break on Monday and Tuesday.  Harper's two best friends came and spend the night Monday.  They had the BEST time together.  And then Tuesday they fixed their hair and a little bit of makeup and planned out outfits and we did a fun little photo shoot around downtown.  I had SO much fun with them.  They are such sweet girls and they loved taking pictures together.  

They wanted pictures they could put in frames or on the wallpaper of their ipads/phones.  We got some really fun ones.  We took a lot of pictures in masks too.  I wanted to see their pretty faces but I know they will want pictures that remind them of being in middle school in a pandemic.  

And they somehow told me they "needed" to take ice cream pictures. ha! 
I'm just so grateful for these sweet friends for Harper.  And I like their moms too so much which is a big blessing too.  I will foster this friendship and have them over any time because I know the importance of surrounding my kids with people who uplift them and help them make good decisions.  

Speaking of good decisions - I have FINALLY started trying out skin care products.  I know I know.  I'm 47.  I should have started this 20 years ago but I just never did.  But facing 50 has forced me to try things out.  I thought I would share what I have been using and what I think so far.  

I follow this instagram influencer Landyn and she is around my age and using Revision and swears by it and has great skin so at Christmas she had a special deal and I splurged for my birthday.  It's pricey but I DO think it's working.  

I got this Retinol.  Now the first few times I used this - my skin was burning red the next morning like I had my face waxed.  I only do this 1-2 times a week and I do think it's making a difference.  

I have been using the firming night treatment nearly every night.  

Before Christmas I found this on sale.  I have tiny eyes and they are puffy a lot.   So I was excited to try this out and I can tell a big difference.  I put this under my eyes every night.  

I read a lot of reviews on how this eye serum helps make your eyes look bigger.  I put it on every morning before I do makeup and I can tell a difference.  I 'm loving this stuff! 

Another thing I bought from totally being influenced by instagrammers was this ice roller.  It was only $14.  I try to use it in the morning and night if I have time and roll under my eyes and my whole face.  It helps de puff and slim your face.  I'm not 100% sure it works but it sure does feel good! ha! 

My friend Lindsey gave me the Ordinary Peel to try.  I could tell right away that it made my skin smoother.  But then I did it too soon again and my face went red.  So I would say for SURE try it but don't use it more than once a week.  And it's only $17.  In fact, I have heard so much about the Ordinary products. They are so much more reasonable than most skin care and seem to really work.  So I'm intrigued and plan to try a few more products.  Have you tried them and what is your favorite?