Sunday, November 22, 2015

Gobble Gobble Gobble

I can't believe it's already Thanksgiving week - can you? We have the whole week off from school and I'm so happy.  Of course, Murphy's law - every single day during the school year I have to drag the girls out of bed but I'm positive every day this week they will be bouncing on my bed before 6.  (Today already started that way!)

 I just can't resist a cute turkey outfit.  My girls had the cutest turkey dress that they wore for four years straight.  I got this little Turkey jon jon for Will Holden thinking it might be too big but he's grown so much I had to stuff him in it this week and I'm just hoping he can cram in it again on Thursday.  I know I'm biased - but isn't he adorable?

 Hollis had a Thanksgiving program at school on Wednesday.  I love these special days! I'm going to miss our preschool days so much but thankfully I have a good four more years! 
 Her native American name was Smiling Butterfly.  Which fits her perfect.  And I laughed when I looked back and Harper had the same name! They are two happy girls! 
 Thursday night I went to see Selah and Point of Grace in concert with a few of my best friends.  They are two of my long time favorite Christian groups.  I actually went to OBU right after POG graduated.  And we worked together at a church camp the summer before my freshman year when they were still known as "Say So".  They are so sweet and I got to go back and visit them after the concert.  I know Todd through Angie his wife so it was fun to see him too.  If you have the chance to see them in concert - you need to jump on it! 

Laurie and I have been trying to have lunch with our friend Jennifer forever and we finally got to on Friday.  A new restaurant opened recently in Fayetteville - Tacos 4 Life.  There is one in Conway also.  For every meal sold, they donate a meal to the hungry.  It is owned by two OBU grads that are friends with Jennifer.  It was SOOOO good.  Laurie and I left a little obsessed.  I've heard a rumor they might open one in Bentonville so now my fingers are crossed! 

Saturday it turned BITTER cold here.  Thankfully we had a day completely free of plans and we all stayed home in our pajamas.  It was glorious! Scott went to the Razorback game with a friend.  They got to eat at the Broyles Center and go on the field.  I would be SOOO jealous but it was so cold - I was very happy to watch the game in my pjs in our warm house and eat my taco soup. 

Plus the end of the game.  (insert sad face)

My sweet girl Hollis sat on my lap and watched a good part of the game with me.  She kept waiting to see Daddy on TV.  I think she thought he might be playing. ha! 

The sweetest group of girls from Memphis came to the ball game this weekend and stayed in my town.  They had messaged me and said they were going to visit my church and wanted to meet me.  I was so honored.  Unfortunately, Will Holden was sick Saturday night and had fever so I couldn't take him to church and Scott had deacon duties and had to be there so since we live super close to the church, I just drove up to the parking lot with kids in their pjs and met the girls in the parking lot.  I hated for them to visit my church and miss getting to meet them.  If you know any single guys in the Memphis area or Jonesboro area - you need to let me know! These four girls would be a great match!!!!! I'm taking applications!!!!!

I feel like the biggest loser because every single person on my IG feed has Christmas up but I just haven't been in the Christmas spirit yet and plus everyone is coming here for Thanksgiving so I don't want to put it up yet.  I still have pumpkins and partially alive mums out.  Next Sunday I will be working like crazy to catch up!!!

And I saw this and it pretty much sums up my life.  Do any of you feel like Hamsters on a wheel? I feel like I'm constantly cleaning or doing laundry and I just can never catch up.  Or I finally get things semi clean and by 3:30 - it's all a mess again.  

I'm just thankful it's Thanksgiving break! Mess or no mess! 

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Round Here

Well, Scott is on his way home this morning from several days of hunting.  And we are SO glad! He had a great time away and we have been super busy while he has been gone! 

Our women's ministry had a Mugs and Muffins event on Saturday morning.  My friend Melinda was our speaker.  Laurie's husband kept all the girls but it was pushing it to have him keep Will Holden so I took him with me.  

We left straight from there to a birthday party at a trampoline place.  It's fairly new but we hadn't been there yet.  It opened when I was super pregnant and I just didn't have the energy to take the girls.  They loved it though so we will have to go again! 

The children's choir sang in church on Sunday morning.  Harper was so excited! It's so sweet to hear the kids singing about Jesus.  (Harper has some big scratch on her nose.  I have no idea what happened but my guess is that occasionally she likes to sleep in big gaudy rings and she probably scratched herself.  She got in the car from school yesterday and said "I had the worst day of my entire life.  Everyone kept asking me what happened to my nose".  ha! ha! DRAMA!)

Ugh - she looks so grown up!

One of the oldest and most well known restaurants in our town burnt down a while ago.  They have finally rebuilt and are re-opening soon and I was invited to go to a sneak preview dinner Monday night.  Since our husbands were all out of town, a few of us girls went together.  We hired a couple of girls to babysit all of our kids together (bless them)! We had so much fun.  The food was so good and the company was better.  If you are in NWA - you need to visit Fred's Hickory Inn again soon! 

Yesterday morning I had Bible Study and then a birthday lunch for my friend Aimee.  It was a MONSOON outside and a day I would have loved to have just stayed home but I got the kids out and got drenched getting everywhere but it was so worth it.  

November is such a busy month but one that is full of food and friends and thankfulness!