Monday, September 28, 2020

Football and Weddings

Happy Monday!!!!

We are headed into the 6th week of school and October is coming fast! And it's in the 50's this morning and I'm NOT hating that! 

Friday was Razorback spirit day at school! The kids got to have a special food day and celebrate! It was also the first weekend of SEC football! It was weird - only 25% of fans there and everyone in masks - but man it felt good to see football back! 

I had to go to the doctor in Fayetteville Friday morning so when I was done - I hit a few places in town. I rarely get to Fayetteville any more and when I do - it always makes me nostalgic for my 20's when I lived there.  It's such a fun town with a cool vibe.  The square was looking so pretty.  The leaves were starting to change.  Fayetteville in the fall is just the best! 

I stopped by Riffraff - it's a must stop if you are ever in town.  

And I had to swing by the stadium! 

Hollis was student of the week.  I got this email from her teacher and it made me SO proud! I'm thankful for a sweet girl.  She was SO proud! She has to do a lot of fun things this week like make a poster about herself and take fun things in to share! 

Saturday morning was football! 

On the way home - I was able to watch the livestream of a wedding of a couple who met on my instagram account.  It was a sweet family wedding.  The bride is a widow and so precious and I'm so thankful the second chance at love this couple found! 

Harper got to go to the razorback game with one of her best friends.  She was so excited! I found her this cute shirt at Southern Trends

Is it bad to be jealous of your own kid? ha! 

The first half was great but things went downhill after that but Harper had fun! 

Yesterday I got to watch another wedding on zoom - they met each other on Instagram also! It made me cry to watch! Just so happy for all of these couples! 

 Hope ya'll have a great week! 

Tuesday, September 22, 2020

Football and Friends

We had a real low key weekend.  After a busy week where I worked every day - I needed to catch up one life.   We hung out at home Friday night.  Will Holden made us a restaurant and told us he was making us a "romantic dinner".  ha! 

Saturday morning, Will Holden had a football game.  We realized that the team we were playing was being coached by a former NFL player who was on the cover of Madden - Peyton Hollis.   It was fun to see him coaching since we are fans.  

We are also fans of this little guy.  He played center and got a lot of snaps.  He did much better this week than last.  Less twirling and playing with his wrist guard and more actual running.  He's the youngest on his team so he has nowhere to go but up! 

Little boy football is just super entertaining. 

I spent the rest of Saturday doing laundry and cleaning the house.  It really piles up on me during the week and there just aren't enough hours in the day.  

We met the Ormons for dinner on Saturday night.  We haven't all been out to eat in over six months.  It was nice to spend time together.  And YES - our kids have grown.  Harper is almost as tall as me.  

They aren't little girls anymore.  

And I find pictures like this on my phone. ha! 

Sunday we went to church and my friend Marci and her family were there and I was so excited.  We both cried.  We haven't really seen them in the last six months and it just felt so good to see them in person! I cried a lot in church.  There were just a lot of emotions.  

Yesterday I subbed in one of my favorite classes.  I have been in the same SPED class three times now.  They are so organized and I love how they work with the kids and they are all so friendly.  I felt right at home! 

And here we are - the first day of fall! 


Friday, September 18, 2020


It's FRIDAY!!! 

We have made it through another week.  This is a little glimpse of highlights of the last week. 

I got to have lunch with Laurie and my new friend Paige last week.  I'm so grateful for both of them - my newest and my oldest friends.  They are both just "my people".  Friendship is hard in this season.  Life is so busy and it's hard to make time for friends even though I need friends desperately.  I've had a lot of changes in friendship over the last few years.  People moving, sessions of life changing, and other circumstances but I keep just praying God brings good friends into my life and He always seems to provide.  

Will Holden had his first football game on Saturday.  I know that he loves it as much as I hope he will love it.  But it makes me smile so hard and laugh to watch him.  

We spent ALL day Saturday after his game re-doing our front door.  It has been weathered and facing the sun for 15 years and was in awful shape.  We have put it off for a while but it was on our list of Covid projects that we finally got to.  We had to take the door down and use putty to fill cracks and then sand it.  Scott is a perfectionist.  Which means we sanded for HOURS and HOURS.  And then we stained.  There was a lot of waiting between things so we barely got the door hung back up before we went to bed.  But I'm so glad we did it - it looks SO much better! 

We went to church Sunday.  We just started having nursery and preschool ministry again on Sunday mornings.  The girls helped with the kindergarten class and I worked the front desk.  

We LOVE GA's which is a program for girls at church where they learn about serving and missions.  We usually have an awards banquet in May but that got cancelled so they had a drive through award ceremony Sunday afternoon! 

Will Holden got to go to a nerf gun party outside for his friend Isaac.  It was so much fun.  The weather was nice for us moms to be outside and the kids had the best time! 

Living his best life! 

I have worked every day this week.  I've subbed every day but Wednesday and I spent that day at our Tangible Truth office.  I'm ready for Saturday so I can catch up on housework.  I'm super behind on that.  And to sleep past 6.  These early mornings are rough.  ha! I need to learn to go to bed earlier.  ha! 

Have a great weekend!