Monday, January 14, 2019

A Perfect Ten

We were still out of school last Monday and it was almost 70 degrees so we put on shorts and t-shirts and went for a long walk on a new trail.  Our town has a TON of the nicest trails for walking and bike riding.  I LOVE them.  

We had a great day.  But it was time to go back to school! 

The girls wanted to sleep in braids so they would have wavy hair to start second semester! They went back with all smiles! I can't believe the year is half over! 

Will Holden and I started back to Bible Study on Tuesday.  

I'm doing Authentic by James Macdonald.  I think it's going to be really good.  I love his studies! 

Wednesday Will Holden went back to school.  I'm not going to lie - I had a little skip in my step.  I LOVE LOVE LOVE being with my kids.  But I'm also someone who just likes to be alone.  I need a few hours a lone a week or I get kind of crazy.  So after 3 weeks of togetherness during Christmas break - it was nice to have a few hours asleep.  I got my hair done and ran some errands! 

Saturday we celebrated Harper's birthday a few days early.  She invited just a couple of friends to go out to lunch and to a movie.  We ate at chilis and were going to the 12:40 show of A Dog's Way Home.  In typical Kelly fashion - I pulled up our tickets at lunch and realized that I had bought them for FRIDAY.  (I bought them ON Friday but thought I had gotten them for Saturday).  I called the theatre in a panic and they were so nice.  They got us tickets for a later showing.  It actually worked out great because we went home and had cake and opened presents and then went to the movie.  

She wanted an ice cream cake.  She always gets ice cream cakes and usually from Dairy Queen but I thought I would try Cold Stone this year.  I got a small cake that would be enough for the kids but wouldn't leave any to tempt Scott and I since we are on Keto.  It looked SOOOO good  but we didn't cave.  

Harper and two of her best friends.  I always pray for her to have sweet friends.  It's one of my biggest hopes for her.  

Why does she look SO old? Ten feels so grown up! I think it's just a great age.  I hate that she's growing so fast but I also LOVE LOVE this age and watching her become the person she is.  

I really hope her wishes come true.  After the movie we came back and the girls all ended up staying for dinner.  The kids had pizza and I fixed steaks and salad for me and Scott and Steve came over because Laurie and Emily were out of town.  The guys watched the Cowboy game while I took the girls home.  

Yesterday we had church and then we walked to lunch with our friends.  It was FREEZING COLD but it's not a long walk.  It was fun to visit.  Hollis went home with Joseph for a couple of hours to play.  The kids started back to choir and activities at church and then Scott and I went up to pray.  Our church has started a new prayer time on Sunday nights - it's kind of come and go to just pray over our church and any requests or needs or anything really.  

And now it's Monday again! Hope you have a great one! 

Wednesday, January 09, 2019

What's APP?????

If you know me - you know my great love for Sonic.  I LOVE a Sonic vanilla diet coke.  Well, this summer I discovered the Sonic app.  More specifically I discovered that if you used the Sonic app to order your drinks - they were 1/2 price ALL DAY! A L L   D A Y!!! AND it constantly gives you rewards like free tater tots or milkshakes! So I soon became great friends with the Sonic app.  And it also is like being a Sonic VIP.  You just pull it up, order, and then pull into a stall and "check in" and the screen will pop up and say "Welcome back Kelly!" and your drink is out so fast! Or you can go through the drive through and tell them you ordered on the app.  It's amazing!

Then recently - I started a coffee obsession.  Starbucks is not my favorite coffee spot but I had a few gift cards so I plugged them into the Starbucks app and realized I could order ahead on this also and either run in and it was ready right away without waiting in line or I could drive thru and it was faster.  AND once again - you get "reward stars" that earn you free drinks! I am all about FREE REWARDS! 

Really, the only fast food we eat is generally Chickfila.  But ours is so fast and they have people always working outside in line so I never really understood a reason to use the "one" app.  UNTIL about a few weeks ago when I ordered a nugget tray on it for a school function and I realized that you can get points and rewards on this app too and it adds up FAST! I have since learned you can order ahead (or like I do when I get in the back of the drive thru line) OR you can order like normal inside or outside and then have them scan your app to give you credit.  ALSO - you can order on the app and park and they will bring it out to you.  Hello - moms of young kids! You can also go inside and let your kids play in the playground or just sit with them at the table and order from your table on the app and they will bring it to you (instead of standing in line with toddlers).  Genius! This is by far the best app that I have found! It's "my pleasure" to share it with you! 

So then I talked about these apps on Instagram and asked for what other ones you are using out there  and here is what I found.

McDonalds (who knew?)

Panera (I have never ordered on this app but I do get MYpanera rewards.  But their drive thru is slow so it makes sense to order ahead so it's ready when you get there)

Pizza Hut (can earn free pizza)

Dominos (you can earn free pizza)

Slim Chickens (if you have one - you get $4 of free food for every $50 you spend)

Chipotle (You can order ahead. No rewards yet - but it's coming) 

Chili's (they give you rewards and free dessert on your birthday)

Outback (you get 50% off on every 4th visit!) 

What other ones do you use? Just a few extra seconds on your phone can save you time and money! It's totally worth it.  I have a sweet friend that is so good at this.  She saves up and makes a day of it - gets her free Starbucks and her free Chickfila and her free pizza all on one day! 

Monday, January 07, 2019

Christmas Break

 We have been enjoying our last full week of Christmas break.  Today is our last day - the girls go back tomorrow and Will Holden starts Wednesday.  Yes - it does seem like we have been out a LONG time! We have enjoyed it but I think we are all ready for structure.  Tomorrow is going to HURT! The girls have been sleeping in and are going to hate getting up early.  

On Monday, Scott's parents left and I had physical therapy for my feet.  (Yes - I did a few sessions - long story).  Then we went and tried out a new pizza place that was having a soft opening - MJ's Pizzeria in Centerton.  It was good.  

We went to LifeWay so Scott could get a new Bible.  Then we checked out pets at petsmart.  


We came home and I pulled this tent out of the attic for the kids to play in.  Scott's mom got this a few years ago but it's so big we just didn't have room for it.  But I pulled it out and they had a great time!

Listen - I don't want y'all to be jealous of how fun and crazy our NYE was.  The girls and I snuggled up and binge watched "When Calls the Heart".  I fell asleep at 9.  Scott and the girls stayed up until around 11:30.  But I was so tired! 

My friend Marci picked me up on Tuesday morning to hit the Dillards New Year sale.  Have y'all been? It's INSANE! Like Disney World has nothing on it.  People are EVERYWHERE.  You can barely move.  I really didn't go in wanting anything.  And I didn't buy one thing but it was fun to go.  We walked down to Sephora and there wasn't one person there.  

The rest of Tuesday looked a lot like this.  This was the middle of Scott cleaning out our pantry.  It looks good now.  January always makes me want to PURGE.  I'm tackling our closets over the next few weeks.  


Wednesday, Hollis went to play with her friend Joseph and I picked up Sarah Kate to spend the day with us.  There is a used book store about 20 minutes from us that a few people told me about.  You can order books online and then pick up.  So we went to pick up the books I ordered.  I got the girls 6 books for $10!!! 

I didn't get it all in a picture but they had a huge Christmas tree made out of books. 

 I got Harper a few Trixie Belden books! They were my favorite.  I think I'm going to have to read them too! 

They filmed a you tube video.  ha! 

Thursday Harper had another friend over to play.  They had a great time.  It's a little hard to have play dates when your little brother wants to be in the middle of things.  

Friday we cleaned and the kids drew and wrote and we stayed in shorts or Pj's.  

We babysat one of our friends' baby for a few hours.  She was PRECIOUS.  My girls were thrilled out of their mind to watch her (with me).  Will Holden wasn't too happy to not be the baby.  

He warmed up to her.  Maybe this will be their first date. ha! 

Saturday it was 60 degrees.  We have been wanting to go ice skating at our sweet little skating rink downtown.  We never had time during Christmas or it was too cold. Saturday was perfect!!! 

Will Holden wanted to skate but didn't love it.  We barely got going and he wanted to quit but we had to make it around the rink to get out.  It felt like it took us 45 to skate one lap. ha! 

Yesterday we had church.  It was in the 60's and we are eating keto so we walked to eat lunch at Flying Fish.  It was so good.  

I love being able to walk to places.  Laurie took Harper roller skating with her girls that afternoon.  She made me want to start going to the roller rink more often.  I LOVE to roller skate. ha! And apparently there is an interesting crowd there. ha! 

We have a long list to conquer on our last free day today but it's been a nice break! It won't be long until Spring break comes!