Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Singles Day is THIS FRIDAY!


So it's my favorite day of the year this week- no no Christmas - SINGLES DAY!!!

Friday is SINGLES DAY!!!!!

I think you have heard by now but over the last few years of doing this - EIGHT couples are married.  Most of those now have children! EIGHT!! That blows my mind a little.  I wrote a post a little while ago where five of those couple shared their stories - you might be interested to read: 

{And there are 2-3 couples seriously dating..........so who knows what might happen!!}

So "tell your friends, tell you momma, tell your brother, tell all the single people you know (ESPECIALLY MEN - we need MEN for this to work!)" - to come and check this out on Friday.

So here are the things to know:  PLEASE READ!!!!!!!!!!

1.  If you have a single friend, a single co-worker, a single family member or YOURSELF - write a blog post about them (or you) and include lots of pictures and a good TRUE description.  When you link up - you will put their first name, age and state they live in.  
2.  I will get this question a lot - "I don't have a blog - how can I participate?"  It is EXTREMELY easy to set up a blog (nothing fancy).  So even if you don't blog - you could totally set up a blog with one post just for the purpose of participating.  Then you can delete the whole thing. OR You can visit the posts and if you see one you are interested in - leave a comment with your info and tell a little about yourself.  Hopefully you will hear something back. 
3. THIS IS THE MOST IMPORTANT THING: God knows and has a plan for how you will meet your mate. Maybe it's here but more than likely it's not.  If you post and no one leaves any comments - the last thing I want is for you to feel rejected. YOU ARE NOT!!! It will just be clear that your future spouse does not read my blog. ha! And if you comment on someone and don't hear back - DO NOT FEEL REJECTED.  That is just not the person for you.  I can't stand for anyone to feel rejected and I know how singleness can attack your self esteem (or maybe it was just me).  That is not what is happening here.  
4.  This is also important - I have absolutely NO control over how many guys vs girls there are or what ages people are.  I get emails complaining about ages or whatever and y'all - I have NO control!!!! I'm just praying for the best and that something amazing comes out of it. 
5. If you meet, date, get engaged and get married - you are required to invite me. Bridesmaid is optional.  (I'm totally kidding about this but I really hope you will let me know if anything happens.  It encourages me and others to keep going with this!)

6.  We get a LOT more single girls than guys posting which TOTALLY makes sense BUT remember - I doubt I have many single guys reading my blog unless someone directs them to check out the Singles day.  So just don't be upset if you don't get a lot of response.  The thing we need most is for people to share their single brothers/co-workers, BIL's, dad's, friends here.  So if you know ANY single GOOD guys - please share them with us!!! 

7. Questions? Leave a comment or email me (kellyskornerblog@gmail.com). I"m the worst person in the world at email but I will try to help. 

{And PLEASE READ:  Please please use good judgement if you participate. I feel like this is a safe place but our world is crazy so obviously use caution and maybe get references before meeting someone. Pray about it. And you must be at least 21 to participate.} {I am not responsible for bad dates or things gone wrong.  I am just a host hoping for good things!}

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Girls Weekend

It was girls weekend around here this weekend and we had a lot of fun.  Scott was gone getting deer camp ready and we were relishing the last of summer. 

I had big plans for us to do a lot of swimming this summer but it seemed like every time we had a free day, it was either raining or too cool to swim.  We had the weirdest summer here.  It's usually nearly 100 in July and August and it's been in the 70's a lot of days.  

So we FINALLY met up with a few friends and spent the afternoon swimming on Friday.  I had no idea we had such a great aquatic park in our area just perfect for small kids.  We had such a great day! 

The next big thing was I introduced the girls to American Girl Doll Movies.  They are obsessed! We watched Saige (Harper's favorite), McKenna and Isabella.  They look so sad and tired in this picture - but they were just in a trance.  

I'm hoping to take Harper on a little trip for her birthday this year instead of a party to an American Girl Doll store.  I wanted to wait until she would really be interested. 
I talked the girls into sleeping in wet braids and see if we would have wavy hair.  They loved it.  Now they want to do it every night. 

Saturday morning we hit up my favorite place - the Farmer's market.  

I got a great wooden Arkansas sign and the nicest man who makes these gave the girls little razorbacks.  They were thrilled.  

We spent the rest of the morning at two different parks and just playing and having fun.  

This morning was promotion Sunday.  Hollis has been looking forward to this for months.  She graduates from the nursery to preschool now.  She got to go to Children's church and now can go to cubbies and choir.  Such a big girl! 

And I know this is all over the place - but my friend Ginger challenged me to the ALS Ice Bucket challenge.  Her dad died of ALS a few years ago and I have known two others the disease affected.  I think this has been such a fun, viral way to raise money.  ALS is a horrible disease and doesn't have a lot of research.  I read that $13 million has been raised through this campaign (versus $1 million in the same time period last year)! So I challenged a few friends and I'm challenging each of you too! Take the challenge and/or donate money! You can donate here or here (for my friend Ginger's fundraising link in honor of her dad).