Tuesday, March 02, 2021

Just a little of what's been up!

I haven't blogged much lately so I looked through my pictures to capture a little of what has happened lately.  

Last week I took the girls to get much needed hair cuts.  I took before pics but failed to take afters.  ha ha! 

They both have SO MUCH hair.  It's so thick and long.  Honestly it can be hard to fix because there is just so much hair but I always tell them to be thankful to have such great hair.  

Harper's friend had a birthday slumber party and invited both girls.  Harper's friends are so sweet to include Hollis when they spend the night here so she has become friends with them.  It was fun for them to both spend the night away and Will Holden got time with just us.  It seems like these days Harper is always at a sleepover but I love it.  

And unexpected bonus of subbing this year is I got to get my Covid shot!!! I'm so grateful! I'm so ready for everyone to get vaccinated and praying Covid will die down and we can begin to move back into "normal" whatever that is.  I can't believe it's almost been a year since the pandemic hit here and the world changed.  I get my second shot in less than 2 weeks.  I'm prepared to be sick for a day or two but hopefully I won't have a reaction.  

Susan spoke in person at a women's event a week ago and I went with her to help.  It was nice to be among women.  We wore masks but had them off for this picture.  

Another exciting thing is we booked a Disney trip for October!! We LOVE disney and have been wanting to go for a while! We are hoping things will be a little more normal there by the fall but either way I know it will be so fun! 

I've had a few coffee/hot chocolate dates with the girls.  

I love one on one time with each kid whenever I can make that happen.  Scott working from home and just  being home all the time has helped so much to allow me to do that.  It also has helped the kids have so much more time with their dad and I'm so thankful for that. 

Harper talked me into a manicure last week.  It's fun just spending time with her! She's such a gift to me! 

 After the snow storm - our stores were pretty empty but they are back in stock and it's been 60 degrees and now it's March.  Spring is almost here and I"m full of hope for the future.  I hope you are too! 

Friday, February 19, 2021

Snow Days

I read this morning that every state but FL has snow right now.  It's SO crazy.  The sun is out today and it's warming up so we are planning to get out today.  And we are doing our last day of virtual school today (thank goodness!)

I"m praying for everyone in Texas to have power and water today.  I know this has been a nightmare for most of Texas.  I've been thinking about everyone non stop.  

I mean this kind of weather is just crazy for the south.  

I got out Tuesday between storms to get my hair done (priorities) (actually my poor hair girl was having to reschedule everyone so I was happy to get out to help her with her schedule) and I went to the grocery store.  I was able to get what we needed but they were out of so much! 

I know this is nothing compared to what Texas stores look like right now.  

But this gave me a little bit of PTSD from last March/April.  I will NEVER forget what it felt like to shop in those early days of cover when I wasn't used to masks and the stores were so empty - it felt like being in a terrible movie.  

We got a lot more snow on Wednesday.  The crazy thing is south AR who never gets snow got so much more than we did - some places got around 15 inches.  It's crazy to see.  

It warmed up Wednesday afternoon and we went out and played! 

Mili and her sweater loved it

I made the kids take some pictures.  You can't take snow pictures very often in Arkansas! 

These girls are growing so fast! They have spent their snow days face timing with friends, watching TV and just hanging out together.  I'm so thankful they are so close.  

Will Holden had another friend come over to play yesterday.  He has been stir crazy so it helped to have a friend hang out with him. 

This snow has been so pretty but I'm ready for it to move out and for spring to come.  We got two weeks at home and that was plenty! 

Hope you have a good weekend and stay safe and warm! 


Tuesday, February 16, 2021


This pretty much sums up the last few days for us.  I know all of you in the north are probably eye rolling at all off us in the south but I can't EVER remember it being this cold in Arkansas in my 47 years.  And we have had snow but not any in probably 8 years so it's always amazing to us when we get a big snow.  

We were at home all last week due to an Ice storm.  The roads were finally clear on Saturday so I got out to shop for what I knew was coming this week.  Thankfully the stores weren't completely wiped out when I went.  

WH got sent home from school last Monday morning because he had possible contact at school.  So he had to quarantine.  Which I'm so grateful we made it to February before this happened! He had to do virtual school all week which was an adventure.  Following the regulations - I took him to get tested on Saturday.  Hollis had coughed a little during the week so I had her tested also.  Neither one had any other symptoms.  They both were negative which I was so thankful.  WH's quarantine ended Friday since he had a negative test.  

We had to get a sweater for Milli since it's so cold and she doesn't have all her hair.  We have kept her bundled up and snuggling all week.  

I picked up chickfila on Saturday morning and they put it in a heart pan for Valentines.  How cute is that? 

It started snowing on Sunday morning.  Because we had been quarantined and iced in all last week and we knew we were about to be snowed in - we decided to break out and go to church.  A lot of churches closed but the one we have been visiting was open so we went.  Thankfully Scott isn't afraid to drive like I am.  It was such a fun morning to go to church in the snow.  

We decided to have Valentines lunch out since we were going to be locked up soon so we went to Chuy's.  I had to take a picture because I have NEVER seen the parking lot empty before.  It's always packed.  We were the only ones there for a while and it was delightful.  

What a sweet way to spend Valentines with the 4 people I love most (Scott not pictured) in the snow and going to church.  I will always remember that! 

News Nation on WGN did a story on my singles day!!! It was SUCH a fun story! You can watch it here

Here is Milli's other sweater.  ha! She is NOT loving the cold weather.  

Will Holden has a friend whose parents are from the North so they don't mind this weather so they drove his friend over for a play date yesterday.  It kept Will Holden busy! Our school district gave the kids an actual snow day yesterday.  Now that we can do school virtually - snow days are a thing of the past.  Which I'm glad we aren't having to make up 2 weeks in June now.  But I still love the joy of a real snow day! The girls and I are binge watching seasons 6 & 7 of "When Calls the Heart" on amazon.  

I think we got around 6-8 inches of snow and we have that much more expected to come tonight.  

I have friends in Texas who don't have power.  We have been worried about losing power here.  They have asked everyone to minimize what they are using.  Turn thermostats down, not do laundry or dishes (okay with every mom out there) and keep lights off.  So we are doing what we can here.  The sun came out today and it's supposed to warm up out of the negatives so hopefully that will help with the power situation.  

Praying for everyone who is out there without power or without a warm home.  There are agencies in most areas who help with homeless or vulnerable. Find one and give if you can!