Monday, July 24, 2017

Sickness, Swimming and Slime

I somehow skipped blogging last week.  I was just busy having summer fun! 

We had dinner with friends and went for a night swim.   (How cute is the nexting box she is using as a planter? I love it!) 

We went to the splash park one night and had so much fun playing! 

Except for their crazy mom who forgot towels.  So we went for a long walk to dry off.  

It has been so horribly hot.  It's been a heat index of around 105 the last few days.  I sweat just trying to get in my car.  

Hollis had a stomach bug all night one night.  So we laid low at home the next day and watched a lot of movies while I did a LOT of laundry.  

We have gone to the gym several days.  I love how much these three love each other! 

Will Holden had his last day of summer MDO.  He went to a different church this summer and had such a great experience.  While he had his last day, Hollis had a play date with Joseph.  And Harper and I ran errands.  It was nice to have a little one on one time with Harper.  

The girls talked me into making slime.  It was actually easy and kind of neat! If you haven't made any - you just mix Elmer's glue, a drop of food coloring, 1 tsp of baking soda and several drops of contact solution.  That's it.  Then just work it with your hands.  

We also had swim team most of last week but I didn't take any pictures of that.  

Saturday I talked Scott into taking the kids to see Despicable Me 3.  Will Holden is OBSESSED with minions and he will sit so still at home watching them.  So I thought maybe if we went during nap time - he would sit and watch.  I am a little over eager about these things.  

His face says it all.  We walked the halls during the previews.  At one point, he ran into the wrong theatre and walked up to a woman and shouted "HI!".  While I scooped him up so mortified.  He lasted in the movie about 10 minutes before he started making a break for the front of the theatre and I finally took him out.  We drove around for the rest of the movie and he fell quickly asleep.  It was just a little too exciting for him.  We will try again when he's 3.  Maybe.  

The girls wanted to sleep in some of my long sleeved tees Saturday night.  You wouldn't know it was 105 outside by the fuzzy slippers.  I guess we keep it too cool in the house. ha! 

Will Holden took his turn of being sick all night Saturday night so Scott took the girls to church Sunday morning.  They LOVE to eat at this cheap Mexican place by our church for lunch so Scott took them afterwards.  I can't get over how grown up they look in this picture.  

We have three weeks left of summer.  It's rolling by quickly.  

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Vacation Bible School

One of our biggest weeks each year is Vacation Bible School.  Our church does it BIG! We have leaders who work all year long and it's so well run and organized.  Kids come from all over our community and we LOVE it! 

They way ours works is kids are put in "crews".  Groups of 6-8 kids of the same age.  Girls are together and boys are together.  Hollis got to be with one of her best friends Campbell and she and Joseph sat on the same pew every day.  

We rotate from snacks to games to Bible Story to a video to crafts.  It's so much fun.  

Harper and two of her friends from church.  They weren't in her group but they sat on her pew! 

This was my 8th year to work at VBS at our church.  (I ran games for our church growing up when I was in high school! On a MUCH smaller scale).  This was 4 years ago and last week.  I miss the days of matching outfits and little cheeks but I LOVE the people that my girls have become.  And we still have braids and bows.  

I worked preschool crafts.  I've done that the last few years and I love it.  We get a break every day so I was able to go find my girls and say hi.  

The stage was SO fun this year.  It was a great theme! 

Every day after VBS, my girls talked me into play dates.  On Tuesday, I had a sitter come over right after lunch to stay with Will Holden and I took the girls and one friend each to swim for the afternoon.  They had the BEST time.  I can't help but love that their best buddies just happen to be the daughters of two of my best friends.  

My friends all over the church who were working would take pictures of my kids and send them to me all week long and I did the same for any kids who came in my craft room.  I love how we all love each others' kids.  

I got to work with these sweet friends all week.  I love getting to spend time with people while we serve.  And these orange shirts.  Oh my.  

Will Holden's hair and face by Thursday morning sum up his feelings on me dropping him off.  ha! He actually LOVED VBS.  The room I was in looked out on the playground he would play on so I got to watch him every day play and eat popsicles.  He was so happy.  I would take him to the sanctuary every day at the end to hear the music and he LOVED it.  

One of Harper's friends from school went with us every day.  They had 2 play dates after VBS and Hollis got to go play at Kampbell's house one day.  It was the BEST week for them.  I was worn out by Friday night.  

We had 800 kids this year at VBS and about 200 volunteers.  It was worth all the work and energy that goes into it because so many kids come and hear about Jesus - some for the very first time.  And many kids asked Jesus into their hearts.  Harper got saved at VBS two years ago! 

We can't wait for next year! 

Friday, July 14, 2017

Friday Favorites

I'm linking up with my blog friends today for Friday favorites! 

I have been wanting a letter board for a while.  I think they are SO fun and they are everywhere.  We have also been watching a ton of Office reruns around our house.  Michael Scott is just the best.  So of course we had to have a quote from him.  

Have you heard of Agnes and Dora??? They have the softest, cutest, most comfortable clothes! Cute ruffle shirts and the best dresses! You would LOVE them! If you are interested - check out this Instagram -

I'm also OBSESSING over these cute bracelets!!! Not only are they so cute and have the names of my four favorite people but they are made to be intentional prayer reminders.  They are inexpensive and I just love them.  Check out this instagram account to order! 
(The owner has a very sick child right now so if you order be patient - but put it on your to do list for the future!) 

We have had a great week of VBS.  We are tired but so happy.  The girls have both had great friends with them in their groups and have had a week full of play dates in addition to VBS.  It's been a good summer week! 

Have ya'll ever had this? We refer to it as our house as crack and I can no longer buy it because we can not be held responsible for what happens when it is in our pantry.  It's so good but I need it to go far far away from all stores in my areas.