Monday, March 30, 2020

Good Days Ahead

Well our spring break has come and gone.  We had a lot of mostly good quality time at home.  

Like the rest of the world - we spent Thursday making a chalkboard mosaic in our drive way.  It rained this weekend and it's gone but it was fun while it lasted.  

We wrote out a verse that encourages us.  I love going for walks in the neighborhood and seeing words of hope in chalk.  

Saturday was mostly rainy and we just hung around the house.  We finally got out for walks in the afternoon and played outside.  We are cooking at home constantly so at least once a week - we try to get take out to support local businesses.  We love Tacos 4 Life. It's SO good but it's also AR owned and they feed hungry children with every meal you buy.  They are offering family packs right now so I got one and it came with so much food we had lunch on Sunday with it too.  

We even got their famous punch to go!!! 

Jonesboro, in east AR, had a horrible tornado hit Friday night.  Thankfully it wasn't deadly but it did hurt many homes.  Praying for all the people there.  It's a tough time to deal with that kind of loss along with the whole corona thing.  

I went to the store today and they had a lot more things but are still out of a lot.  I don't even bother looking for sanitizer but I found some in a backpack yesterday morning.  Then my girls said " oh we have some" and they brought out a whole stash.  ha! I forgot how they hoard sanitizer.  

Saturday we just had cabin fever.  I think we were all on each other's nerves.  So we made plans to make Sunday a better day.  I got up early and hit walmart as soon as it opened to get groceries for the week.  Thankfully it was pretty empty.  I came home and cooked breakfast and then we went to Hobbs state park.  

We walked a couple of trails.  The weather was perfect and we had the best time.  It was pretty empty.  We are so thankful that we can still get outside.  And that this is going on in the spring/summer and not in winter so getting out is such a gift.  

We stayed until lunch time and then went home to eat.  

I was so happy to find paper products today.  It's been empty for weeks so it felt like the heavens opened up a little to find this and some cleaning products and all the other things we needed.  

The teachers at our school did a drive through parade today in all the neighborhoods.  Every teacher and staff member decorated their car and drove by honking and yelling.  Seeing their faces smiling made me cry.  We have INCREDIBLE teachers.  And this is tough on them.  They are having to learn how to do things differently - teaching online.  It's not easy on anyone.  And they are home doing it while trying to help their own kids.  But they have been amazing and we miss them so much.  

It was such a lift to see them all! I just love seeing community come together and support each other! 

One of our favorite local spots is doing Sunday dinners only right now.  You can get a family meal for 4 from Louise on Sundays by calling between 3 and 6 and they will bring it out curbside.  We had roast beef, gouda mashed potatoes and salads and it was SO good.  And we have enough to eat today too.  We will be doing this again on Sunday nights! And it will be something different each week.  

Yesterday was just a good day and everything I needed.  

Oh and if I didn't mention it - my dad is HOME! Last Monday we found out he would be stuck in Liberia indefinitely.  Thanks to the embassy and our senator, they got him on a medical evacuation flight and he got home on Friday! He is quarantined at home now and I'm so grateful.  Thank you so much for praying!! 

Thursday, March 26, 2020

The Bright Spots

Hello from self quarantine! There is not a lot to report but I'm still trying to keep a record from this time.  I haven't been taking a ton of pictures but I will share a little of what we are up to.  Monday it was rainy and cold and we mostly stayed home.  It was our first day of spring break.  Scott is still working from home and we are just taking it easy - sleeping late and just not being in a rush.  

Tuesday we woke up to more thunderstorms.  It was dreary and I just felt sad.  I have days where I feel hopeful and peaceful and days where I feel scared and hopeless.  I think it depends on how much time I spend on twitter and the news.  The sun came out around lunch time so we got out for a walk.  It was a beautiful day.  Some of our neighbors were outside sitting in their drive ways so we stopped and talked ( a good 12 feet away).  I was so happy to just see other humans.  I'm a people person.  I love being around people.  I love talking to people.  So I'm missing that.  

We drove through Sonic.  And then we drove around town a little.  There is SO much less traffic in town which feels weird and good at the same time.  We drove by Laurie's house and they came out.  We sat in the car and talked to them on the side walk.  I was so happy just to see them.  All of it did a world of good for me! 

Yesterday in the morning I got texts from my dad saying he thought he might get on a medical flight out.  Our senator's office called shortly after with some info.  They had been calling the embassy and helped him get the flight.  I was so grateful to them for helping us!  
Dad got a call at 3 p.m. his time from the embassy.  They told him if he could get there in an hour they would get him a seat on the plane.  The place where he is staying drove them but the car broke down a half mile away.  So he ran to the embassy and got his seat.  He had to get to the airport (which is closed down) at 10 p.m. and wait until the flight left at 4 a.m. outside the airport.  The whole thing is crazy but hopefully tonight he will be arriving in Washington D C.  

I had to get out in the morning to do a few things that didn't require contact with anyone and I had a gift card so I stopped by Onyx.  They set up a window with glass where you can walk up and order.  There was no one around and I could park right outside (which NEVER HAPPENS under normal circumstances) so it was a happy morning just to get some coffee! 

Yesterday was Scott's birthday.  I'm afraid it wasn't too exciting.  He worked from home all day.  The girls made him cards and a hat.  I picked up fajitas from Chuy's for dinner since we couldn't go out and a cake from Nothing Bundt cakes.  Both had curbside and it made it a little more like a party! 

A sweet friend sent me a box from Euna Mae's and it was such a fun lift in my day/week/month! 

Things are SO hard right now.  There is so much uncertainty.  We don't know what the next few weeks or months will look like.  I have found I just have to face it one day at a time.  And keep praying that God will provide and protect and draw me closer to Him.  

Monday, March 23, 2020

Locked Up Abroad

On Friday we started spring break! Can you see the joy in their faces? We are pretty excited even though it just feels like the week between Christmas and New Years where you spend the whole week in your pj's and never leave the house.  

I have been cooking 3 meals a day.  It feels like I cook, clean up the kitchen, load the dishwasher or unload and it's time to cook again.  Or someone is asking me what the next meal is.  But we want to support all of our local restaurants too.  So Friday night we got take out from Fish City Grill which is owned by 2 of my college friends.  They have the BEST gumbo.  It was a nice break and kind of a win win.  So many of our local places are running amazing family meals for curbside pick up.  I'm grateful so many are taking advantage of this so these places can keep going.  We plan to do that once or twice a week.  And momma gets a break from cooking. ha! 

Saturday was the first sunny day we have had in what seems like months.  It was cold so we spent the morning watching a movie (we are working our way through Disney plus) and after lunch we headed out for a walk in the fresh air.  

We went for a long walk and it was so pretty and it felt good to get out.  We kept our distance from people but enjoyed our time.  

Between the kids and the dog - we didn't walk too fast so after we got home - I went for another walk to get some actual exercise in.  Plus I wanted to take advantage of the weather.  

Yesterday we watched online church and just hung around the house.  I have so many projects I want to get done while we are at home but I feel like I just can't get anything done.  Knowing I have another 4 weeks at home kind of kills my sense of urgency.  I'm going to sit down and write out a schedule of things to clean and get done so maybe I can get something accomplished in this gift of time I have been given.  I don't want to waste it.  

My day was kind of shot yesterday because I found out that my dad is stuck in Africa.  He went around 3 weeks ago to Liberia to train pastors.  He should have come home Saturday but flights got delayed and then they just completely closed the airport.  So for now he is stuck there indefinitely.  I was super upset at first but he face timed me and he is going to stay at a compound for missionaries that has a hospital.  So he is safe and has meds he needs.  And there are only 2 cases of corona there so he's probably better off.  But my mom needs him home and I will be thankful when he comes home too.  We are going to contact some places today to see if anything can be done but he will be fine if not.  I know God will take care of him and I'm trying to rest in that peace.  

I know life is crazy right now and we are all feeling out of control but just stay calm and STAY HOME (if you can)!