Wednesday, January 20, 2021

Sam's Club Favorites

Monday Will Holden and I made a Sam's run.  I am a HUGE fan of Sam's.  It's one of my favorite places.  I shared a little in my insta stories about some of the things I'm loving there right now.  I thought I would share some here in case you are visiting soon.  (I know a lot of you love Costco but I'm in Walmart/Sam's land so we don't have one).  

This Greek salad is SO good.  IT comes with TessaMae's Greek dressing.  We have bought it two weeks in a row.  We just add some meat.  

If you haven't bought these yet - you need to get on it.  They taste just like Chickfila.  I put them in our air fryer and they are perfect! There is also the same brand patties that taste just like the CFA sandwich.  

One of our favorite things ever at Sam's is this stuffed salmon.  It's not keto or necessarily low fat but it's so delicious! 

When I'm eating keto - I love these parmesan crisps.  They have these new everything seasoned ones.  IT gives you something to crunch on.  

I found these cooked italian herb chicken breasts.  Scott loves them.  He likes to have chicken to eat for lunch and this way - it's already ready - he just has to warm them up each day.  

These veggie nests (or zoodles) are great.  I bought them this week and we put spaghetti and meat sauce on top.  Someone asked how I cooked them.  I put them in a pot with some olive oil.  As they cook I drain the water that comes out as they thaw.  That keeps them from being soggy.  I keep a lid on the pot so they can steam.  They turn out great! 

You can get the best gift cards at Sam's too! NWA friends - you can get $30 of Onyx gift cards for $22.50.  That's 25% off! It's such a great deal! There are a lot of other local restaurants and places with great deals! Don't forget to search online or in store! 

They even have Hunter boots right now for only $65! Normally they are $150! 

Okay - there are some of my favorites right now.  Not sponsored.  Just a girl who loves Sam's.  


Tuesday, January 19, 2021

My Uniform

 The other day on my insta stories I was telling how I have a Uniform.  It's completely unofficial.  I think some people would call it a capsule wardrobe.  I have a closet full of clothes but I seem to constantly wear the same 2-4 things.  It's just easy to pull them out over and over especially if I won't see the same people every day.  ha! 

I'm going to share a few of my favs! 

This dress is my go to sub outfit.  It is cute and comfortable.  I wear it with leggings and boots.  It runs pretty true to size.  And it's just $25. 
I also love to wear it with these cute sneakers for a more casual and comfortable look.  And they are only $25.  

My home days/weekend look is this jacket from Lululemon.  I got it for Christmas and I'm obsessed with it.  I got it in my normal size and it's loose but fitted if that makes any sense. I seriously wear it about 4 days a week.  I throw it over a t-shirt and my favorite lulu pants or leggings.  It's pricy but I'm getting my money's worth.  

And this is my Sunday dress.  It's so comfortable.  And it's only $20 right now.  

This is another cute one that is only $20.  

And yes my wardrobe is all black.  It's easy.  It's slimming.  Just call me Johnny Cash.  

Monday, January 18, 2021

Celebrate Well

Harper turned 12 on Saturday! I can hardly believe she is 12.  One more year and she will be a teenager! 

We had a fun family day to celebrate! 

We started the morning with presents.  She was all smiles! 


I pulled out her first birthday decorations! I'm so glad I saved them all.  

My aunt Linda and my parents came over to see her.  

So thankful they could come see us for a few hours.  Notice all my barefoot children. ha! Doesn't my mom look great? 

Yes Harper is almost as tall as me.  

Love this banner that we had for her first birthday! I love using it! 

I'm so proud of who this girl has become.  She is so smart.  So kind.  So thoughtful.  She loves Jesus.  She is a great friend.  She is more than we deserve.  

After my parents left - we took her to do her choice of things.  She wanted Starbucks.  She likes the "pink drink".  

We shopped Target.  

And she got gumbo at her favorite restaurant.  She's a girl after my own heart.  

Instead of a birthday cake - we got Crumbl cookies.  We love them! 

She got monopoly so we came home to play.  I HATE board games and monopoly is the worst but it was her birthday so I gave it a good try.  

We had a sweet day with our girl.  

Sunday we went to church and then spent a day at home catching up on life.  And we are excited to have a day off today to be home!