Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Leslie Sisti

If you have read here long, you know that we have a Singles Day where people link up single friends and somehow matches have been made! Ten couples have met and married.  And one of the first couples who met and married were Leslie and Stephen Sisti.  They are local and I was so thrilled when they met - they were a match made in heaven! 

They went on to have two darling little girls - Caroline and Ainsley.  

Unfortunately a heart problem Leslie had worsened after having Ainsley and yesterday she went to meet Jesus.  I think everyone who knows her is shocked and saddened to hear of her loss.  I have met Leslie many times and she was just extraordinarily beautiful on the outside and the inside.  

She wrote the blog blondeambitionblog.com.  You can read and see her love of life and her family.

I want to share service information with you and also a place you can donate if you would like to help her family.  Most of all - would you please pray for her family who lost a daughter and especially Stephen who lost his wife and those precious baby girls who will never get to know their amazing mother.

The fund is http://www.gofundme.com/d53bgd5p8s.

Also - a group of bloggers plan to do posts tomorrow to remember Leslie and will use the hashtags #beblessedlovelies (as that's how Leslie always signed off on her blog) as well as #rememberingleslie if you would like to join in. 

Monday, July 27, 2015

Summer Fun

Will Holden had his first baby sitter last week - his Aunt Laurie.

Laurie loves babies more than anything in the world so she has been dying to keep him.  But I'm weird about not letting people keep my baby.  She has been so mad at me for not asking her sooner.  I will say it's really nice having babies once your friends have kids that are older so they are excited to keep your babies.  (When you all have babies the same age - who wants to volunteer to keep another baby? ha!) 

I took the girls swimming while Laurie kept Will Holden.  Of course it's been 100 degrees every day and the one day we went - it was raining some and cool.  But we had a great time because no one was at the pool.  It was fun to have time with just my girls for a little bit. 

My brother and his family came to town last week also and we got to spend a little time with them and they got to meet Will Holden.  They went on to see my parents but we enjoyed a quick visit! 

This was me and my sweetest boy before church today.  I have to tell you about this dress.  

I have done stitch fix on and off for a while but I've had a hard time getting anything I really liked.  I ended up sending most of it back and then I made some changes and it made a HUGE impact.

I thought if you had tried it and it didn't work - you might want some tips or if you want to sign up - make sure you do the following:

1. I changed my age from 41 to 28.  I feel like they kept sending me clothes that were really "matronly".  I don't want to dress like a teenager but I don't want to look too old either. So 28 seemed like an achievable age. ha! 

2.  I made a pinterest board of clothes that I loved and shared it with them.

3. I had one good box so I requested that same stylist after that. 

4.  I was very specific in my requests - like I tell what I have coming up and what I really am looking for.  

Anyway - a box came last week and it had several things I loved but I REALLY loved this dress.  I feel like there are lots of ways to wear it!

(The dress is Braxton Ivy brand.  I've tried finding it online and can't???? and the Shoes are Minnentonka Isabel sandals.  And they are cute and SO comfortable for wedges!)

Harper starts school one week from today.  So we are packing a lot of fun into this last week of summer.  I love these three so much.  It's not always easy to get all ready and head out to do stuff but I'm always glad we try! I do plan to let us sleep in every morning this week and not rush because starting next Monday - it's going to be early mornings again at our house.