Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Book Club

Pull up a chair and drink your Starbucks or Sonic Diet coke or water and get comfy - because it's Book Club Day.   This is our first day and I hope we can keep this going.  

I need to give a disclaimer that I have no earthly idea what I'm doing but hopefully this will be fun!!!!

If you haven't read yet - that's okay - you can always get the book and catch up.  I read it in a few hours so I know you can join in if you want! 

We are starting out with "The Antelope in the Living Room" which is a hilarious look at marriage. 

Melanie (on the far right) is the author.  She writes the Big Mama Blog.  This was one of the very first blogs I ever read eight years ago.  Somehow we became friends and I have been lucky to spend time with her on several occasions and even travelled to the amazon with her with Compassion.  This is me and her and her best friend Gulley.  I love Melanie because I relate so much to her.  If you read her books or blog you will know that she and Gulley are so similar to me and Laurie.  And her husband Perry and Scott are basically the same person.   I also told Melanie when we were trying to get pregnant that I really prayed I would have a little girl just like Caroline. And now we laugh that God gave me JUST that.  Harper is so much like her.

Also Melanie is possibly one of the funniest people I have ever met.

So let's discuss.  I'm going to just mention a few of the highlights to me from the first FOUR chapters.  Then in the comments - please add anything you loved or that jumped out to you.

And then I'm going to answer the first 3 questions that Melanie shared on her blog for book clubs!
I would love for you to share your answers and hopefully we can have discussion in the comment section.

"Marriage can be the biggest blessing and the most significant challenge two people ever take on." 
* Laughing at the first chapter when she talked of waiting for Perry to pop the question and then of living in the assisted living and getting her wedding gifts delivered.  And loved that she said when she and P go to weddings now they look at the bride and groom and say "Those two fools have no idea what they are getting into.  They don't deserve new dishes.  You new who deserves new towels? WE DO." ha! 
* Loved Melanie talking about meet Perry in the second chapter.  And I love this statement (single girls listen up!): 
"I think it can be easy to settle for less than you deserve just because less is right in front of you and the best may still be unseen." 
* I so agree with Melanie in chapter 3 about planning a wedding back in the days before pinterest.  I would have been done in.  We didn't have the chalkboards or the wedding hashtags or the mason jars and burlap or photo booths.  So much less pressure. 
* Chapter four just makes me laugh because it's so much like my thoughts after we got home from our honeymoon.  It's an adjustment to get used to living with a man. ha! I only wish I would have told Scott he had to do his own laundry.  I have not been set free from that bondage. 

1. In Chapter 1, Melanie mentions that she’d always envisioned a Christmas wedding but ended up getting married in August. How did your own wedding day differ from what you thought it might be?
I always wanted a fall wedding and that is just what I had.  I think our day was just how I would have wanted it.  It just went by so fast! 
2. Have you seen ways in your own life that marriage tends to amplify whatever insecurities you have? Have you looked for your husband or job or anything to complete you in some way?

3. Do you remember the first time you met your spouse? What stands out in your mind?
We went on a blind date that Laurie set up.  We met at a mall in Little Rock down in the food court and I hid in a store so I could check him out before we "met."  I just remember he was tan and muscular and manly.  And he made me laugh.  I was smitten immediately.  

Monday, April 21, 2014

Not like I imagined

We dyed Easter eggs on Saturday afternoon.  

And the girls had fun. 

But it made me start thinking.

I spent a lot of my 20's and 30's thinking of how I couldn't wait for a family and I had all of these mental lists of things that I couldn't wait to do with my family.  And they all sounded so fun.

And don't get me wrong - it's every bit as wonderful as I imagined and I love my girls more than life.


There are some things we do that I'm just going to admit,

they aren't as fun as what I imagined in my head. 

{in fact, they down right give me anxiety attacks}

1.  Dying Easter Eggs

2.  Baking cookies with my girls

3.  Taking family road trips

4.  Carving pumpkins (I actually haven't even tried this yet because I can already tell how stressed it will make me) (but that's mostly due to an unfortunate pumpkin carving party when I was 12 that resulted in a trip to the ER and a big scar on my thumb to this day.  I'm sure we will carve next year.)

5.  Disney World (well - we haven't done that yet and we are planning to but I just KNOW.)

What would you add to the list? 

{And I need to add that there are things that I probably never thought would be so fun that I absolutely love - like sitting in the driveway for hours while the girls play outside with friends, singing endless songs at night with my girls,  driving with the windows down just because they love it......}

AND I need to add - of course I ADORE my girls and enjoy doing things with them.......this is just a light hearted look at things I thought would be so much fun (and we do them and the girls love them) but to me they are more stressful than fun.  :-) 

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Easter 2014

I just love Easter!!!!

Beside the obvious reason that we are celebrating Jesus being alive - I just love worshipping at church and the spending the day with our friends.  Easter is a holiday we have made our holiday.  We don't travel - we just have our own traditions and I love it.  I love being with our families on every other holiday but Easter is a great one to build our own memories. 

Easter is also a busy day for us.  We are on the Ordinances Committee which means we take care of baptisms and the Lord's Supper (communion).  We had a Good Friday service so Scott went and set it up and served.  I stayed home because there isn't childcare and Hollis isn't quite old enough - hopefully next year we will make it.  
Today we went to the early service and helped with Baptisms and then Scott had to greet and we helped him and then went to the late service.  Harper had to be with us all morning and she did so good.  She LOVED greeting.  She handed out bulletins and said "Happy Easter" to everyone who came in.  I love teaching her to serve with happiness! 

 My sweet girls.  I got their dresses on clearance from Remember Nguyen during their big Christmas sale.  I just love them even though they are linen and wrinkle easily.  I love blue on little girls. 
 I did an Instagram poll trying to figure out a dress for Easter for me.  I ended up not ordering any of the dresses I had picked out and last minute went to Dillards yesterday and found this pink dress.  
 We always eat lunch with Laurie and Steve on Easter.  It's been our tradition for probably 10 years.  We switch out homes and sometimes other people join us but we always eat KFC.  
And we love it! 
 Our girls.  I have pictures of them every year together on Easter.  
 This year we had another family join us.  It was so fun to eat with them.  
 The kids table.  
 Last year our friends Mike and Kacy started a new tradition by inviting our Sunday School class over (any one who was in town and without family) for egg hunts and a dinner potluck.  
We went again this year and it was SO much fun.  It was perfect weather and some of my absolute favorite people and the girls had a BLAST!!!! 
 My friend Ashley brought baby geese.  Hollis loved holding one! 
 Harper and one of her best friends Madeline
 I don't like to brag - but my girls are master egg hunters! 
 There was a Golden Egg and Harper found it! 

 Harper and her friend Kinley.  We have spent Easter with them many years.  

Harper and Kinley (and Sarah Kate and Emily) when they were one. 
 Ashely and Kacy
 Mary Avery, Jessica and Kelly
 We had Egg Races.  Kacy and Mike smoked every one.  

We had such a wonderful Easter.  My heart is full.

I can't believe how much my girls have grown over the last few Easters.