Monday, November 18, 2019

Last Week.............

Last week was full of fun! 

Monday morning I had coffee with someone who follows me and was in town.  She has 4 deaf cousins and wanted to share her experiences with me.  She was so sweet - I enjoyed visiting with Robin so much! 

Monday it sleeted and snowed all day which is SO unusual for Arkansas in early November.  There was snow on my pumpkins.  

There wasn't enough snow to really play in but it was fun to see! And it was SO COLD!!! It was 12 when we woke up Tuesday morning.  

On Tuesday mornings I go to Bible study.  I go early and Will Holden helps me make coffee for the women.  

Scott was gone hunting last week and so by Tuesday I decided to just take the kids out to eat for dinner.  

We love Louise at the Bentonville Airport.  It's SUCH good food and very reasonable and it's fun to watch the airplanes while we eat.  

We had a fun time.  

Wednesday morning Hollis had an appointment at the dermatologist  for a scar we wanted looked at.  

Then I headed to the dentist and then I ran to a meeting until I had to pick up kids.  Scott got home Wednesday and we were glad to see him! 

Thursday I went to have lunch with Hollis because she was student of the week.  

My parents came to town to do some things and came to visit us.  They were spending the night so they told Scott and I to go on a date.  I wasn't going to argue! 

We went to Table Mesa to eat before going to the movie downtown.  

We saw "Midway" which was VERY good.  It was a true story and very sobering and hard to watch but I recommend it.  

The Ferrari movie was coming out and they had one parked outside.  We thought about buying it - but I think I would rather buy a house. ha! 


Saturday was a nice day and we spent most of the day hanging Christmas lights on our house.  We might be a LITTLE redneck if we propped a ladder on the bed of Scott's truck to reach the roof. ha! I had to hold the ladder in the truck while he climbed on it.  I mostly prayed he didn't fall off and die.  

Saturday night, Laurie and I went to see Dallas Holm in a private small living room concert.  We LOVE Dallas Holm.  I grew up on his music back in the early 80's.  Laurie and I have seen him twice in concert.  A lady we know had posted on facebook that he was coming to their house to do a concert and Laurie immediately messaged and asked if we could come. ha! We ended up knowing several people there and we enjoyed it so much.  If you know "Rise Again" - you know! 

Today was a busy church day and we ate out lunch.  I love Sunday with my family! 

Monday, November 11, 2019

Last Week

 We have had a great past week.  It's been full of food, friends and fun! 

We went to visit one of our favorite people on Tuesday.  She has two precious little girls and my girls LOVED playing with them.  My girls LOVE babies.  

Wednesday I met my best friends for lunch.  We are at the point in our lives where we have to schedule our lunches about a month in advance.  It's hard to find a time we can all get together but it's so worth it! 

We ate at one of my new favorites - Louise.  It was delicious! 

These two both wound up in Fox shirts one day completely unplanned.  

Thursday, Laurie and I met to eat breakfast at the Buttered Biscuit.  They opened a second location this week which is the best news! It's the busiest restaurant in town so it's good to have another spot! 

Will Holden loved his breakfast too! 

Hollis got student of the week on Friday! She was so proud.  

After school on Friday, the girls each had a friend come home with us.  I took them to the movies.  

Please notice how proud Will Holden is being with all the girls.  We went to eat dinner after the movie and then took the girls home.  

Saturday was such a pretty day.  I needed a good at home clean out day.  I needed to clean out closets and go through clothes and clean out things in the garage. I worked all day long and the kids played outside all day long.  Will Holden played for nine straight hours outside and then begged to get a bath and go to bed by about 6:30.  

It was a great day!!! 

We had a full day of church yesterday! I took these girls for smoothies before taking them to choir and GA's.  

And it's predicted to snow today which is crazy! 

Tuesday, November 05, 2019

Fall Weekend

Friday I went to a holiday open house at the Freckled Hen Farmhouse in Fayetteville.  

It is the SWEETEST store!!!!! And it is fixed up so cute for the holidays! 

The gingham wallpaper makes me swoon! 

I'm going back soon for some more treasures.  You can shop online if you aren't in NWA - but if you ARE local - you need to stop in! 

I ran into lots of sweet friends while I was there - it was such a fun morning! 

They had a hot chocolate bar.  It was so good! 

Friday was our 16th anniversary! Scott's parents came for the weekend and kept the kids and we went on a date.  Scott took us to one of our favorite restaurants in town - River Grille.  We wanted to go to a movie but there was literally nothing showing so we just went home early.  

Saturday we had a low key morning at home.  I made soup and we hung around and ate lunch.  We went to our friend Joseph's lemonade stand and then hit a few stores and went out to eat dinner.  

Sunday we went to church and then lunch and then relaxed at home in the afternoon.  I grilled out dinner and then we went to Crystal Bridges for a special event.  

From now until February they have the neatest display outside called North Forest Lights.  

You walk through the trails at night and they are lit up with light shows and music.  

Will Holden had a wonderful time! :-) 

At one point the music and the lights got to him and he went into worship mode.  I mean.  

We have the coolest things here in our little town.  I love getting to experience them!