Friday, June 22, 2018

Camp Siloam Part Two

We have been at the beach all week but I wanted to finish my recap of camp for my memory if nothing else! 

The girls in my cabin LOVED the pixie sticks at the "snack shack" - I don't even want to know how many they ate last week.  

I loved being with Harper at camp.  And the sweetest thing is she told me several times that her favorite part of camp is that I was with her! 

We had games every day after worship time.  This is some of our men counselors playing some game.  

It was just so hot that week.  I think I probably mentioned that 100 times that week but seriously - it was just so hot.  It's hot in Arkansas in the summer but not normally close to 100 in mid June.  And with super high humidity.  On the hottest day, they decided to have an outdoor cookout at noon for lunch.  You can imagine how hot this was.  This is what we thought about it.  

This is the worship center.  Something neat is that the first year I worked at Camp Siloam in 1991 - this worship center had just opened that year.  

And this is the new dining hall that is so nice.  And it opened the first year I went as a counselor! 

Something they didn't used to have was a laundry room and I was so thankful for it.  I washed towels and other things for the girls and kept my laundry up too.  This was a few of us doing laundry one day.  

We had ninja night at camp one night. 

I don't know much about ninjas so we basically just wore all black.  

Sweet Harper and her bunk.  I was so proud of her - she kept her stuff really neat and organized and was the first one up and dressed every day.  And yes - we packed our stuff in tubs and it worked really well.  In fact - I ended up packing me and the kids in tubs for the beach too.  

If you have read my blog for a while - you remember Jennifer Francis.  She is a friend I met when we were pregnant with these two.  We both went to OBU and met through our blogs.  We used to get these two together a lot when they were babies.  And now they will be 10 this year.  They were both at camp so I had to get a picture of them together.  

After all - Brody is the first boy Harper kissed! ha! We are hoping they meet again at OBU one day! 

We did daily devotions for our cabin every morning after breakfast.  

This was our church.  We had a great group! (Harper is front and center) 

On Thursday, Scott and his parents and the kids came to visit me.  Harper was excited to show them her camp.  I think the heat nearly did them in.  ha! 

I was so happy to see my family (WH's face! )

Harper loved going to the Hub to get snacks

She also loved craft time 

Harper got pulled up on stage to do a Bible Drill on Thursday night.  I was so proud of her! My favorite thing was looking over at her during worship and seeing her with her arms raised and just singing her little heart out.  

We had 16 kids get saved at camp.  I was able to pray with 3 of them.  It was an ENORMOUS privilege and blessing.   On Thursday night, all the kids who made decisions got to share those and then ring the camp bell.  

It was "team" night Thursday so Harper and I had our razorback gear on.  

My friend Allison was a counselor there that week also.  She and I were in the same social club at OBU and we also worked together at camp for two years.  So it was full circle to be back with our own kids as counselors.  It was good to visit with her.  

I loved being at camp.  It was hot and work keeping up with kids but seeing them learn more about Jesus and grow friendships was totally worth it.  It's a special place.  I've already told them to sign me up again for next year.  

Monday, June 18, 2018

Camp Siloam Part One

Last week I had the fun chance to go to the church camp that I grew up at! I went to Camp Siloam from 3rd grade until I was a senior and then I worked there every summer during college.  It feels like home to me.  But I've never been a counselor and I haven't been back in over 25 years.  This was Harper's first year to go to camp and Scott's parents graciously agreed to keep the younger two so I could go.  I was SO excited! 

The camp is only 30 minutes from us so it wasn't a very long trip! We left Monday after lunch.  

Harper and her friend Kinley.  They have known each other since they were babies! 

And their friend Madeline

This was our cabin.  I was with 3rd and 4th grade girls and they were sweet.  The bunkhouse was better than I remembered.  At least it had good air conditioning!!!!! 

Emily and her friends! We took about 60 kids from our church.  This was "big church" week so it was just us and two other big churches in Arkansas which was nice.  

The camp had a theme and every day they would do a lot of drama that tied in with the theme.  It was great.  

The first year I worked at camp Siloam - they opened a new worship center.  And the first year I was there as a counselor - they opened a new dining hall.  The old dining hall was SOOOOOOOO old.  It had a tree growing in the middle of it.  The new one is SO nice.  And the food was really good.  I went with very low expectations and was pleasantly surprised.  And it was also air conditioned.

This is important because it was in the 90's all week and about 90% humidity and I sweat buckets constantly.  

We went to bed around midnight on Monday night.  The girls were SO excited and giggly.  I woke up early on Tuesday morning and realized we didn't have power and there was a bad storm outside. Luckily we had all showered before bed so the girls had to get up and get ready in the dark.  Thankfully the dining hall had power so we were able to have breakfast.  The power came back around 10.  

We had morning devotions every day and then a worship service.  Then we had "color wars".  The camp was divided into two teams and we had these massive games.  

Some of our boys! I feel like I didn't see them much but they were around having a blast! 

Harper and one of her friends.  

My hair in humidity. ha! 

After lunch we have four hours of recreation time.  They swim, go down a massive water slide, play a variety of games, do crafts, take naps or hang out at the "hub" or snack shack.  The kids had a great time and I would kind of follow them around.  

Every night was a theme night.  Tuesday night was Red, White and Blue night.  

My sweet friends Marci and Kerry came to visit and brought us Sonic drinks.  They had never been to camp so I took them on a tour after dinner.  

Laurie and Sarah Kate came too.  SK didn't go to camp this year but Emily did.  

Harper was thrilled to have SK there!  Every night after dinner we have a worship service.  It was SO good.  Our pastor, Mike Seabaugh, is amazing with kid.  He did a lot of Bible dramas and had great stories.  And the worship was so good too.  

Then we had group time with our church every night and then some free time before lights out at 10:30.  They usually didn't settle down until midnight most nights.  

This was the first half of camp - I will share more tomorrow!!! 

Monday, June 11, 2018

Weekend Fun

We had a very full weekend  but it was so fun! 

Friday afternoon, we went to a birthday party for our friend Joseph.  They have a pool so it was a swimming party and then the snow cone truck showed up.  It was such a hot day and just a fun party! 

Hollis and Joseph have been friends since they were one - so six years! They have so much fun together.  Will Holden thinks Joseph is HIS friend.  

Friday night the girls and I were honored to walk in a fashion show to raise money for the NWA women's shelter.  We did it last year also.  It mortifies me to walk a run way so I love to do it with my girls because they were NOT shy.  I was so proud of them - they walked and posed and smiled and I just tried not to fall down.  We wore outfits from Old Navy.  I love Hollis' romper and Harper was so proud of her outfit that she picked out on her own.  

They had 50 models - all women from NWA.  It was a very diverse group - a lot of amazing women.  They had people that were there to do hair and makeup so the girls had their hair done.  Look at Hollis' amazing hair!!! It's always in a ponytail or a bow so she looked so old with it down. 

One of Harper's good friends from school was a model too so they had fun together! 

This was my group right before we walked.  It was fun to meet some women I didn't know and some I knew of but had never met! 

They had a really fun photo booth in an old van and we couldn't pass that up! The girls had so much fun and I enjoyed having a girls night with them.

We spent all of Saturday cleaning house and getting ready to be gone for two weeks.  

Saturday night, Scott and I went to see Travis Cottrel in concert.  It was SOOOO incredible.  I cried all of my make up off - it was just very moving.  

Travis is such a nice guy.  And so talented! And he's also funny if you have ever listened to him on Sophie and Melanie's podcast! 

Ya'll this song.  It's SOOOO good!!!!

I had several friends there! My friend Sam and her husband were there! I also was able to meet a new friend that just moved to town.  We have talked on IG many times because she knew she was moving here so it was good to meet in person.  Her husband had to cut us off because we could have talked forever I think.  

Today we had church and went to lunch.  

And then Harper went to celebrate Sarah Kate's 10th birthday.  They went bowling and then back to their house for pizza and cake! 

I love that these two are besties.  I hope they stay that way all through growing up.  

From the 10th birthday to Sarah Kate's first! 

We leave for camp this morning! You can pray for me not to die from a heat stroke and for no kids to get sick! :-)