Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Sorority shirts and Snow Cones

We are having a slow summer week which was much needed.  We have been sleeping late and taking it slow.  Monday was rainy and "cold" - only like 70.  My girls found my stash of my college sorority shirts and wanted to wear some.  I'm so happy I now have "vintage" clothes.  ha! 

Hollis looks mad- but she was just being grumpy that morning.  We had to run a bunch of errands.  It's always fun dragging three kids on a lot of errands but I try to make it fun for them (so it's not terrible for me). ha! 

Yesterday we went over to Siloam Springs to take Scott to lunch.  We love Callahan's in Siloam. They have the best steak salad.  

We had fun eating lunch.  After, I took the kids to Academy because Harper has been wanting some nike shorts.  She and Hollis both got some.  I feel like we are moving into those tween years.  They their own styles and it's fun letting them pick what they like.  

We love snow cones but haven't really had any this summer.  I heard Shave the Planet was good so we tried it out and it was a WIN! 

Except maybe for letting Will Holden get blue. ha! 

Like everyone else in the country - we have been obsessed with the Face App.  Everyone on IG was posting their "old" pictures yesterday but we think the most hilarious part is turning your face into the opposite sex.  This is Scott as a woman and me as a man.  Scott makes a pretty girl and I look like some kind of redneck guy. ha! It has entertained our family for days! 

We have a few days of swimming in our future.  It's HOT and we want to get in as much swimming as we can before we have to go buy school supplies.  Have a great Wednesday! 

Monday, July 15, 2019

Mummies and Lemonade Stands

The second half of our VBS week went a little downhill.  I had a sore throat and felt horrible.  Hollis woke up Thursday crying and with fever so I kept her and WH home that day.  

I sent Harper on.  She LOVED VBS.  She wanted to wear this shirt that day.  Her friend Sawyer who was in Kindergarten through 2nd grade with her was just diagnosed with leukemia.  He fought a different illness this past spring and now he has leukemia.  We love their family and are praying for them together.  

We had to lay low the rest of Thursday and Friday.  It was too hot to go outside and I told the kids they could not watch any more you tube.  The next thing I knew they had wrapped Will Holden up like a mummy.  His face says it all.   ha ha ha! 

There was a lot of this going on the last few days.  

We made it to the last day of VBS.  It was a great week.  Almost 900 kids and almost 40 got saved.   

This was my crafts team.  We had a great time with the kids! 

Friday after VBS, our two sweet youth interns took Harper, Sarah Kate and their friend Caroline out to lunch and a trampoline park.  Harper was more excited about this than anything ever.  It was so kind of these girls to spend time with them.  It was so very special for these girls.  I love that she has had someone to look up to.  

Keleigh is like looking at a future Harper.  They even had matching braids on Friday (on accident).  I would be thrilled if Harper grew up to be anything like her! 

We got new shirts for Disney in the mail.  How cute are they???/

Saturday morning, one of my good friends' sister was having a garage sale down the street so we went down and hung out.  I was literally in my pj's and messy hair but it's a good enough friend that I felt comfortable to go anyway.  

We had a lazy day at home Saturday.  I was feeling crummy.  Scott cleaned our cars for a long time.  Hollis had a play/swim date with her best friend from school.  They haven't seen each other all summer and she was SO excited to see her! 

Will Holden told me he was being like Paul and praying.  They learned about Paul at VBS and WH has been talking about it non stop.  He has to say "what's his name again?" and when I say "paul" - he says " Yeah, he was in the jail and was praying and singing and God broke open the gates".  If you are a preschool teacher - you may think no one is listening - but they are! 

Yesterday was church.  The girls put on Scott's stuff and then gave me scowls like him when I took their picture.  They know he likes to give me a mean face when I take his picture.  

Harper has started mowing the yard.  She loves it.  And I'm sure Scott loves having a helper! ha! 

We are excited to have a free week this week.  We don't have many plans beyond sleeping late and swimming.  And that's the BEST! 

Wednesday, July 10, 2019

This week

This week we are in Vacation Bible School.  Will Holden is thrilled to be there - can you tell? Actually he is loving it.  This is first year to officially be in VBS and he keeps saying "Bible School is SO FUN!" 

We have 1000 kids and adults - it's CRAZY but fun.  They are all put in small crews with about 6-8 kids.  Hollis is in a crew with several friends from church and one of her best friends from school.  They are so cute together.  I'm working grade school crafts and her crew comes in my room every day so I get to see them! 

Will Holden is in a crew with a bunch of little boys his age from church.  They are so cute.  This is them singing in church.  How precious is that????

Harper is in a crew with several of her best friends.  She is loving it! 

Hollis and her friend seem to make their crafts the same every day.  Love little girls!! 

My MIL got WH this shirt - thought it was perfect for Bible School.  

He's having a great week! We are all tired.  I'm not sure why VBS always tires me out but it's a good tired.  We have friend dates in the afternoons the next couple of days.  

And I have to share my very favorite outfit of the summer.  I found this jumper at Walmart for $18 and it's SOOOOOOOOOO comfortable but looks dressy.  I want to wear it every day.  It's out on the website but I'm hoping they put stock back or maybe you can find it in your store.  It comes in a few colors/patterns.  But size down - it runs big.  

I also got this cropped jumper and I love it too!! I got it in red but I think I'm going to order the black.   It also runs big and is $18! 

Oh and if you are thinking about doing Faster Way to Fat Loss  - there is a group starting this coming Monday.  I'm going to do a "day in the life" on my instastories today kind of showing how I do it and what I eat and answering questions - so you can check that out if you are curious!