Monday, November 23, 2020


We have made it to Thanksgiving break!!! It's been a busy few weeks so I'm thankful to have some down time.  

I've been catching up on all the doctor appointments I have put off for a while due to Covid and just general putting off lately.  I've been to the dentist and had a mammogram.  I've had to make a couple of visits to my OB-GYN because being middle aged is fun.  But thankfully everything is going to be ok.  

I didn't sub this past week because I had appointments and some other work this week so I had time to walk a little downtown.  I used to do this daily after I took Will Holden to preschool but I don't have time for that much anymore so I was thrilled to have a little free time this week.  

I love my little small town square.  

One of my favorite things will always be getting coffee at Onyx and then walking around our downtown.  I did it early one morning and no one was out and it was delightful! 

Hollis is going to play basketball this winter if they get to have a season.  She had a try out one night last week.  I was so impressed - she did really great.  She made almost all of the shots she took.  I feel like Hollis has athletic ability but isn't all that interested but I'm hoping she will like basketball.  

Will Holden got a WAY over due hair cut last week.  He was so shaggy.  

Friday morning, my friends Paige, Laurie and I dropped our kids off at school and drove 2 hours away to Tulsa so we could make a Trader Joe's run.  I have never been and it was so much fun.  We just had the best time visiting in the car.  

We drove over to Utica Square for lunch with no plan and just stumbled upon the best lunch place.  Utica has so many great stores but we didn't have time to shop because we had to get home soon after school got out.  Hopefully we can make another trip soon.  I am SO thankful for these two friends! 

Harper had her two best friends over to spend the night Friday night.  They are the sweetest girls and they have so much fun together.  And they include Hollis which is so sweet.  

They ended up staying all day Saturday.  It was cold and rainy but they wanted to ride bikes.  They insisted on wearing goggles since it was raining.  This age of 10-12 is just such a sweet spot!!! I love it so much! 

Yesterday we went to church and ate lunch downtown.  

The Ormons came over for dinner.  I forced Laurie to watch some of the Crown with me.  I'm obsessed with this newest season.  I love watching Diana.  But I also am so sad for the Royals.  They seem so miserable.  Money and power can't buy happiness.  I'll take my small simple life any day.  


Tuesday, November 17, 2020

Gift Guide for Preteen girls

 I've never put together a gift guide before.  But I've had so many people messaging me about what I'm buying the girls and what are some ideas.  So I still have never put together a gift guide........but my girls did.  I had them give me a list of anything they would love to get and I'm going to share with you! Hopefully it helps if you are shopping for this age (around 8-12 girls)! 

This wasn't on their list since we already have two but y'all ask me about this SOOO much.  They got these hover boards either 2 or 3 years ago and they still ride them constantly around the house.  Any time we have friends over - that's the first thing the friends want to do.  And Will Holden rides it too.  Kids are really amazing at riding.  I wouldn't get on it if you paid me.  But it's SO worth the money.  I love anything that they are still using years later which is basically nothing. ha! 

This year the family request is a Nintendo switch.  They all have gotten into video games thanks to Covid Quarantine. ha! It may be a long winter so I'm pretty sure this will be a good investment! 

My kids are funny.  They really don't want much and what they do want are little things like Chapstick, journals and Cadbury Eggs. ha! The other thing high on their lists are gift cards.  Last year they each got gift cards to Justice, Target and a gift card to a nail salon for a manicure.  They LOVED that.  

Here are other things they gave me on their list:

Doc Martens.  Yes Doc Martens.  I'm not crazy about them but then again we wore them back in middle school too.  

They are super obsessed with getting LED lights for their bedroom.  That's the ultimate wish for them. ha! 

A portable photo printer that works with their iPads or phones (they have our old phones that work on wifi for games and texting).  

HIGH on their list is sweatshirts of any kind.  They live in sweatshirts and leggings.  

Last year Harper wanted Lululemon pants (because of course - we have $$$ taste) but apparently they aren't making girls clothes anymore but Atlheta has some great leggings and joggers.  

Pura Vida bracelets are on their list and another hot item.  

Another big wish list item are these back packs that come in a lot of colors.  

Cable bites are a cute stocking stuffer! 

I'm obsessed with these felt letter ornaments as an early gift or maybe something the elf brings! Only $10 from Anthro! 

Sephora has great gift sets for under $25 that girls would love with face masks or lip gloss.  

This is something else that has been a huge hit at our house.  A cordless microphone that has blue tooth! 

And most girls this age want Hydro flask water bottles that they can put stickers on.  

Other things on their list that are quick pick ups from Target or Walmart are:

Face Masks (skin care)
Face Masks (the kinds we all have to wear now)
Cute PJ's 
The big stickers that go on water bottles or computers
Cute socks
Bath Bombs

I hope this gives you a few ideas!!! 

Friday, November 13, 2020

Catch Up

If you don't follow me on instagram - then here is some fun news! (If you do follow me - it's worth seeing again). ha! 

This is couple #24 to get engaged from my Singles Account.  Aren't they cute? 

And this is couple #25! 

Never could I have dreamed that twenty five couples would get married from me hosting this singles match up.  NEVER! But God is big and creative and can make anything happen! 

I've been sucking down the caffeine this week.  

Mainly because I've spent 3 days teaching kindergarten this week.  Including Will Holden's class.  Such sweet little faces but so tiring.  Especially when I go straight from school to the grocery store to cooking and laundry, etc.  I'm such a night owl and I've been going to bed at 8:30.  ha!  Which means I'm dropping the ball on other stuff.  But it is fun and will all work out! 

I also worked in a mammogram this week.  I was due for one back in March when the pandemic hit so I put it off and finally decided I better get one.  They are awkward and uncomfortable but so necessary.  I don't have my results yet but hopefully they will be good.  

I had such a fun experience Wednesday night.  The school I went to (OBU) normally does rush in January but because of Covid - they are doing it this week and virtually.  My social club asked me to get on zoom calls and speak to the rushees as an alumni.  It was SO 2020 but it was SOOO fun.  

I loved seeing all their faces.  They were so sweet and cute! It made me want to go back to college.  I will just be excited for my girls to go to college one day and I can live vicariously through them.  ha! 

My girls are helping me do a fun little "gift guide" for girls 8-12.  I've never done a gift guide before and I know it's real trendy among bloggers/influencers.  But I have had so many people asking for ideas and my girls were SOOO excited. They put together a long list for me so I'm hoping to have it for y'all by Monday! 

I hope you have a good weekend! I'm back in kindergarten this morning!