Monday, November 20, 2017


Well I only managed to blog once last week.  It's been a crazy busy week.  It's a crazy busy time of the year.  Scott was out of town for about 6 days last week and Will Holden had a real pleasant stomach issue that kept him home from school for all that time as well.  

We went to church last Sunday.  

Harper went to a birthday party for her favorite boy that afternoon.  It was a movie party.  I picked her up and took the girls back to church for choir and GA's.  

Monday I had planned for the girls to eat in the cafeteria but we looked up the menu on the way to school and when the girls found out it was chicken fried steak they were gagging and my mom guilt kicked in so I told them I would bring them lunch to school.  It's very common and welcome here for parents to eat lunch at school with their kids and somehow I have made it all the way to mid November before going up there.  It's just been that kind of year.  So it was an excuse to go - my girls LOVE when I come see them.  

Tuesday after Bible Study I had lunch at my friend Rachel's house.  She homeschools her sweet boys and I had Will Holden with me that day so her boys were excited to play with them.  They even made signs and put them up around the house.  How sweet is that???? 

I was SO tickled by Will Holden playing with the big boys. He's one of the only boys in his class at school and the only boy in his class at church and he just doesn't get around boys much.  He was just lit up to have boys to rough house with.  It was the best! 

Tuesday night I was just throwing in the towel on the week.  I decided we would go eat at the kids' favorite restaurant instead of cooking.  

We were all happy about that decision.  

Friday Laurie and I had a " friend" day.  We went to the NWA Boutique show which is a huge event full of booths of small boutiques.  We ran into a TON of friends and had the best time.  We stopped off at Euna Mae's and then had lunch at Tacos 4 Life.  

My friend Kacy and her family moved to Wisconsin back in May.  I have missed them so much.  They came back for Thanksgiving and stopped through on Friday and I got to go visit her! It was so good to see her! 

Saturday was so cold and rainy and we spent most of the day at home and watching our horrible football team.  My parents came to town and watched the game with us and then we ate dinner.  

My dad was the guest preacher at church Sunday.  We were happy to have them with us! 

Sunday afternoon we took the girls to see "Wonder".  

It is SUCH a good movie!!! I would reccommened taking your kids - especially 6 and up! Such a great message on the importance of being kind.  Kids AND adults need this message.  

The kids are off of school all week and I'm cooking Thanksgiving for us and Scott's parents for the first time ever so it's another busy week!

Monday, November 13, 2017

Thank you for being a friend

On Tuesday mornings at our church, I'm in a Bible  Study by Lisa-Jo Baker called "We Saved You A Seat".  It's all about Friendship.  This group has been one of the best I've been in for a long while.  The women have been so vulnerable and we have cried and laughed as we share our experiences with friendship.  It's made me think about the friendships in my life.  

This past week was a week focused on my friends.  It can be SO hard as adults and moms to make time for friendships but it's so crucial! 

Monday, I had lunch lunch with Laurie and our friend Tracy to celebrate Tracy's birthday.  

On Tuesday I went to see White Christmas at the local arts center with three of my very best friends.  It was SO good.  It put me in the Christmas spirit.  

We had the best night.  We snuck away for a really great dinner and then went to the show.  We laughed so much and just had a very rare and fun night together! 

Wednesday Hollis had a field trip to the kids' museum.  I got to go with her and help chaperone.  I love spending that one on one time and I also love getting to see the kids she talks about every day and meet other moms.  

We had the best time

I did a day in the life series on instagram last week along with a ton of other people! I fell asleep before I could finish. 

This boy got a hair cut and looks so adorable.  

He has had a little stomach issue for the last several days.  It's been horrible.  Hopefully he is on the mend now.  

Hollis had her first ever sleep over Friday night.  She spent the night with her best friend Kampbell.  They are so cute together.  It doesn't hurt that her mom is one of my dearest friends.  She had the BEST time.  

One of the things I pray most for my kids is that they will have good friends in their lives.  I know that the friends they have will help shape most of their big (and little) decisions - especially as they grow.  

Friendship is a gift.  It takes work.  But it's so worth it.  Thankful for all the friends in my life! 

Thursday, November 09, 2017

Day in the Life

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