Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Spring Break

We are on spring break this week! I had decided to take kids to my parents to visit for a day and night.  My mom called later and offered to keep the kids for a couple of days.  

So Monday morning we headed their way and stopped for lunch.  

Hollis' birthday just keeps going on and on.  She got presents from my parents and Aunt Linda and we had birthday cake.  

The kids were quickly outside playing in leaf piles and my parents' dog.  

And Will Holden is always in heaven when he gets to ride Papa's tractor.  

We had beautiful weather on Monday and Tuesday so being outside was perfect! 

Aunt Linda came over and brought the girls tons of jewelry and purses she had cleaned out of her collection for them.  The girls are so lucky to have her pass on all of her fun things to them.  They LOVE it! 

Yesterday morning I got up early and drove home and left them behind.  The difference between leaving little kids with their grandparents and bigger kids is the girls have ipads and their grandparents wifi so they can text me and face time me.  And they facetimed me twice yesterday.  But at least I know how they are doing.  As great as it is to be home in a quiet house - I miss them! 

It was SO nice outside and I probably should have been cleaning something but I decided to go on a long trail walk.  It took me 2 hours but I walked 6.5 hours.  I could barely move last night but it felt so great! 

Mean while the kids have had a great time.  Will Holden told my mom "My parents won't mind if you take me to Walmart and buy me a toy" .  ha ha ha!  That is not true but it worked! 

I"m trying to get a lot done today and then Scott and I are going on a date tonight! The kids are coming home tomorrow and then we are going on a little weekend trip as a family! 

We aren't really "spring break trip" people.  But I have been looking at places we might could go next year.  Maybe as the kids get older we will pull off a spring break trip.  But for now a few days with grandparents and each other is perfect! 

Monday, March 18, 2019

March Madness

A lot of weeks there are just not a ton of things to talk about.  It's a lot of busy mornings, school, appointments, meetings, piano lessons, soccer practice, dinner, reading, bath times.  But that's the good stuff even if it's not exciting.  

I hate to say it out loud but I think spring may have arrived in Arkansas.  It's been in the 60's the last week.  There is rain and wind but it's starting to get warm and trees are starting to bud.  

Will Holden and I have gone to parks and Sam's - where he talked me into eating lunch before 11 because he was so hungry.  

Friday was our last day before spring break and the day before Hollis' birthday and so I picked her up at lunch time and took her to lunch.  Her favorite spot is Waffle House.  We both love it.  She wore her birthday crown to school.  She was SO PROUD to have a birthday! 

The girl can put away some food. :-) 

She had a few gift cards so we went to the cutest toy store and to a few other places before picking up the others from school.  

Her best friend moved to Texas in August and they miss each other so much.  They face timed on Friday and Saturday.  Hollis just LIGHTS UP when Kampbell calls her.  It's the sweetest thing (and the the saddest because they are 10 hours apart).  

After school Friday we stopped by a park for a while because it was so nice outside! 

We are so happy for a break! We aren't spring break trip people but we have a few fun things planned! 

Saturday was Hollis' actual birthday.  Will Holden woke me up saying "I don't feel so good" and then ended up throwing up.  So we just knew he had a stomach bug.  I took Hollis to soccer practice and Scott stayed home.  We had already bought movie tickets for the afternoon so Scott was going to take the girls.  But then thing about WH is he throws up often and randomly.  I always get nervous he has  a stomach bug but it's always just a one time fluke.  So since he was fine the rest of the day we went on to a movie.  

We saw Wonder Park and it was so cute! 

We ate dinner at Outback.  We had kept WH on saltines and applesauce all day and tried to get him to just eat a little at dinner but he was starving and eating everything in sight.  

I think after a week of celebrating that this girl had a pretty great birthday! 

I made sure no one could pinch any of our kids at church yesterday! 

But I guess Scott missed the memo that it was St Patricks Day.  He came out on our way to church dressed like the 4th of July. ha!  We went to church and lunch and then to Barnes & Noble so Harper could use a gift card on spring break books to read.  

It was SO gorgeous outside yesterday.  60 and not windy and the sky was so blue.  We went on a 3 mile walk and had the best time.  

I love family walks so much! 

We tell the kids they are in Disney Training.  WH tries to say he won't need a stroller at Disney but these walks show us he does! ha! 

We are ready for a week to sleep in and rest up and have some fun! 

Thursday, March 14, 2019

Makeup I'm loving right now

Right around Christmas, I was in need of new makeup and I decided to try some new things.  I thought I would share what I'm loving right now.  

First of all - I'm a woman in her 40's who needs concealer and a good one.  I had been using the IT bye bye eye and I liked it but it wasn't always great.  Everyone kept saying to try Tarte Shape Tape.  I was in ulta one day and decided to give it a try.  

I'm here to say it's a game changer! It really does cover well and stays on! I have fallen in love.  And I use a real cheap Elf setting powder to "bake" it on after.  (I use a beauty blender - sometimes damp and sometimes dry - to put on a heavy amount of powder over the concealer and I let it sit for bit and "bake".  It helps the concealer to stay in place.

I was in need of new concealer after Christmas and since I loved the Tarte concealer so much - I thought I would try out the foundation also.  And I'm loving it.  It's great coverage without being TOO heavy.  A little goes a long way with a beauty blender.  

I have been using Urban Decay eyeshadow for probably 7 years.  But since I'm on a tarte kick and I needed new eyeshadow too - I got the Tartelette palette.  And I'm LOVING it.  The colors are great and it really stays on.  I feel like a lot of eye shadows fade quickly but this seems to stay.  I saw Living With Landyn uses this too.  ha! And a few other beauty bloggers.  I'm sold. And it's cheaper than Urban Decay.  

I know this sounds like a complete Tarte sponsored post - but it's not!! They don't even know I exist. I have just gotten real into the whole line.  I have seen so many beauty bloggers talk about contouring and I felt like I would give it a shot.  I'm still learning on this - but this is a great palette.  

And my favorite lipstick right now is NOT tarte.  It's maybelline Matte Ink that you can get at any drug store.  I like seductress.  It's a good pretty nude/pink color.  This stuff lasts ALL DAY! I put it on first thing in the morning and never reapply.  I have always carried lipstick in my purse and constantly reapply and now I never even think about it.  It's magic! And not drying.  

And I haven't ordered this yet but I've heard about it from Jamie Golden and Melanie Shankle but this Nivea creme that is made in Germany and shipped from Germany has the same ingredients (or close to) as La Mer that costs the price of a car and it's TEN WHOLE DOLLARS for a huge tub.  I have never done any kind of skin regime (I KNOW I KNOW) but I think I might try this out.  

I will add that one of the things I get asked most about are my lash extensions.  I LOVE LOVE LOVE them.  I've had them for about a year and a half.  They don't hurt my regular lashes.  I get them filled about once a month.  And most days when I don't wear makeup - I stick on a little lipstick and it looks like I'm wearing makeup.  I have teeny tiny slit eyes so I feel like they just make them look so much fuller.  They don't irritate my eyes in any way - and I wear contacts and have sensitive eyes! So that's my plug for that! 

So that's what I'm loving right now as far as makeup!