Thursday, July 09, 2020

Praying and Shopping

I've had a fairly busy week.  I've kind of hit a wall this week and have had a tough week but things are going to be better! 

I spent some time with these two earlier in the week.  They are two of my dear friends and probably the two most praying women I know.  If I ever needed prayer - I would call them both because they are always praying and they have also both seen miracles in their lives.  I just love them! 

Poor Will Holden.  He is so tried of being in the house.  It's too hot to get out much and even when we do - there is no where really to go.  All of our playgrounds are locked up and closed.  So I took him to the dog park with Milli one super hot afternoon.  No one was there so it was better than nothing.  Than we found a shaded creek right across from it to play in.  My girls don't mind being at home for months but active five year old boys are struggling.  

I've started back on Faster Way.  This was my dinner the other night.  I was so proud of my cypress salad because it's Basil I grew in my own garden! And it was so good.  I have tomatoes that are almost ready so I can really eat something I grew soon! 

The girls and I (and Milli) did another video in our Bible Study.  This is in Matthew 6 and talks about praying and giving and I think it's a good one for your kids to watch! 

Yesterday I took the kids to Target.  It was their first trip to a store in four months and they were SO excited! We stayed an hour and a half because I let them just look at everything they wanted to.  They needed a little sense of normalcy and happy.  The store was pretty empty and it was good for them to have an outing. And practice wearing masks.  

Susan and I took some clothes to Beautiful Lives yesterday.  If you are local - you need to check out Beautiful Lives.  There is one in Bentonville, Fayetteville and Siloam Springs.  You can donate your clothes there (women's only) and they are a resale shop.  They have CUTE CUTE stuff and it goes to help a lot of local organizations that help women.  It's such a win win to shop there! 

I'm praying for you and me as we go into the next few days.  There are so many hard things right now.  Everyone has different struggles.  But God sees us and He is in control.  And He loves us.  

Tuesday, July 07, 2020


Well we are officially Bentonvillians (even though we have lived here 17 years) because we now have a bike rack to carry our bikes. ha! Bentonville is becoming the bike capital of the world.  We have amazing bike trails all over town and all you see are people on bikes everywhere.  We made fun of it for a long time and then we joined them.  Because in this stupid pandemic - what else can you do? We actually really enjoy it.  We ended up renting an extra bike last weekend so Scott's dad could go on a ride with us.  If you ever need to rent a bike or need bike help - go to Mojo Biking here in town.  They are great! 

Sunday was Scott's dad's 75th birthday! So mid morning we took him on a trail ride.  We stopped at the creek to cool off and play because the kids love it! 

The adults like it too! 

Unfortunately we only made it 3 our of 8-9 miles because Scott's bike chain broke.  So he had to take my bike home and get his truck to come pick us all up.  Oh well.  It was super hot so we weren't all that sad.  

We had lunch and cake and presents after that. 

That night we took them out to eat at Louise at the airport.  Even though it was 90 degrees, you can sit outside in the shade and there is a breeze and it's actually very pleasant and you can watch the planes fly in and out.  

This quinoa salad with salmon is so good.  Of course so are the pimento cheese hushpuppies. ha! 

Me and my sweet girl! 

We had a great time! Scott's parents went home yesterday morning.  We hadn't seem them since Christmas and they were so happy to see the kids especially.  

Monday, July 06, 2020

Three cheers for the red, white and blue!

I can't help it! I love the fourth! It's always been my favorite holiday.  It's stress free (no buying presents or big hoopla) and it's in the summer and those two things are big factors! I love spending it with friends and/or family. I love the food - hamburgers, dips, appetizers, watermelon, ice cream.  I love the colors! I love the fireworks.  

NO our country is not perfect.  Right now it's a HUGE mess.  But I wouldn't want to live anywhere else.  I'm still grateful to be in the USA. 

I decorated our house a little because we were hosting this year.  We always spend it with the Ormons.  We usually alternate between our houses.  Scott's parents joined us also this year.  

Little flags every where! 

We went to the fireworks stand in the morning! Nothing is as American as lighting your hard earned money on fire! ha! 

Yes 2020 looked a little different. ha! 

I got one good picture of the kids and Milli and of course SOMEBODY wasn't in to it. ha! 

No dog but cute kids in their July 4th outfits! I have sweet pictures from every 4th that are my favorite! 

The kids spent a great week in the country with their grandparents last week and we were glad they could join us for the holiday! 

Eating dinner! 

Gah - when did they get so big????

What kills me is the top picture was only 5 years ago.  It seems like yesterday I was propping them all up by the fence and now they are practically teenagers.  In just five years - so much changed! I guess that can be sad or hopeful depending on where you are n life.  I keep telling myself how much things can change in a year to give myself some hope right now.  I mean - let's be honest - look how our lives have changed in just FIVE MONTHS? 

Everything is always fun when I'm with my bestie! 

We had so much fun doing fireworks.  They were going off all around us like CRAZY! We usually have lots of fireworks around us but this year was on another level. I told Laurie I thought people just needed to set something on fire this year. ha! 

My sweet firecracker! It's fun with older kids.  I remember hating the fireworks when I had toddlers and needed them to sleep.  Now the kids were all up until midnight and had the best time!