Friday, September 21, 2018

Mixers and Musicals

This has been a week full of fun things.  It's been busy but great! 

Monday our preschool had it's first ever "Mom Mixer".  A couple of my friends and I helped set up and greet.  We have a car line at preschool so I don't get to meet a lot of moms these days.  I don't know many of them either so it was nice to meet some new faces.  I even set up a play date with a few moms from Will Holden's class.  He's so excited.  Of course I'm tickled because several of the moms I met are first time moms and are young enough to be MY kids.  ha! 

Tuesday after Bible study Laurie and I had lunch with our friend Terry.  She is always a ray of sunshine and we enjoy being with her so much.  Will Holden was with us but he was so good.  We got to sit and visit for almost 2 hours.  

Wednesday the girls had a "fun run" at school.  It was a fundraiser for our school.  They had to get pledges and then ran 30 laps.  It was probably the hottest day we have had since the heat of summer.  It was soooooooooooo hot.  Those poor kids.  I was dying and I know they were too.  

The 4th grade did a color run.  They were a mess.  They had to both jump in the shower the minute they came home.  

We are loving our shirts from Life and Laundry! God IS good!!!! 

Thursday the 4th grade had a musical about the constitution! They performed for the school during the day and for parents at night.  It was so cute! Harper and her buddy Jenner. 

Loving my little Colonial Lady! 

Harper and one of her sweet friends! 

We live close to the school and I'm glad because I literally went up there SIX times yesterday! I dropped the girls off, ran back up there to drop off a card for our principal who turned 50 yesterday, ran back up there because Harper's teacher called and needed something for her costume, picked up Hollis, went BACK and picked up Harper after running club and went back for the musical.  :-) 

Harper got another Stitch Fix box this week.  There were several cute things! She LOVED the dress on the right and wore it to church already.  And the camo dress was too small but Hollis LOVED it and snatched it up.  Her favorite thing were the jeans.  You can't tell but they have glitter at top on the pockets and at the knee.  It has worked so well for us to get her things that fit for decent prices without having to go to a store! 

Our weekend is jam packed but the good news is it is finally going to be FALL weather!! It's supposed to be in the 60's tomorrow and I can't wait!!! 

Tuesday, September 18, 2018

New Hearing Aids and a New Bible

Yesterday Harper had an appointment with a new audiologist and she also got new hearing aids!!! 

We have always travelled to Little Rock for our appointments which is 3.5 hours away so it's so nice that we have a new Arkansas Children's Hospital in our area so we can drive 30 minutes for appointments.  Our new hospital is beautiful too!  We saw a new audiologist who went to the same college as me and we have a lot of mutual friends so that was a nice surprise.  She was VERY nice and we really liked her! 

Harper had to test out her new hearing aids.  We had to get them set up for her school FM system also.  Harper got her last pair of hearing aids three years ago.  Three years is about the time period they are good for.  Harper is SO excited because she also got a new thing she can wear that syncs up with her iPad and goes directly to her hearing aids so she doesn't need headphones.  It also has a microphone that I can wear and talk directly to her.  I love that she is SO excited about all her stuff.  

She had to get new molds made and she is getting silver glitter molds! This summer has been tough on her ears because it's so hot and humid and she sweats a lot (especially doing running club on 90 degree days) and the hearing aids trap moisture in her ear so they get wet and smelly and irritated.  

I didn't take an up close picture but her new hearing aids are a pretty blue that she picked out.  How grown up does she look? She has come a long way since the little toddler that hated the hearing aids and would take them off and hide them all over the place.  Or the little toddler that made me a nervous wreck trying to get her to test in the hearing booth.  Now she's grown up and mature and takes great care of all her hearing aid stuff.  

When she got finished with her appointment I took her out to lunch.  She kept saying "This is the best day".  I so rarely get any time alone with just her.  Or with Hollis.  So it's very special when I do.  I love that she will open up and just talk to me about everything.  

Her favorite treat is a macaron so I took her to get a few also.  Alchemy Macarons just opened in Rogers so we were excited! 

Harper's hearing has been holding steady and we are so thankful.  She is doing so great in school and things are just in a good place for her.  I feel like middle school and junior high will bring changes for her but I'm so grateful for the strides she has made.  I love to encourage parents who are just starting on this journey and offer any information or help that I can.  Here are some links to posts I have written on this journey if they can be helpful. 


If you head over to my Instagram today - I'm going to be giving away FOUR copies of the new NIV Journal the Word Bible for Women by Zondervan! It's a beautiful Bible that has a lot of room for note taking or journaling.  It is one you are going to want for sure! It comes out next month but you can pre-order it now! It would be an amazing gift for someone in your life or for yourself! 

Monday, September 17, 2018

Just a bunch of random stuff

Can you believe we are halfway through September? Why does this time of year fly by so fast? Probably because it's so full of things! 

My friend Susan is teaching the Bible Study I am in this semester and I'm loving it.  One of the reasons I love it is there are probably 40 women and at least 1/3 are over 75.  The other 1/3 are empty nesters and then 1/3 of us are young moms. I love that mix of women.  

We are doing Proven by Jennie Allen and I'm loving it.  I had to spend about 3 hours last week sitting at the car place trying to figure out a squeak in my car so I tried to make good use of my time and get my Bible Study done. I took Will Holden with me for one of those hours and the men there told me "he was so well behaved and good".  You could pick my jaw off the ground.  It's not every day I get told that.  I felt a little glimmer of hope! 

Will Holden and I took lunch to the girls one day and ate with them.  Our school welcomes parents to come and eat with kids and I'm thankful for that.  I don't do it NEAR enough but it's always fun! 

It was Hat day that day! 

We had a "Sweet Retreat" on Thursday night at church.  We had a cake buffet and a speaker.  It was a great night.  

I love serving with these friends.  Marci and Laurie pretty much ran the whole thing and it turned out great.  

Friday morning Harper's class ran the weekly assembly.  Harper had two lines and did great! 

My friends and I had a "Siloam Springs" Day on Friday.  We went to the town that's 30 minutes away and walked around their downtown and visited stores and then ate at 28 springs.  It was a really fun day.  

I had to race back to pick up Will Holden and then I was the mystery reader at Hollis' class.  They have one each week and no one knows who is coming but the teacher.  It was a lot of fun to read to them.  

We had a VERY low key weekend which was much needed.  We have a lot going up in the next few weeks so I will take a relaxed weekend when I can.  Hollis had her first soccer game Saturday morning and that was pretty much all we had on our agenda.  Her team won - they are REALLY good.  It was 200 degrees when we watched her.  I was soaking wet.  We spent the rest of the day around the house.  Scott watched football and I cleaned house and the kids played! Very exciting stuff! :-) 

Sunday was full of church.  We are there most of the day but we love it. 

We are ready for another week!