Thursday, October 24, 2013

Do your Ears Hang Low?

I thought I would do a little update on what our life is like with hearing loss.  I know a lot of you have children with hearing loss or have possibly just been diagnosed.  I LOVE hearing from you! It always encourages me because I don't know anyone in real life that is in our shoes.  I also hope if anyone is starting on this road - I can be an encouragement.  {That Harper can be an encouragement}

Plus I like keeping a little journal of our journey so one day Harper can look back and see what her story has been like. 

Harper honestly is doing so great these days.  She wears her hearing aids LIKE a BOSS! :-) 
She is doing great in preschool.  Her teacher has told me just how far she has come.  She is learning so much and really doesn't need any special help.  I worry a LOT about how kindergarten will go but we are also 10 months out and I know so much can change so we just take it one day at a time.  If I worried too much about the future - I would make myself nuts.  

Monday we went to the audiologist locally to get new ear molds made.  I was asking Harper on the way there what color she wanted and Hollis started throwing a 2 year old fit - "I WANT hearing aids too!!!!"  Of course.  

Sisters will fight about anything. 

Kids get a set of hearing aids that can last them several years (THANK GOODNESS - because insurance doesn't pay for aids and they aren't cheap).  But they need ear molds at least once or twice a year because they grow so quickly.   Harper's still fit okay but it's been probably a year and they are just gross.  We clean them but kids with aids produce a lot more ear wax so they just get goopy no matter how much you clean them.  

They have every color you could want - even camouflage.  Harper picked sparkly purple this time! 

Harper has had several minor surgeries including her tonsils out and the worst thing we have ever faced is getting the molds done.  She pretty much never cried after her tonsil surgery but every time she has molds made she SCREAMS and cries.  It's awful.  This is why I put it off so long. 

I was hoping since she was older that it would be easier but it wasn't.  The sweet audiologist was new to us and she was so kind and patient.  

She uses this gun to put pink "molding" that is cold and wet in her ear and then it dries into a mold.  It is sent off to the company that makes the actual mold.  

I think the sensation plus the fact that she can't hear at all when it's in just is miserable.  I hate it for her but it's over quickly and it will be nice to get new molds.  

A big part of our life right now is speech therapy.  We have four appointments a week.  Basically on Tuesdays and Thursdays we leave our house around 12:30 and get home around 5.  Our appointments are in two different towns and there is a little gap in between.  It's a long day but worth it.  
This is the girls waiting for our first appointment.  Harper got a progress report from the public school therapist today and she is making great progress! 

 This is one of Harper's private therapists.  We have two that we have seen for a while and they are SO wonderful.  This is Jennifer and she got a new job this fall and we thought we were going to lose her and Harper cried and cried. But we get to see her one day a week now and we see Kristy another day that we have seen before.  Harper can't leave without giving Kristy a hug.  She ADORES her therapists.  And they are big blessings to me.  Harper's language and speech are still behind but coming along so well! 
 Poor Hollis never gets to take a nap in an actual bed any more except for the weekends.  She usually falls asleep on our drive and Harper does as well.  This is when we got home this afternoon. They were both passed out.  

And this is how I found the girls after we got home - after long days of appointments - they still love to cuddle up on the couch together.  

Our life is a little different than some people but super blessed.  I believe in making the best of whatever situation you are given and finding silver linings.  
Or sparkly purple.  
Whatever you prefer. 

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