Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Hear what I'm saying?

The girls and I travelled to Little Rock today for Harper to have an appointment at Arkansas Children's Hospital with her audiologist.  She hadn't been tested in 9 months so we were due a good check up. 

There is such a world of difference in Harper testing now vs when we started her journey at two.  She did so great today!  Her hearing is the same which is good news! 

Here she is at 2.5 the day she got her first pair of hearing aids. 

It was a rough start for us and I never DREAMED at the time that it would be so easy for her to wear her aids..........but it's like putting on shoes these days.  

{Side note - Harper calls her aids her "ears in" because I always say "Let's put your ears in."}

I had planned to take the girls myself today because I have finally reached the point where I think I can handle the trip and the appointment alone with both girls but my parents insisted on coming up to help.   I think it was just a good excuse for them to come get Harper. They took her home for the rest of the week with plans to go to a movie and Silver Dollar City.  When we were leaving the hospital today - Harper said "Bye Hollis. I will never forget you."

So I'm thinking she may have plans to stay with them for good.

Harper's audiologist, Jan, is the biggest blessing.  She is amazing - if you live in Arkansas and need an audiologist - I can't recommend her enough.  I also feel like she's my long lost BFF.  This is Harper with her when she was 2, 3 and today. 

After our visit - I went by to visit one of my oldest, dearest friends Hillary and her new baby Sophie. 

I got to give her a bottle.  Oh to hold a newborn!!!!!! 
Hillary's oldest daughter is one month younger than Hollis.  I wish we lived closer to Hillary so Sadie and Hollis could be best friends.  The top picture was when they were just a couple of months old and then today in the same green chair.  Two years makes a big difference.

I don't talk about Harper's hearing on here much these days but if you are curious - this sums up her little journey.  Also - if you have a child who is newly diagnosed and just need someone to talk to or have questions - I'm not expert but I'm a mom who understands hearing loss and would love to encourage you!  http://www.kellyskornerblog.com/2012/05/do-you-hear-what-i-hear.html

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