Wednesday, September 04, 2019

Most Asked Questions and Other Helpful Things

I often get a ton of DM's on Instagram asking me the same question over and over so I thought I would link to a few past blog posts that I hope will be helpful!

Question 1:

Do you have any suggestions for a devotional?

Question 2:

Where do you find clothes for your girls that are modest and affordable?

Question 3: 

I'm coming to Bentonville - what should I do? 

Question 4: 

Okay - not a question but since it's a new school year and fall is coming - I thought I would share my most viewed post of all times! 

This post was 6 years ago but it has 260 crock pot recipes linked up and it's been viewed over 2 million times! :-) 

This post on sheet pan dinners is a close second.  It makes dinner so simple and easy for all of you busy moms or non moms! 

And last.........for those of you with girls who want to know how to do braids - I put together a super simple video showing you how to do three different types of braids! You can all do it now! 

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