Tuesday, April 23, 2019

What I shop for the girls

I always get a lot of questions about where I shop for the girls - especially Harper.  She wears a bigger size but is only 10 so finding age appropriate clothes that are cute and stylish and not crop tops can be tough.  So I thought I would share some places that I have found that work out great for us - especially if you have a tween girl or girl that needs bigger sizes.

One of my newest favorites is Hayden Girls.  They have REALLY cute clothes from about size 6-14. They tend to run a little on the small side so keep that in mind.  They often have sales and are fairly reasonably priced.  

One of my favorite places to shop for myself is Zara.  And they have really great clothes for girls sizes 5-14.  (and younger and also boys).  I have found they run TTS and we have had a lot of luck with their line! 

I love Dillards for girls 6-14.  My two favorite Brands are GB and Chelsea and Violet.  I think Chelsea & Violet is adorable but it runs small.  

The Crown & Ivy brand at Belk is super cute.  It has a Lily Pulitzer/J Crew vibe and runs on sale a lot.  It's for sizes 7-16.  And seems to run TTS.  

Roolee has cute clothes for women but also for girls! I haven't ordered anything from them but I love the styles! 

I love J Crew Crew Cuts.  They have cute clothes - and they are always having sales.  These shorts are $20 on sale and so cute! and they go up to size 16! 

Old Navy and Gap are always good standards too! 

I love Cat & Jack from Target! It runs TTS and they have such cute stuff! 

And who would I be if I didn't say that Walmart actually has cute kid clothes too? The new Wonder Nation brand is really great! They not only have cute clothes but also cute shoes for kids! I've been real impressed! And it's super cheap! 

Another thing we have had a lot of luck with is Stitch Fix for kids.  They send 8-10 things and there is always at least one thing that works great for us.  And the prices are pretty good! You can set the price points.  And sometimes if nothing works for Harper - something works for Hollis instead - like the jumper/romper she loved! 

These are just a few of the places that have worked for us! I also love hitting up resale shops for the kids! I hope this gives you some ideas!! 

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