Tuesday, September 03, 2019

Kayaks, Robes and School

Hey Hey! It's September!!!!! We are in that super busy time of year! I have a love/hate relationship with it.  

I took the girls to get fanny packs last week.  They want to carry them at Disney.  I love that they are old enough to carry their own bags with their own stuff.  I also love that fanny packs (or "belt bags") are in.  

I had a CRAZY busy week last week and this guy had to just go along for the ride.  Could he BE any cuter? 

We had this CRAZY storm come in one night last week.  I was so tired I never heard a thing but it knocked down trees all over the place.  It was crazy.  HUGE trees were down - totally uprooted.  This is our neighbor's tree.  I can't believe I didn't hear it.  But we also sleep with three loud fans in our room. ha! 

Wednesday, WH had this open house for preschool.  His teacher this year taught Harper, Hollis for 2 years and now him so we are thrilled to have her again.  And the other teacher is SUPER sweet.  He was so excited.  He's the least shy child alive but as we walked in he said "I think I'm going to be a tiny bit shy" and then wouldn't talk. ha!  

As much as I kid about being ready for him to start school - I do love my days with this boy.  Gosh I love him so much and he is such a momma's boy.  I'm thankful I get him home at least two days this year.  

Thursday night, my ministry I work for hosted a conference on the Enneagram and relationships and it was SO good.  We had a great crowd and everyone has raved about how helpful it was! I was so nervous but it turned out great! 

We had a panel with a guy and a girl representing every number.  I represented the twos.  We had some amazing people on the panel.  (This was just the first half of them).  

And then Friday was Will Holden's first day of school! He was SO excited! 

And a little over my picture taking! ha! 

Here is a secret.  I came home late from the conference on Thursday night and was so tired.  I laid out stuff for the next day and got this board ready and completely left the 9 off of 2019.  I didn't notice until after I took this picture.  I had to photoshop on a 9. ha ha ha! We can't be perfect! 

We have managed to have a tradition of Razorback shirts on the first day every year.  Maybe we can roll this all the way to college. ha! Also - good grief he has grown up fast! He's such a big boy! He had a great day of school! And I would be lying if I said I didn't enjoy 6 whole hours alone!!! 

Saturday morning we went to a birthday party for a neighbor friend.  

It was such a fun party.  The kids went on a hike and collected rocks and then painted them.  

And then they got to kayak the lake.  The girls LOVED it so now I'm going to be setting this up for them again sometime soon! Will Holden wouldn't do it but the girls loved it! 

They went together the first time but then wanted their own boats.  

The weather was cool for August and perfect - it was just a great morning.  

We spent our afternoon at home watching the Hogs play and doing chores around the house.  The girls made friendship bracelets.  

And they baked a cake all by themselves for the first time! They were so proud! 

Sunday we went to church and lunch and then held a puppy at the mall.  I'm pretty sure there will be a dog in our family before 2019 is over.  

Sunday night we went over to the Ormon's house for hamburgers and to hang out.  We took the kids swimming after dinner.  

Then Laurie had to put her robe on and now she has Emily wearing a robe. ha! And Yes - Emily is basically a grown woman at this point.  Isn't she beautiful? 

Yes - I held a cat.  For like 5 seconds while she took a picture.  This isn't Kristen.  ha! 

Yesterday we slept late and worked around the house and then went swimming in the afternoon.  Labor Day is the end of summer to us (even if it will still be 90 for a few more weeks).  What a great summer it was! 

Thumbs up for heading into fall! 

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