Monday, September 09, 2019

Carnivals, Engagements and Friends

My weekend was a really busy but good one! 

Laurie and I have been friends for 25 years.  We talk every day - usually multiple times a day.  But we rarely get to hang out - just the two of us.  Between school and kids and activities and church - it's just hard to find time.  Every since Mid May we started saying "as soon as the kids are all back in school.......let's have a fun day".  So we FINALLY made it happen! We had the BEST day together! We laughed so much! 

We went to Fayetteville and visited a lot of our favorite stores.  We went to Riffraff.  We felt a little "chawed" when we first went in. Laurie said "Oh this might just be for college girls".  So I said "Pretend like we are here to shop for our college aged daughters"  We even picked out buttons for ourselves.  Riffraff actually had a lot of great clothes and things even for us middle aged girls! 

And next door at City Supply is the cutest store too.  We also went to Euna Mae's.  

And then we had lunch at Torchy's Tacos.  We just recently got one in NWA and another is opening soon.  It's SO good! But we didn't get the queso.  What were we thinking? Next time! 

Friday night was the school carnival.  It's not my favorite night of the year but the kids love it! 

We had to make a late night Walmart run after.  It's SO hot! We had to get Sonic drinks first - we were all dying of thirst! 

Saturday morning we had soccer and we roasted. It was SOOOOOOOOOOOOO hot.  I didn't even take a picture.  I was too busy trying not to die.  And poor Hollis nearly had a heat stroke.  This is the year we moved to a regular sized field and it's twice as big as what she was used to.  

I found out Saturday that the first couple from February's big instagram Singles day got engaged.  I"m thrilled for them! 

Aren't they the cutest couple? Laura has messaged me several times over the last year to give me updates! They are the FOURTEENTH couple to get engaged/married from Singles day over the last nine years! Isn't that incredible???????

Saturday night we went to a Razorback watch party.  I made a meat and cheese tray - it's my favorite thing! 

Our church is going through some changes right now.  One of them is they changed our service times and our Sunday School times.  When they decided to make that change - Scott and I decided we wanted to go to early Sunday School and we wanted to go to a class with people closer to our age and older.  We recently joined this class and everyone is so nice - we have loved it.  We had a great time with them on Saturday night.  This picture is blurry but makes me laugh.  

Yesterday we went to church and then to lunch.  

And then we were back in the afternoon because the girls started back to kid's choir and GA's.  I"m teaching GA's this year with friends and we have Harper.  I'm so excited about it! 

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