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Visit Bentonville

I live in Bentonville, Arkansas.

It's a little town that's home to the biggest retailer in the world.  People travel from all over the globe to come here for business. It's also home to one of the greatest museums of American Art.  It's become a hub of food and art in a small southern town.  It is on so many lists as one of the top towns to live and visit.  We also often have celebrities in town.  It's a little bizarre to run into Harrison Ford or Tom Cruise or Drew Barrymore or Harry Connick Jr at Crystal Bridges or Walmart but it happens a lot.

I have people contact me all the time who are coming to visit and want to know what to do and where to eat.  So I thought I would put it all in a post so I can share it when I need to.   I would love for you all to come visit.  Let me know - I will come meet you downtown! :-)

And of course - these are just MY tips! You could ask others and get different opinions but these are things I would share with you!!! There are lots of places I'm not mentioning just because I haven't been or for whatever reason.

I would also note that Fayetteville is just 30 miles down the road.  It's the home of the University of Arkansas and is a fun college town.  Downtown Rogers is also full of really great restaurants and stores.  There is a lot to do there but I'm going to stick to Bentonville for this post!

W H E R E    T O    E A T

This is a latin restaurant.  It's on the square.  It's a great place for lunch or dinner.  They also have an amazing Sunday brunch.  I love the guacamole and the fajitas.  If it's nice - you can eat outside and watch people on the square.

2.  Tavola Trattoria

This is an Italian place.  The food is really good!

3.  Hive

This is a restaurant in the 21c Hotel.  This hotel is an art museum and hotel all in one.  It's very artsy. I actually have never eaten at the Hive but I've heard the fried chicken  and the burger are amazing.

4.  Flying Fish

This is my kid's favorite.  If you have kids with you - this is a good pick.  Also I LOVE the fish tacos.

5.  Crepes Paulette

They have a food truck by the splash park downtown but they also now have a store front.  If you are in town on a Saturday - they will have the food truck at the Farmer's Market and the line is always long.  I LOVE their crepes.  The savory ones are amazing and the sweet kind are to die for!!! It's ran by a couple from France.

6.  Priato Pizzeria

This is a pizza food truck across from the splash park.  If it's not too hot or too cold - this is my favorite place to go.  I love sitting out under the umbrella covered tables and eating here.  The pizza is SOOOO good.

7.  8th Street Market

This is a new place.  It's in an old Tyson warehouse turned into a culinary school and restaurant market.  Ye Yo's is my favorite Mexican food truck that now has a store front here.  The street tacos and guacamole are so good.  And then there is Markham and Fitz which is a chocolate shop I have heard is amazing.

8.  Pressroom

This is an upscale coffee shop and restaurant.  They have great burgers and breakfast.

9.  Fork and Crust

If you like pies - this is the place for you.  They have a place in Rogers but also have one in Downtown Bentonville.

10.  Tusk and Trotter

The menu is eclectic but good!

11.  MOD and Pastor's Son

These are two what I would call "foodie" restaurants.  I haven't been to either because we don't get on enough dates but I've heard good things.  Preacher's son is in an old church and it's really beautiful inside.

12.  Fred's

This is a Bentonville staple.  It's the only restaurant that has been around for a while.  They have great steaks and barbecued meat.  Sometimes they have music outside on nice nights.

W H A T     T O    D O

This is a must.  Even if you aren't real into art.  The museum and it's landscaping are just amazing.  You won't believe you are in small town Arkansas when you step inside.  And it's FREE! 

2.   Amazeum

If you have kids - this is a really fun kid's museum. 

3.  Lawrence Plaza

If you are here in the summer  and have kids - take them to the splash park.  And then go across the street for food trucks.  If you are here November - January - it is an outdoor ice skating rink.  We love it! It's located right off the square. 

4.  Bike/Running/Walking Trails

Our town is FULL of trails.  Many of them go around Crystal Bridges.  There are miles and miles of trails all over the town.  It's perfect if you like to be outdoors.  The Crystal Bridges trails are my very favorite.  

Located in Bella Vista.  This is a trail that takes you to an amazing water fall.  Watch for snakes but it makes a beautiful hike!

6.  Farmer's Market

On Saturday mornings from April to October you want to visit the Farmer's Market.  There are vendors and food trucks and usually some kind of entertainment.  The earlier you can go the better.

Located on the square in Sam Walton's first store.  It's free and a fun little visit.  There is an old fashioned soda fountain attached that has really good and cheap ice cream.  Take it outside on a nice day and eat on the tables out on the square.  My kids favorite flavor is spark.  

8.  The AMP

This is out outdoor concert venue.  There are concerts running all spring and summer long and a great place to sit outside and watch.  

This is a movie theatre downtown.  It has recliners and meals you can eat while watching.  

10.  First Friday

If you happen to be in town on the first Friday of any month - go to the square starting around 4 p.m. until 10.  Every month has a theme and there are vendors and entertainment.  You never know who or what you might see! It's family friendly! 

W H E R E     T O    S H O P

1.  Promenade Mall

This is a mall in Rogers that is an outside mall and has all the mall type stores. 

This is a cute boutique in Bentonville - it's not in downtown.  

3.  Southern Style

CUTEST children's store of all times.  There is no other word to describe it than PRECIOUS.  It's downtown Bentonville.

4.  Elysian

Across from Southern Style - has great clothes.

This shop is all free trade items or items that help people in some form.  The owner is a friend of mine and I love her shop.  They have all kinds of great clothes and household items.

5.  True Treasures

If you like to "junk" shop - this is a fun stop.  It's a little outside of town but a favorite.

6.  Perfect Choice

This is another favorite boutique.  It's been around forever and always has great selections.  

7.  Walmart Downtown

If you aren't from NWA - make sure and visit the Walmart that is downtown attached to a parking garage.  If you do - you will understand why we like Walmart here.  Our Walmarts are nicer than any Target anywhere.  It's a fun little experience! 

I hope this helps if you are planning a visit to Bentonville any time soon!!!! 

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