Wednesday, March 01, 2017

Knots and Molds

My friend Susan is a marriage and family therapist and her husband is a doctor.  Susan does little VLogs twice a week sharing relationship advice and Biblical wisdom on "Susan Shares".  You can follow her here.  This week, she and her husband shared a story about their newest grandson and Dr. Goss just gave the sweetest testimony.  I think it will encourage so many of you.

Wednesday, Harper had an appointment in Little Rock with her audiologist.  My parents were so great to come over and keep Will Holden and Hollis for me so I could take Harper by myself.  It was such an easy trip and a fun day with my biggest girl! I can't believe how grown up she is these days! 

Our appointment was at 12:45 so we got in town just in time for lunch and we ventured over to downtown to try a new place.  

I saw caramel pecan pie on the menu and I was powerless to resist.  That combined my absolute two favorite sweet things and it was probably my favorite pie ever.  Oh mercy.  

It was so nice to have a mommy/daughter day with just this one.  I love one on one time with my kids.  Her audiologist laughed about how much easier the appointments go now that she's 8 in contrast to when we first started going and she as Will Holden's age.  It was a nightmare back then and it's so simple now! 

Harper getting molds for new ear molds.  She loves getting to pick out the colors each time.  This time she picked pink and black swirl.  I can't wait to see how it turns out.  

The great news is her hearing is stable! I'm so thankful! 

I have had so many people email me recently who have friends or family who have recently had children diagnosed with hearing loss.  I'm always so happy to give them encouragement or information/advice.  I wish I had my website more organized with all our posts on Harper's journey in one place.  Maybe one day.........ha! In the meantime - I have most links below.  

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