Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Sickness, Warm Weather and Conferences

Well our last week has been full of sickness, warm weather and conferences.  

Will Holden is finally better after a few bouts of sickness and a few trips to the doctor.  And the weather has been so warm that we have worn shorts several days in FEBRUARY! Our pear trees and dogwoods are all in full bloom! In February.  It's so crazy! 

Friday night I went with my friend Susan to hear Jennie Allen speak.  We had so much fun.  

I LOVE Jennie.  She has such a heart for God's word and sharing the gospel.  We didn't wait in line to see her so I grabbed this stalkerish picture.  ha! I wrote this on my instagram but I'm sharing it here again:

Saw her speak tonight and she said "Do you want to get to heaven and find out the prison cell you sat in during your life was unlocked the whole time? And not only that but you had the key to unlock all the other cells? Free people FREE people". We have freedom in Christ! 
I also love that her last two words of advice were to stay in God's word and find a local church, join it and serve it like crazy. If I could tell any new Christian two things - that's exactly what I would say.

And Jennie made me SOOOO happy because she was actually a Razorback cheerleader and so she not only called the Hogs with us but she did the cheerleader moves including a few high kicks!!!! I was thrilled! 

Saturday morning there was a retreat for tween and teen girls in our town and Susan did several breakout sessions.  I went with her and it was really fun.  

In between sessions we went to a little cupcake party.  

I also got to see one of my college friends.  Aimee was so much fun.  She was a freshmen when I was a senior but she livened up pledge week for me.  I always love when I get to visit with her.  

Yesterday was full of church and more church.  

And that is basically what life has looked like lately.  I can't believe tomorrow is MARCH!!!!!! 

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