Monday, December 30, 2013


Well - it's the end of another year. 

And I feel the need for an Obligatory End of Year Post.

So here are some of my TOP FIVES for 2013:

According to Blogger - these were my top Five Posts (according to views):

1. Talking Regional Differences   (I LOVE this one FIVE TIMES over!! So fun!)

2. Talking Non Christian Friends (This was an interesting one for me)

3. Hairy Issue  (I mean - who doesn't like talking hair?)

4.  What do I do about? (This was a great chance to ask and get advice - NOT from me!)

5. Vacation  (Suggestions on places to go)

And what's fun is that these posts were all the "caffeine talks" I did - so maybe I need to do more of these - I think they were good for interaction and discussion!!!

My Top Five Moments of the Year: (and this is hard to narrow down - I've had so many wonderful moments in 2013)

Okay - so maybe more like 8 or 9

(these are in no particular order - I scanned through my Instagram to see my year at a glance!)

 I had the best time in February going to Dot Mom in Dallas with a big group of my best friends and meeting up with some of my best "internet" friends.  So many sweet memories.

We took a little trip to Dallas to celebrate my niece's first birthday this summer and also had a mini family vacation and got to tour Dallas Cowboys stadium and shop and eat and just had fun together. 
 This Fall - I gathered with a group of women for a few days who are doing BIG things for the kingdom (like my sweet encourager Ann Voskamp).  I was a very miniscule tiny little fish in that pond but soaked up the passion of sharing Christ that was shared.

 I waited five hours in a Wal-Mart but I got to meet Ree! We knew of each other but we finally got to hug.  She's so down to earth - I wish we could just hang out and eat and talk movies.
 Going back to OBU with my best college friends and judging Tiger Tunes.  Such a fun weekend for me!
 One of my VERY best moments of 2013 was celebrating 10 years of marriage with Scott and taking a beach vacation.  Five days of eating and sleeping and reconnecting! BLISS!
 Turning 40 and my surprise roller skating party with a lot of my best friends.  

I'm that girl who thinks everyone is my favorite and best friend. 

And basically every single moment with my two precious girls.  No way I could pick top moments with them - every day has been amazing watching them grown and change. They are my joy and my delight.

My Top Five Songs for the Year

I love music - it inspires me and speaks to me.  I like to listen to pop music and even a little country some but I mostly listen to worship music. I feel so close to God when I sing to Him.  And these were the 5 songs that moved me the most this year:

1.  Oceans by Hillsong  (this song is just my theme for the year)
2.   One thing Remains by Kristian Stanfill  This has just been on repeat for me all year
3.  Great are you Lord  by All sons and Daughters (here is where I need to tell you that I'm so obsessed with this duo right now.  I am listening to them over and over and over. Every song is more worshipful than the last)
4. Called me higher by All sons and Daughters (this my theme for 2014)
5. Waiting here for you by Christy Nockels

Top Five Things I've learned This Year:

1.  Age is just a number.  Be thankful for every year, every month, every breath you are given.

2. Life is Short. Life is SOOOOO Short. This life is just a VAPOR.  I've been to more funerals in the last year than I have in the last five years combined.  Make your life count.  Every moment.  Don't wait for things to happen to experience joy.  Don't wait for that husband, or kids, or retirement, or a better job to RELISH LIFE!  We only get one chance. 

3. All that matters to me is my faith. Period.  All that matters to me is knowing Jesus and making His name known.  As Rick Warren said recently - "I fear more the disapproval of God than I do the disapproval of men".  I have a passion for people to know Him.  That's not popular but I don't want to be popular. I want to be faithful.  

4.  No one has a perfect life.  Everyone has things behind closed doors that you don't know about.  Be kind. Be encouraging. Speak words of blessings. Be understanding.  Forgive easily. Don't hold grudges. Life is too short for that. 

5.  The What Ifs of Worry are a disease that can eat you alive. I have struggled with so much anxiety in the last few years worrying about things I have no idea will ever happen.  God is in Control.  

2013 was a year full of so many wonderful things but also a lot of loss and sorrow.  I'm praying I will be more intentional with 2014 and just treasure each moment! 

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