Sunday, December 29, 2013

Christmas Round Two

We have had Christmas round two for the last few days.  Scott's parents came on Friday to spend a few days with us. 

 They brought the girls a few gifts.  The theme of Christmas 2013 was definitely Frozen.  Are your children as obsessed as mine are? I downloaded the soundtrack and my girls have wanted to listen every time we are in the car.  They love it.  

And I can sing a MAD "Let it Go" myself. 

The girls mostly just love having Gigi and Pap-pa here to play with them! 

Yesterday morning we went to a local Drive Through Safari Zoo.  It is such a neat place.  We haven't been since Hollis was a brand new baby.  The girls LOVED it this time!!!! 
 There is also a walking part and a petting zoo.  
 Harper LOVES all animals.  I think she may be a Veterinarian one day.  
Hollis is a little scared of animals.  

But she's cute. 

We went to church today.  Our church has a children's church for little kids but Harper has wanted to go to "Big church" the last 3 weeks and she has been so good! She's growing up so fast! 

We have enjoyed so much time with our wonderful family. 

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