Monday, June 17, 2013

What do I do about...........

I don't know about you..........but I'm always facing things with my girls that I wonder "What do I do?"

I talk to my friends or my mom or read books or google and try to figure out how to handle.

I thought today - maybe we could ask any of those questions here and maybe someone who is past that situation can give some good advice.  So if you have any parenting questions.........MAYBE STEER AWAY FROM BIG ONES LIKE DISCIPLINE.......but maybe things like:

"How do I get my 4 year old to stop sleeping with us?"
"How do I get my kids to eat more vegetables?"
Questions about school aged kids or teens????

Here is a question I have..................I'd love to hear what you think and then I'd love to see discussion about your situations too!

So my question is:

I'm starting to potty train Hollis (a little.......I'm not hard core yet).  We just have a little potty and I want her to get used to going.  She FINALLY did both (#1 and #2) this weekend and so I clapped and cheered and gave her skittles. The problem is Harper is always with us and she gets so upset that I'm not cheering and giving her candy every time she potties.
I know the easy thing is to just cheer and give her candy also.
And I know the tough parenting would be to explain to her that she is 4.5 and she's not getting candy when she goes to the bathroom now.  Which is what I did but she still gets upset.

Did you have this issue with parenting your second or third and what did you do?  I feel like it's making potty training more difficult than normal.

And as always - let's be kind to each other in our answers!!! People come from all walks of life here and we are going to think differently but it's good to hear fresh ideas!

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