Monday, May 13, 2013

Talking Regional Differences

So first of all - thank you to all of you chimed in about SUYL. I love that whole series because I feel like it's a great way to connect bloggers but I didn't know if it had kind of run it's course. I will keep it going. I'm going to go back to the beginning four years ago and start a lot of topics over!!! I'll have a list up soon.

So I went WAAAAAAAAYYYYY out of my comfort zone last week and talked about a semi controversial topic and I was very nervous. I never want this to be a place where things get ugly or you can't leave an honest comment because of fear you will get attacked.  I want it to be a place we can have a kind discussion with our diet cokes in hand and maybe learn a little something.

I am enjoying chatting with you.

Today's topic kind of branched out of last week.  It's MUCH lighter though and I hope you will all participate and keep it fun and interesting and mostly NICE.

I'm curious - so many of you are from SO many different parts of the country (and even WORLD) and we have a lot of regional differences.  We have to keep in mind - that just because people do things differently (and I'm talking regional differences like dress or food - not ethical) - doesn't make it wrong.

I'd love for you to share where you are from and maybe something that is probably different about where you live than other areas?


Two of my FAVORITE foods on earth are Okra (and soon I may write a post on my obsession with okra) and hushpuppies and I've been asked so much what those are???? Okra is the best vegetable on earth (in my opinion) and hushpuppies are fried balls of cornbread that we normally eat with Fried Catfish (clearly the "eat clean" diet). 

And I already know that smocking and big bows are weird to some of you.  Sometimes y'all ask me about the most NORMAL things (at least what I think is just common) only to find out it's different to a lot.

I love regional differences.

So let's discuss. Ask any questions you may have about other areas that you have always wondered and maybe someone from that area can answer you!!!!

Just remember - {as I tell my girls 100 times a day} - BE SWEET!!!!!

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