Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Hair-y Issue

Let's discuss hair?????

I was going to say hair and make-up but I think it needs to be broken up into two sections.  So make-up next week.


I want to know your favorite shampoos. Your favorite hair products. Your favorite hairspray.

Your favorite hair tools: curling irons, hair dryers, straightening irons.

Anything HAIR related...........ask questions, give advice.........

{I have clearly been all over with my hair. ha ha ha!}

I use a chi straightener - LOVE it. I just did something that has changed my life - I got layers cut. REVOLUTIONARY! I also got a big barrel curling iron and now I can curl my hair and it looks so much better than when it was so thick and bulky and blunt cut.

So many of you ask about coloring my own hair - don't ask. That was a DISASTER. I had to go to a VERY long appointment recently to get it straightened out.  My hair is too gray to do it myself. It looked awful and was super un-healthy by the time I got to the salon. I don't advise it. :-)

Okay - talk amongst yourselves!

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