Sunday, February 26, 2017

A Day in Life 2017

I thought it would be fun to document a "Day in the Life" post.  I have done these before and I think it will be fun for me and the kids to look back at one day and see what a typical day was.  I picked last Thursday because that's our one day at home (for me and Will Holden).  

My alarm went off at 6:10.  Most mornings I get up around 6 but if I have to be somewhere early I will get up at 5:30 to shower and get ready before the kids get up.  I'm not a morning person so it's always hard for me to get up.  I'm more of a night owl.  Thursdays I don't have to be anywhere so I normally try to change from my PJ pants to yoga pants and brush my teeth and hair and then take the kids to school.  (And sometimes I don't even change my PJ pants.  I just cross my fingers that I won't get in a wreck.) 

I made our bed and then went to the kitchen to pack lunches and do backpacks and fix breakfast.  Will Holden woke up at 6:30 and then I had to drag the girls out of bed at 6:45.  While they eat breakfast, I make their beds and lay out their clothes.  Then I loaded the dishwasher and ran it and started a load of laundry and cleaned up the kitchen. 

The girls dress themselves and brush their teeth and I fix their hair.  Then we are off to school.  

We usually get to school around 7:40.  School starts at 7:50.  It takes me about 15 minutes to get there   thanks to traffic.  

After drop off, Will Holden and I ran to Walmart to get a few things and then dropped off dry cleaning.  We were back home around 8:45.   I moved laundry around and put up groceries.  I called and made myself an eye appointment because I desperately need new glasses.  And I made a few work phone calls (I work part time for a ministry).  Will Holden was playing and I also tried to dust the living room while I talked on my calls.  

This is a typical scene when Will Holden is home and I'm trying to do anything.  He opens up the doggie door (that has a locked door on it) and runs out to our back yard every chance he gets.  I caught him in the act.  Look at him running to freedom.  

This was a warm day and I quickly realized I wasn't going to get anything done around the house because Will Holden was crying to go outside and getting into messes.  I have told Scott I honestly just can't do anything when he's awake.  

So we packed up the stroller and I decided we would go to the park and then go for a long walk.  

We got to the park about 9:45 and Will ran around playing like a mad man.  Laurie called and said that she was going over to see our friend Rachel's house.  Rachel moved in a year ago but we had never been over so she wanted to know if I wanted to go.  So left the park around 10:30 and headed to her house. 

Rachel is SERIOUSLY like even a sweeter version of Joanna Gaines.  Her house is SOOOO neat.  They live out in the country and redid an older house and it's just amazing.  She has the best style - it's just a bunch of finds from Goodwill but it's magazine worthy! Laurie and I swooned and oohed and awed over everything.  I'm trying to talk her into letting me do a blog feature on her house and her.  She has no social media and she homeschool her three boys and is just the most precious friend. We had a great time visiting her and stayed about an hour.  

One the way home, Will Holden fell asleep.  I tried rolling down the windows and yelling his name but I couldn't keep him awake.  We got home right around noon.  I fed him lunch and laid him down for a nap around 1.  

After he went down, I fixed some soup and salad for my lunch and sat down to watch a DVR'd episode of 91210.  Then I folded laundry and took a shower and got ready (finally).  

At 2:30, I woke Will Holden up from his nap so we could go get the girls.  

We ran home and Harper changed into her outfit and we took her to gymnastics.  Hollis, Will Holden and I came home for about 30 minutes and then went back and got her.  The kids played and I got dinner going.  

It was almost 80 degrees on this weird February day so the kids put on shorts and went outside to ride bikes.  How awesome are their outfits and especially shoe choice? 

Scott gets home a little after 5 and we had Taco Soup for dinner.  I had to leave around 6:15 to go to a meeting so Scott took over baths and bedtime for me.  

The sunset was amazing as I was leaving to go to my meeting.  I was there until about 9:30 and I came home and everyone was in bed.  I did a blog post, read my Bible and watched a little TV before getting ready for bed.  

I went to bed around 11 which is typical for me.  

And that's a typical day for us in early 2017. 

(I actually loved going back and reading those and seeing how much life has changed).  

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