Friday, June 08, 2012

Show Us Your Life HOME TOURS - Kitchens

Welcome to Show Us Your Life HOme Tours - this week is my favorite room in the house - Kitchens!!!! You can see Living Rooms here!

NW AR - you can view our own tour of home Kitchens HERE.  I'd love to link you up - so email me if you want to join in! Or leave me a comment here! 

I love our kitchen. When we were looking at houses and I walked in this kitchen I said "This is our house".  
This is looking from the kitchen into the family room. This is where the girls and I spend 90% of our time when we are at home.
I think no matter if we live here forever or move 10 times - I want our cabinets to always be this white glazed. 
Looking from the family room into the kitchen
Our breakfast area. We hardly EVER sit at the table to eat. I'm hoping in about 2 years we can make that happen but it's too hard right now. 
I have just a lot of pictures on this little shelf. Harper did the apple picture at school. The bottom basket is full of cookbooks. I LOVE cookbooks. If only I used them more. 
This hangs by our table. I LOVE this picture. 
I got this little birdcage shelf at a local store about 12 years ago and I still LOVE it. 
I love these apothecary jars full of fruit. Scott always wants me to get rid of them - he hates them. Of course I think if it was up to him our house would have two recliners and a TV the size of a football stadium and that's it. 
Love me some Pioneer Woman
I love these canisters - they were my favorite wedding present. 

I'm even showing our messy pantry today! ha! At least the kitchen is clean! ha!

I can't wait to see your rooms!!!!!

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