Sunday, June 10, 2012

Ministry, A Sick Dog, And Laundry

I want to write about our weekend but it's been a different weekend. I really didn't take any pictures and it's been full of ministry, a sick dog and laundry.  Yes - that pretty much sums it up.

Scott and I are blessed to serve on the Ordinance Committee at church.  That means we help with baptisms and the Lord's supper.  We love doing this. There are 3 other couples who do this with us - we rotate Sundays.  Our associate pastor and his wife took all of us out for a nice dinner Friday night and had childcare provided for us to thank us for serving. (All 4 of us couples have kids under 6).  I enjoyed this SOOO much.  It was nice to get out and visit with friends and one of our pastors. I love our church so much. I'm so blessed that our church keeps us busy with baptisms because we have a heart to reach the lost. We didn't need to be thanked - our joy is in serving.

Saturday we spent the whole day in our pajamas. (Although I went to Wal-Mart twice in my sweats/pj's.) I did a ton of laundry. Dawson was having horrible arthritis pain and I was just miserable for him. We had recently switched his meds and I think that's what caused it. He's doing much better now but he spent all day yelping.

This was today before we left for church.  My sweet girls. I had hoped for a quiet afternoon filled with naps before we headed to our best friend Sarah Kate's 4th birthday party.  I ended up helping one of the 9th grade girls in my Sunday School class through an issue and was gone all afternoon long. Scott had to take the girls home and do everything I would normally do and then get them dressed and take them to the party. He did a great job. It wasn't how I would have planned but God has a reason for me being with youth girls right now. I don't think it's my calling - but hopefully God is using me anyway.

(My dress is from Shabby Apple .  I love them because they have very retro & modest but super stylish dresses!)

I made it to the very end of Sarah Kate's party. She had a Tangled party. She got a Rapunzel wig and I had to laugh when Scott came walking in with it on. Harper wouldn't take a picture with him. He looked like something out of an 80's hair band. I think he should keep his short hair. But he's sweet to be a good sport when he's surrounded by princess stuff.

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