Friday, June 01, 2012

Show us your life HOME TOUR - Show us your living Room

This is the first week of our summer TOUR OF HOMES!!!!

(and if you live in NWA - we are having our own party over HERE! Come join!)

Please remember - this is a fun, lighthearted thing! This is not for designer mansions. This is for dorm rooms, apartments, trailers, small and big homes. It's real life rooms! It's fun to see how people use their spaces and how they make their house a home.
So we may be tempted to say "Oh I want to change some things or I wish I had this or that" but if you have running water and electricity and floors and a roof - you are more blessed than the majority of this world.  And it's the people who live there who make the home. So be proud and thankful for your home and share it!

This is my living room. It's been nearly the same for eight years. I do have plans to make a few tweaks one day hopefully. I've started a small re-decorating budget. Overall I like it.
This is a little side table I have on one of my walls.
The opposite wall. This is where Scott likes to sit and watch TV. 
Our entertainment center. I still love this - it was one of the first big pieces of furniture we bought as a married couple. 
I got these moss balls to go in this platter. It's Harper's favorite thing to play with. 
My grandparents gave me this chest as a college graduation gift. It has been a coffee table and now it's a side table. I really want to paint it antique black. That's on my near future project list. 
I love this sign on our mantle. 
Looking at our living room from the opposite side of the room.
A close up of the side table

A close up of our little round table. I love the burlap table cloth I have on here. 

So welcome to my living room. I'd love for you to sit down and drink a diet coke with me and maybe watch a few DVR'd shows or just hang out and talk! 

I'm excited to visit all of your homes next!

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