Thursday, June 07, 2012

Hellos and Goodbyes

 Harper had speech today.  She is doing really well. I get frustrated because her attention span is so short but I think it's probably normal for her age.  I loved this little outfit - she looked like she was ready for the beach. 

 My parents were in town today for a little while. My dad is marrying my friend Caroline next week! Well - he's not marrying her (ha!) - he's performing the ceremony so my parents came to meet with them. I can't WAIT for the wedding next week.  They came over and spent a little time with us this afternoon. Dad was trying to read books to Harper and Hollis kept pushing her way on his lap too. She is so funny. 
 It's SO hard to get pictures of Hollis right now. I know I have way more of Harper right now but she actually asks "to take a picture" most days and will pose and Hollis just can't be still long enough to be bothered with pictures! 

We had a girl's night tonight. We ate at Abuelo's together because our friend Amy is moving to Ohio next week. We are so sad to see her go but fingers crossed she should move back in two years or so.  I have enjoyed her friendship so much and her little girl and Harper are the same age so hopefully they can continue on in Sunday School together through the school years! It was fun just to get out with friends. Summer is so busy and most regular activities stop so I feel like I haven't seen any of my friends in WEEKS. I hate that feeling.  I think I was also excited just to get in my car and drive there and listen to the 90's station on XM radio in peace and no disney movies! :-)  Don't you enjoy just driving somewhere alone sometimes? It rarely happens to me these days.

Don't forget we will be touring kitchens tomorrow! I'll have it up mid day tomorrow!!!

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