Saturday, February 05, 2011

Best Day!

Harper's birth day was not the best day of my life. It was a horrible, horrible day. BUT two years ago today - on February 5th, 2009 - we took Harper home from the hospital - a healthy precious girl and THAT was the best day of my life so far. I have never been so happy (or scared to death!)

(Some of you have asked - if you are new to my blog - Harper was born not breathing - she had pneumonia and we were told she might not live through the night - she was air flighted to the next state and stayed a month in the NICU. Most of that time she was on an oscillator and in a medical induced coma. BUT we count out blessings because she is healthy today! It also makes us want to pray even more for parents of sick kids - I hate for anyone to ever be in that position. You can start here: and read forward if you are interested).
It felt so wonderful to get her home and put her in the bouncy seat and to put on my pj's and sleep in my own bed. I will always remember that day as long as I live. I'm bringing home Hollis in that same dress (which I know some of you think she needs her own dress - but I just love the idea of both girls wearing that dress and their girls can wear it too one day) and I've had it out hanging in her closet and it is just a sweet reminder of God's goodness in my life.
I can't believe Harper was ever so little............she is such a big girl these days!
I have to admit - I've had a terrible attitude the last few days. We have been snowed in since Monday night. Yesterday it snowed another 4 or 5 inches on top of the 8 we already had and the reports are we have another big storm coming this week so it looks like I'll spend another week at home. Believe me - I know exactly how spoiled and ridiculous I sound when I whine about being stuck inside. I still am not thrilled but I'm choosing today to have an attitude of gratitude instead. On top of the snow - I've been in a lot of pain and then today Harper has a fever and doesn't feel good so my hopes of getting out for church tomorrow and a fun super bowl party are probably over. I also had a few plans for today that I've been so excited about and I just had to cancel them all. Scott did take us to Wal-Mart this morning before they ran out of food again so we could stock up for another week.
But I think maybe this is God's way of forcing me to stay home and rest. I want Hollis to stay put until the last possible minute. So I'm letting things go and laying down every chance I can get. Scott has been very helpful to help me rest. Sometimes I think God has a way of forcing those of us who might be a little hard headed and stubborn to follow His will. :-) And I'm thankful for a Saviour who loves me and cares about me and knows WAY more than I think I know!

BE STILL.........and know that I am God! Psalm 46:10
Thank you Lord for making me be still when you need me to be!

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