Monday, February 07, 2011

Dry Shampoo

Well - thankfully the roads have cleared and it has warmed up a little. Last night our Sunday School class had a Super Bowl Party. I wanted to go so bad but I debated back and forth whether I should and whether I should get Harper out. Scott had planned to stay home because he takes the game seriously and hates watching with a crowd of people. Steve came over to watch with him and they ate wings and probably watched in quiet. I ended up going and I love this party because we have nursery workers at the church who keep our kids and then we go to a house where all the guys go upstairs and watch the game and us girls stay downstairs and talk. I think the game was on the TV but I never once looked at it. I'm so sad because I was so busy talking - I didn't take any pictures. And I was so thankful I went because not only did I enjoy adult company but Harper was the happiest she has been in a week. She was thrilled to be around other kids and her favorite nursery workers. She and I are people persons. We just need to be around "our people". :-)

We are expecting another big snow on Wednesday so I thought it would be good for us to get out for a little outing this morning. We went to Target. I really only had one thing I needed but it was just nice to stroll around and look and be out. This is what Harper did when I asked her to smile for me. ha!
Then she and I had a little lunch at Chick-fil-a and I let her play on the inside playground. Can you tell she was having fun? A little girl who was probably one came in and Harper was telling her what was up. She was shaking her finger and just telling her some major things - I'm not sure what she was saying but I think she might have the bossy big sister thing down. ha! (Don't ask my brother if I was a bossy big sister). ha! I'm afraid Harper gets more like me every day. ha!
On another note - the last few days she has started calling me "Mam-Ma". I have no idea where that has come from. My sweet grandmother was my "mam-ma" but she passed years ago. It kind of tickles me. It also makes me think she has started to realize she has an old mom. ha!

On a totally different note.........................I have always been a person who has "HAD TO" wash her hair every single day. Well in the last few weeks I have started going every other day and sometimes as much as every third day. I always thought all of you who went 2-3 days without washing your hair were CRAZY! Well - let me tell you - it has changed my life! I honestly think my hair looks better on the 2nd or 3rd day and it is starting to look healthier. I have been wanting to grow my hair out but knowing I would have to wash and dry every day has kept me from it. Well -not any more!!! And with a toddler who stands at my shower door while I shower and/or tears my bathroom apart during my shower and a baby coming - I need all the shortcuts I can get!!! I have heard dry shampoo really helps so I got this at Target today. I know there are probably better brands but this was cheap so I'm going to try it out tomorrow.
Are y'all every day washers or do you go longer? And do you use dry shampoo?

(I should add that my hair is very thick and pretty dry - so luckily it doesn't get too used to but I think age has changed that. I also used to have oily skin and now it's dry too). (There are some good things about getting old! :-))

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