Monday, November 22, 2021

Anniversaries, Showers, Birthdays and Football Games

November is almost over and we have been having a lot of fun.  

We celebrated 18 years of marriage on November 1st.  I can't believe it's almost been 20 years! We actually went out on a date and for the first time since having kids - we didn't have to get a sitter because we have an almost teenager! Loving the new life stage we are in! 

I went to a sip and see for Susan's new grand baby! She's the daughter of actual rock stars.  Her mom is the main singer of MSC and her dad is the drummer for LANY.  He just played at a sold out Forum in L.A.  And they are the nicest people you will ever meet and she is a doll baby.  

Speaking of doll babies - our baby Milli turned two on November 3rd.  We love her so much! 

Harper went to her first "drop off and go with friends" high school football game.  She went with tow of her best friends.  They are at different junior highs but they will meet back up for high school in a year and a half.  How is this possible? This was the rival game of Bentonville and Bentonville West.  

The leaves were SO pretty.  They peaked late this year and so I grabbed the kids after school and took some pictures right before they all fell off.  (The leaves - not the kids) 

WH's school had Razorback spirit day.  The hogs have had the best year in years so we are excited! 

The mascot and a few cheerleaders came and helped the kids call the hogs.  Best day ever! 

Now that I'm working all the time - I don't have time to do errands so I've been getting out alone on Saturdays to do things.  I always have to make a coffee run first! 

I went by one of my favorite stores Remedy Road.  It's owned by a friend of mine and they carry items that help people - whether it's providing jobs or wells - the purchases really make a difference. If you are shopping - use kelly20 and get 20% off at

She has new sweatshirts and a portion of these are going to help local NWA non profits.  And they are super cute with a kind of Taylor Swift vibe.  

Hope ya'll are having a wonderful Thanksgiving week! 


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