Tuesday, November 16, 2021

The Rest of October

October came in and went out fast and furious.  It's one of my favorite months but it's always SO crazy busy.  I never do all the things I want to do because there isn't enough time but we tried to enjoy all that we could.  I thought I would share a few highlights.  

Laurie and I went to see Need to Breathe at the Amp.  It was SO good.  I underestimated how cool it would be so I was FREEZING but I loved the concert.  Switchfoot was also with them and it was so good! 

They had a fun night at church for 5th and 6th grade girls.  Hollis had the best time! They had worship and preaching and small group Bible Study but they also had cotton candy, a dessert bar, crafts, karaoke, and a dance party.  Friends sent me pictures of Hollis dancing and laughing and it made my heart so happy.  This is our preteen pastor and his wife.  I LOVE them.  I get to help on Wednesday nights with the 5th and 6tth graders.  Those kids can't appreciate how good it is - we have amazing worship and solid preaching/teaching plus so much fun.  

And Will Holden thinks pastor cam is his best friend.  He's got he look down! 

My friend Lyndsey came on a single trip vacation to Northwest AR from Austin.  She had it so well planned.  She spent time with lots of our NWA people.  I got to have dinner with her.  I was a tourist in my own town because we ate at Preacher's Son which I've been dying to go to and just have never made it.  

It's a real foodie place in an old church.  I LOVED it! We ordered a bunch of things and tried them.  I don't even like beets but we had this beet salad that I loved.  

We had costume night at Preteen.  

Harper at youth group with her 7th grade buddies.  What a gift this group has been! 

We carved pumpkins! 

Harper went to the Pumpkin patch with the youth group girls and had the best time.  I took this picture right before I dropped her off.  She looked like such a teenager.  We still have 2 months until she becomes a teen.  So far - I'm loving it! 

We have celebrated Halloween with the Ormon every year for the last probably 15 years.  We always go to their house and eat pizza and trick or treat.  Their neighborhood gets really into it so it's the perfect place to be.  Emily has outgrown us and soon the other girls will but I told Laurie we still have a good 6-7 years they will have to walk with us! 

If you know us - we always do a family theme.  The girls and I love it.  The girls always plan it.  This year it was their idea to do Winnie the Pooh.  But somebody has a mind of their own that couldn't be swayed.  So Christopher Robin is disguised as Spiderman.  ha! 

Also - when Harper found an idea on pinterest that basically involved ears and sweatshirts we were all sold.  :-) 

Mom and Dad like trick or treating! 

Scott loves Halloween and he actually really likes dressing up with us - but I think part of his costume is he always tries to look as mean as possible in the picture.  Can you sense a pattern? It cracks me up.  

Well that is our October and here it is the middle of November! 


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