Tuesday, August 10, 2021

The dog days of August

We are soaking up all the last few days before school starts but it's also a busy time.  Yesterday was one of my favorite days - the days everyone in elementary finds out their teachers.  Why is that such a fun day? It's all the texting and facebook messages of "who did you get?" and figuring out who is in your class.  We now know who almost all our teachers are and we are ready for the year.  We have a few open houses later this week.  This year possibly holds more uncertainty than it did last year but we are going to pray and keep on going as normally as we can. 

Harper and her friends talked me in a slumber party Friday night.  These three have been friends really since kindergarten but best friends since the 4th grade.  They are at different junior highs and different classes and different sports this year but I'm hoping they stay so close because they will meet back up in the same high school in 2 years.  They were so happy to all be together.  They are always on FaceTime together but in person is SO much better.  Their faces show how I feel when I'm with people too! 

One of the moms sent me the picture on the left of them going into middle school.  And now they are headed to junior high.  It just happens so fast. 

Saturday afternoon we headed to the movies.  My kids act like we are going on a trip.  They always take blankets and pillows.  It was actually hot in the movies.  I told them they didn't need sweatshirts.  

Me and Harper.  

We saw Jungle Cruise.  Listen my family liked it.  I hated it.  I'm sorry if you love it.  It's just my opinion. It was long.  Dark.  Boring.  And a lot of snakes.  I love Emily Blunt but even she couldn't save it for me.  I think WH was bored too because I took him to the bathroom 3 times and he came to my seat about 3 more times.  Which means he isn't interested.  I was glad to take him to the bathroom each time. ha! 

We went to a new TCBY by us after the movies and that was our dinner. ha! I don't like frozen yogurt either.  My family doesn't get me. ha! 

Then we went home so I could watch the NFL hall of fame.  Now I could care less about the NFL but this one interested me.  Cliff Harris who played for the cowboys also played for OBU and our stadium is named after him.  Steve Atwater and Jimmy Johnson were Razorbacks.  And one of my favorite IG follows who I think of as a "friend" - Landyn - her husband was inducted.  My actual friend Darla was there with Cliff Harris and she follows Landyn too so she sent me this picture.  I loved it.  

IT was fun seeing so many Arkansas ties! 

Sunday we went tot the church for the first time in a month after our quarantine.  I was so happy to be back and it was such a good service.  I cried so much my eyes were swollen.  And the sermon was on Hell.  Not a fire and brimstone sermon - but we are walking through Jesus' parables and this was one on Hell and the seriousness of it.  It was so life convicting.  I don't want to see anyone that I know ever go to Hell.  And I pray if you ever hear anything from me - it's that Jesus is real and He just wants you to trust Him and walk with Him and spend eternity with Him.  I wrote the notes above down and I am overwhelmed with how God has brought so much good to us after a very very hard period of time and a long season of praying for Him to help us grow in Him.  

Yesterday we picked up a friend and had a picnic in the park and played.  

Harper had them doing filters in the car. ha! We were parked.

And then we swam for a few hours.  We basically had a pool to our selves which was so nice.  We are going to miss these sleep late and swim days.  But a routine is going to be so good.  

We hope you are enjoying these dog days of August.  


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