Friday, August 06, 2021

Almost School Time

We are on the downward slope of summer.  We have one more week until school starts.  So we are trying to get ready and pack in as much fun and sleeping late as we can.  

Monday was a preview day of junior high.  I think Harper was a little intimidated.  It's just a big building and a lot of changing classes and different schedules every day but I know she is going to have so much fun there.  

We met up with one of her best friends and her mom.  They don't have any classes together but hopefully they can see each other at lunch and in the halls.  And I know Harper will make new friends too.  

We found all her classes and then her friend and her mom  went with us to eat lunch and shop for school supplies.  It was a fun girls day.  Harper got all her stuff organized and she told me she is excited for school now.  We have a fun weekend planned next weekend to do some clothes shopping and get their hair done.  I have had so many people asking where I'm shopping for clothes for the girls right now.  I'm going to do a blog post on that next week.  Back to school edition - shopping for tweens.  

Wednesday night, Harper went to her first youth group service.  She was SO excited.  Several of her friends met here there and she loved it.  I'm so excited for her to be in youth! 

I met Laurie and Paige for dinner Wednesday night.  I haven't seen Laurie in over a month which is so weird for us but with quarantine and summer schedules - it just happened.  We had a great time talking! 

My kids have had several friend dates this week.  Will Holden spent all day with his friend on Tuesday and Hollis has had two days with one of her friends.  Harper's friends have been super busy with sports practices so it's harder to get a friend date in but we have some planned for next week.  I took Harper and Will Holden on a walk, food truck lunch and to climb yesterday.  It was sweet to me how well these two got along with their age differences.  They even slept together last night.  WH is so lucky to have two big sisters who love him.  

I also took Hollis this week and got her and WH's school supplies.  WH didn't want to go.  Harper had me buying so much extra stuff that I spent about twice on her than I did on the other two and she barely needed any supplies.  Hollis is no nonsense and we just got what we needed and barely spent anything.  I love their differences.  

The other thing I'm working on is teacher gifts.  Do you do first of the year gifts? I like to get off a good foot with the teachers.  I do something small.  I think this year it will by clorox wipes, kleenex and maybe a Sonic or coffee gift card because they all need caffeine coming back after summer. Teachers are my heroes so I try to thank them every chance I get.  


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