Monday, August 23, 2021

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

I'm super behind on blogging - not that literally ANYONE cares. ha ha ! But for my own prosperity - I'm going to do a few posts to catch up! 

Right before school started we had to get the back to school obligatory hair cuts! 

Our church kid's ministry had a skate night.  It was so fun.  I think I had more fun than the kids but I LOVE skating.  I've suggested a moms night out skate night.  

Thankful for the friends my kids have made! 

The weekend before school started, Scott and WH went to south AR to work on the deer camp for a few days and we girls had a weekend together.  We had the BEST time! I love spending time with them.  They are so much fun.  

We went to WH's open house without him.  I met his teacher and dropped off his supplies.  She was referring to him as William which is technically his name but I had to let her know to call him Will Holden before he and all the other kids corrected her.  I never knew if the double name out stick but I love hearing all the kids yelling "Will Holden" all the time! 

The girls and I went and ate at Ye-Yo's which is a big favorite.  Then we walked over to the Momentary.  

The Momentary is a free modern art museum in an old Kraft cheese factory.  I have to admit - it's a lot of weird stuff but I still like to check it out from time to time.  

We walked around that area before heading home.  

The next morning we were up and hit up Onyx coffee before shopping downtown for a little bit. 

We always love to visit Remedy Road.  

We tried a new lunch spot - Sunny's.  It's a healthy organic place.  

Harper has been wanting highlights so I had my friend Crystal give her some.  They are SUPER subtle but I wanted her to feel confident and happy going into junior high and it did the trick.  

She was so excited and proud! 

I can't believe how she is growing.  But she's so kind and beautiful on the inside and that's what I'm most thankful for! 

I usually let the girls get their nails done before school starts.  They LOVE having nails.  It was a fun treat! 

Then we headed to Hollis' open house at middle school.  

Hollis has the sweetest home room teacher and a great team of teachers.  And she has 5 of her best friends in her class which honestly is a complete dream.  

Saturday the girls and I did some tennis shoe shopping and then met up with Laurie and Sarah Kate for lunch.  Then we did more school shopping.  

Sunday we headed to church.  

And then Harper went to a birthday party for one of her new church friends.  Harper has made the best group of friends at church and it's an answer to prayer as she starts youth group.  They are always texting each other Bible verses and talking about God and praying for each other.  And they sit together at church and take pages of notes from the sermon.  God is working on her heart and it couldn't come at a better time.  

While we girls were doing all the girly things - the boys were having a total boy weekend.  They drove tractors, built bridges and fished.  This is my favorite picture ever of Will Holden.  I'm going to put it on a canvas somewhere in my house.  


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