Monday, August 02, 2021

Back to School Prayer

Seven years ago yesterday this little tiny girl in a smocked dress started kindergarten.  Today I'm taking her to a Junior High preview and then shopping with one of her friends she will be at school with. They have things all planned out and I'm loving this age but I can't believe it went this fast.  No more smocked dresses and bows but every season is fun.  

Our school starts in two weeks.  This year I will have three kids in three schools.  Moment of silence for me please.  ha! We have been quarantined the last three weeks thanks to Covid so we are going to try and have last minute summer fun before we go back to early mornings and busy days.  

But one thing I always make a priority before school starts is to prayer walk the school.  In the past - I have just had one school to do this at.  This year I will be prayer walking all three.  I may need extra laps around the junior high.  

And I am sure most of you have a little bit of anxiety over this school year.  Whether it's the uncertainty of what life will look like in a month or three months or whether it's straight up fear - I think we all need to pray over this year.  

My pastor said yesterday "God will either answer your prayer, change your prayer or change you".  

So I will be starting our year off with prayer.  

What does that look like: 

Some years - I put in my headphones and listen to worship music and just walk around the school praying.  You can make 7 laps and pray around it like you are marching Jericho.  Here are 7 things to pray on those laps. 

1) administration 
2) teachers
 3) new friends, old friends and that we would always be a friend 
4) clear minds to learn new things
 5) power to be bold and share our faith
 6) safety for the school and everyone in it
 7) that we would have fun and that this grade would be the best yet! 

Most years we go as a family and circle up in the parking lot and pray over the school.  We like to do that the night before school starts.  It's our tradition.  

Whether your kids are in public school or private school or home school (and you want to circle your house), I think this is a powerful thing to do this summer and even through out the school year.  I am planning to not just pray around the school this summer but periodically through the year.  I know teachers need our prayer as much as the kids do! 

Even grab a few other moms at your school to pray with.  I have done that in the past.  Text a few friends or post to facebook and see who shows up.  I also try to find scriptures to pray over the schools.  

God has got this! He is in control and it's hard to trust but we can put our kids in His hands because He loves them more than we do! 


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