Friday, July 30, 2021


I haven't blogged much lately.  Our family is at the tail end of a three week quarantine.  So we have just not left the house - except for me.   The kids have had covid.  Scott and I are fully vaccinated so we didn't have to quarantine but we really have for the most part. And they are all completely fine now!  I'm super thankful because the kids have had super mild cases.  Just fever for a couple of days and that's it.  And this happened in a slow part of our summer when we were able to just stay home and not miss much and get it all over with before school starts.  

I did a live event for Compassion one night.  Laurie was supposed to do it with me and it would have been so fun but to be safe - Harper filled in.  And she did a great job.  She loves to do things like that so I was so thankful she could help me.  

I've spent a lot of time sitting at my kitchen table and working.  And a lot of time cleaning out things and trying to get a little more organized before school starts back in two weeks.  

I got some cute things from Wonderfully Made Clothing

She has CUTE clothes for women and teens/tweens.  If you are BTS shopping - this is a great place to look! 

I LOVE this dress.  I wear this a TON the rest of the summer and fall.  

The girls have spent a LOT of time on FaceTime with their friends.  I didn't even know you could FaceTime more than one person.  Harper had to teach me this.  I'm about to try it out with my friends! 

We have had some serious gaming going on around here. ha! Scott had gotten rid of Disney plus but we brought it back for this month and I think the kids watched every disney movie ever made.  It's so hot outside and we can't go anywhere so movies it is! We go for walks and I take them on a ride to Sonic most days.  It's actually been a nice low key time.  

And Scott built and painted his own custom corn hole set for us.  He had been wanting one and decided he could make a nicer set than he could buy.  He's such a perfectionist.  It turned out great.  

One of my best friends came to town and I had to miss out getting to see her.  That was the biggest bummer.  But I photo shopped myself into a picture to make me feel better. ha! 

Covid is bad again and there is so much anxiety and uncertainty again over everything.  I'm praying for all of you to stay healthy.  I hope you have a good weekend.  If you need us - we will be here at our house.  Probably watching a movie or cleaning out a closet.  


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