Thursday, July 22, 2021

Stuff I'm Loving

 I thought I would do a fun post on "Stuff I'm Loving" right now!  It's just a bunch of random things that I have loved lately! 

I saw this a couple of times on Instagram before I ordered.  My girls have SUPER thick hair and I have dry hair so we have all tried it and love it.  It's just makes your hair smooth and soft.  

I LOVE this dress!!! I have been wearing it constantly.  It's very cool and comfortable.  I wear it with sandals or sneakers and it's so cute! 

I ordered a few BeautyCounter products recently.  I got some matte products I use in the morning that help my skin to not be so oily.  I am really liking them.  I also somehow got this resurfacing peel for free when I ordered and I love it.  I can tell a difference in my skin the morning after I use it.  If ya'll need Beauty Counter - message me and I will hook you up with my friend Maura.  It's great stuff.

I have to say that since I started using skin care about a year ago - I have seen a huge change in my skin.  I'm inching towards 50 and I haven't and probably won't do Botox (I'm not anti it I just don't know that I will do it) so I'm all about investing in some good products! 

This smoked Salmon from Sam's.  I'm obsessed with smoked salmon lately.  I put it on salads.  This is so good! 

When Calls the Heart season 8.  The girls and I watch an episode of this every night.  We are SO invested. I think I love watching with them more than anything.  We looked up all the actors on instagram and are so excited they started filming season 9 yesterday!!! We are just obsessed with the show.  I told them that before Covid - they have a weekend in Canada in october most years where you can go and do a tour of the set and meet all the actors.  They flipped out over it.  I guess if that ever comes back - that would be the ultimate girls trip for us! We are total Hearties! 

I wore this dress on the 4th of July and I love it!!! It's SO cute! They have it in pink and white too! 

I got this swimsuit after seeing it on Brittany Young (Certified Celebrator) and it's so cute! The big ruffle distracts you from a lot. ha ha ha! 

And that's just a few things I"m loving right now! 

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