Tuesday, May 11, 2021

Parks and Moms

I'm catching up on my blogging and then I thought I might do a few blog posts on subbing and church and anything you else you might like to know about! 

Harper - she's almost as tall as me.  I took the girls to church last Wednesday night.  

And while I was gone - Will Holden talked Scott into building a box fort.  Now before you think I have lost my mind ordering online at Walmart - those were from a promo I did with and they sent me a ton of empty boxes.  

Will wrote "Mom and Millie only"  ha ha ha 

A girl got baptized at the Wednesday night preteen service.  I saw Harper in the corner taking pictures. ha! 

Thursday I did a prayer walk downtown.  My friend Paige has had a passion for this prayer walk.  She did one back in the fall and one on the National day of prayer on Thursday.  It was absolutely the most beautiful day we have had so far this year.  

We had a good crowd (you can't see them in this picture) but we stopped 8 different places downtown and prayed.  One stop was at this food truck where they feed anyone for free on Thursday nights.  It's a blessing to so many.  

We prayed on the court steps.  See the guy in yellow? That's the "snake guy".  He is always downtown carrying his huge snake around his neck (see it?)  He saw us and even joined in the prayer walk for a while.  

Saturday was a work day for us.  Cleaning and yard work but it was so nice so I took the kids to a few parks and then we checked out the newest park in town.  Osage Park.  It's SO nice.  It has bike trails and a big pavilion with food trucks.  

There are tables for people to sit and eat and pickle ball courts.  And turf lawns for families to have picnics.  And they are finishing up a super nice dog park.  It's just a great place to have! 

And it edges on Lake Bentonville which is a small lake where you can fish or kayak.  

Sunday we went to church.  I'm so grateful to be their mom! They gave me a big Sonic gift card for my present! They knew it was something I would use (and probably on them!) ha! I loved it! 

The girls made me jars at church that are full of pieces of paper that they wrote all the things they love about me on them.  What a treasure! 

And they took me to lunch.  And then as much as I would have liked to avoid it - I had to get back to Mom life - laundry and cleaning.  I needed to get it done before the busy week started.  But I had a great day and we called our grandmothers and wished them a happy day too! 


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