Monday, May 10, 2021

Life Lately

I haven't blogged a lot lately.  Honestly - I just haven't had time.  I told one of my friends that May is worse than December.  It's so busy and full of things.  It's a fun month but it can be overwhelming.  

Here is a little peek into what has been happening lately.  

Several downtown restaurants have popped up these outdoor areas to eat and I LOVE them.  It reminds me of being in NYC.  I think it's one of the bonuses of Covid.  

Last year we took up biking since we were stuck at home.  WE loved it.  But then school started and we got busy and the weather wasn't great and we just haven't biked but we are trying to take it back up.  

WH has still been playing soccer.  He's not a star - but he's 6.  Most of the kids don't have a lot of focus. But he has scored several goals and he's having fun! And I love sitting at the soccer fields and watching him.  

I got to have lunch with Laurie recently.  It's hard for us to find time to get together but when we do it's always so much fun! 

Last Saturday, the girls went to an all day conference at church for 5th and 6th graders.  They had the BEST time.  I've loved seeing them flourish. And Harper texted me sermon notes and kept saying "This is what I"m learning about God right now........".  Nothing does this mom's heart better.  

Harper has already made friends which I'm so thankful for! It's just a huge answer to prayer! 

While they were there - I met two friends for breakfast! We had the best time! Then I went home and helped Scott in the yard most of the rest of the day.  WE had to do our spring cleaning out of the landscaping.  

I picked up our favorite Wright's BBQ for dinner.  It was such a gorgeous day.  Bikers were out riding all over town.  People were just everywhere enjoying the outdoors.  It honestly felt very pre Covid and made me so happy.  Life is starting to feel more normal every day.  

Last Monday I taught Will Holden's class.  On a Monday with Kindergarteners near the end of the year - I totally brought in two coffees just for me.  I needed all the caffeine I could get.  

But it was fun being with my boy.  I did a LOT of subbing last week.  I need to do a whole post sharing about my subbing experience.  Mostly because I want to encourage a lot of you to do it if you need a flexible job.  It's been a really great experience for me! And I have learned so much! 


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