Wednesday, May 12, 2021

So you want to substitute teach?


I've had so many people ask a lot of questions so I thought I would share my experience.  I'm not sure I will do it next year just because I may be doing other things but I wanted to give my thoughts.  

And I had someone email me earlier in the year expressing their belief that I should NOT talk about subbing.  She said I should not share about it on my blog and that she was worried about other bloggers doing something similar.  I'm going to be honest - that made no sense to me.  It's a job.  It's not a secret society.  I have no intentions on doing an expose.  I have no intention about discussing any students or teachers or specific schools.   My intention is honestly to encourage any of you who might be interested or even thinking about substituting - to do it!!! If you stay home and would like to do something part time that works great with your kids' schedule and earns a little money (it's not a lot of money but if you do it completely full time - it can be decent) - it's a great option.  It's super flexible so you can work every day or you can choose the days you don't want to work.  That's why I loved it.  I work part time for a ministry so I just tried to fit in a few days of subbing every week.  But sometimes there were weeks I didn't sub at all because I had other obligations.  

But overall I have LOVED it!! (It's not over - I'm pretty booked up these last few weeks of school). 

Every state is different - but in Arkansas - you don't have to have a teaching degree.  You get paid more if you do and you are eligible to do long term sub jobs if you do - but it's not required.  You get paid a little more (but a little less than if you have a teaching degree) if you have a college degree.  But that's also not required.  I know in some states you have to have a teaching degree.  So just check the rules.

In order to become a sub - you have to do a lot of paperwork, have a background check, and go through a one day training.  It's not bad but it's a little more than just "signing up online".  

We have a website you can check to see jobs available.  You can choose to only sub at certain schools or all schools in the district.  While I chose to mostly stay at my kids' schools just for the convenience of school drop off and pick up - but I also went to a lot of other schools.  I did everything from kindergarten to high school and a lot of special ed which I loved.  

One of the things I loved the most was just getting to be in the schools.  Especially during a year where parents weren't allowed in. I got to know the kids in my kids classes.  I got to know teachers and admins.  I got to see firsthand what kids are like at different ages.  I feel like I understand Harper a little better  by witnessing a lot of classes of middle schoolers.  I see what they are talking about and interested in.  

And I definitely gained a new appreciation for teachers.  It's a hard job.  Yes they get summers off.  But they DESERVE that.  I feel like every parent should maybe sub one or two days and they would never complain again.  ha! 

If you are thinking about it but you are nervous you can't do it (because I was ) - it's really not hard.  Teachers are amazing to leave very specific plans.  From kindergarten to high school - I have not had a hard time at all.  I HAVE reached back into my memory on fractions and a few other things but kids are so smart.  It's been fun to work with them and see them learn.  

If you have any questions - I would love to answer them! And I hope this encourages you to go for it if you are considering it! 


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