Thursday, April 29, 2021


I can hardly believe it but this little blond baby boy turned six this past weekend!!! 

No one has ever been more excited about his birthday than this guy.  He has talked about it non stop really for a year but especially for the last few weeks.  He has been counting down the minutes.  And Saturday he woke up at 4 :30 a.m. to ask if it was time to open presents yet.  I sent him back to bed for a couple of hours but eventually he got to open his gifts.  In Christmas pj's no less.  

He really really wanted to have a party at the trampoline place.  Last year he didn't get to have a party thanks to Rona so I was happy for him to have one.  Plus he wanted to invite some of his kindergarten buddies.  Actually he wanted to invite about 75 kids but I had to limit him to a few.  

He had the best time jumping with his friends! 

They had cupcakes and then he opened presents.  His sisters supervised this part and Harper wrote down gifts so we could send thank yous.  It's nice having older sisters.  

He's an easy kid to celebrate! He's so full of life! 

After the party we let Will Holden pick where he wanted dinner.  He picked Fish City Grill because they have the best iced tea and ranch dressing.  They also have the best gumbo so I was happy! 

One of his friends gave him Ryan's Toy Review pj's.  He's worn them nearly every night since.  

This boy keeps us laughing and makes me young.  And tired.  He is such a gift to our family! 


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