Tuesday, April 13, 2021

We like to party

This time last year we were locked up in our homes WISHING we had ANYTHING to do.  So I don't take it for granted now when our calendar is full.  It's given me a sense of gratitude for sure! We had a lot going on this past weekend and I was just happy we could go and be with people! 

Harper and I went to a wedding shower.  I think she felt very grown up.  Probably because she is now almost as tall as me.  I love getting time alone with my biggest girl.  I love getting time alone with any of my kids.  They are such gifts to me. 

I saw a couple of people I follow on instagram in a maxi dress version of this shirt from Target.  I loved it but I saw the shirt and it is more me.  I love the sleeves.  It's very thin so perfect for warm spring days! 

We had 2 birthday parties and one shower on Saturday! 

Loved how they decorated! 

One of the gifts of Covid - individual charcuterie boards! I'm so here for this!!!!

Will Holden went to a super hero birthday party.  This boy LOVES parties.  He woke up at 6 a.m. already dressed like this and ready to go.  

It was such a fun party.  It was outside with a bouncy house and a piñata.  It was 45 degrees and FREEZING but the kids had a blast.  And their kindergarten teacher even came to the party and you would think Santa Claus had shown up! She is so loved! 

Hollis went with her best little friend to celebrate her birthday.  I was so happy for them to spend time together.  They aren't in the same class this year which means they don't get to be together much but I"m so thankful they are still close.  She's such a sweet friend to Hollis.  

We love celebrating people and we love people! I'm thankful that this is becoming possible again.  I will never take for granted the gift of being able to do things and be with people again.  


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