Thursday, April 15, 2021

Kids Bathroom Makeover

We re-did the girls' room back in December and painted their room a bright white.  Once we did that - their bathroom immediately looked so dark and dingy.  So I have been wanting to fix that.  So during spring break - Scott took off a couple of days so we could tackle this room.  

It was a mess.  Chipped paint on the trim and that dull beige.  


We had a shower curtain but I didn't have it pulled in this picture.  

The cabinets had chipped paint.  It just looked awful.  

And this is after.  We painted the walls, doors, and trim SW Pure White (just like we used in the girls' room).  I painted the cabinets SW Iron Ore and I love it.  It's a very dark gray.  It needed some contrast.  

The one thing I still need to do is I want new and more modern light covers for the light fixture.  Or a new light fixture.  Hopefully we can do that part soon.  

The shower curtain and rugs all came from Urban Outfitters.  I thought they were colorful and a little funky and fun for kids.  The girls and I both loved it.  We also replaced the toilet lids and handle - they needed an update.  

I feel like 2020/2021 has been a year of house projects for us.  This is what happens when you spend so much time at home looking at your house.  ha! Or live somewhere for a long time like we have.  

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