Monday, April 12, 2021

Last Week

I'm in HOT San Antonio today!!! I will share more about that later but today I'm catching up on last week! 

First - the most exciting thing is TWO couples from my Singles page got engaged last week!!! That brings us to 33 couples who are engaged/married!!!  THIRTY-THREE!!!! Can you even believe it? 

Aren't they cute? 


They are doing testing at our schools this month so a couple of days - kids are home doing virtual while virtual kids come in to test.  Last week Harper was home for two days all alone (without her siblings).  I so rarely get time with just her.  WE went on a 3 mile walk one day and got to have some one on one time! 

I also got two "date nights' with Scott last week but both were to go to Home Depot and Lowe's.  We (I should say Scott) are on a home project roll.  It's a constant thing.  

I went downtown this week and loved this new mural that's going up.  I love the peonies!!! 

One of my favorite coffee shops JUST opened back up for people to come inside.  It felt SO normal! I know there are a lot of places that are still shut down or living differently - but life here is starting to feel so much better and I'm so grateful! 

The trees are also beautiful right now! Spring is here and I love it! Everything feels like a new beginning! 

The girls went to western night at church last week.  How cute are they? 

And Friday I taught Hollis' class which is always fun! It was a super busy week because I have a million things going on but I'm also feeling grateful that I HAVE things to do! 

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