Monday, April 05, 2021

Tulsa Time

Last Friday I headed out on a girls trip.  But before I did, I met Susan for coffee and then we filmed for the Saving Grace fundraiser.  We got to emcee and welcome! We had so much fun doing this! 

Me and three of my best friends headed to Tulsa for the day and night to celebrate Laurie's birthday.  and honestly to celebrate that we COULD go on a girls trip.  And that we could shop and eat and live! 

We were all SO happy! It had been WAY too long for any of us since we had done this! 

We ate Mexican on our way out of town and then headed straight to Utica Square.  It's such a pretty part of Tulsa.  Anthropologie was the first place we visited! 

Paige found this "Kristen" plate for Laurie.  

We had to make a caffeine top mid shopping.  

The flowers were so pretty.  The weather was perfect.  It was just a wonderful day! 

I love this picture of Paige! We ate at Wild Fork for dinner.  It was SO good.  

We were able to get a free hotel room from points that Marci's husband had stored up.  It was so big and nice.  We had fun just talking and laughing.  It felt like a grown up slumber party! 

Laurie got the perfect gift! 

We packed up Sunday morning.  It was crazy how much we had for just one night. ha! 

Paige found us a fun place downtown to eat breakfast.  It was right up my alley - just a very cool spot and the food was so good.  These breakfast tacos were amazing.  

And Paige found gluten dairy free lemon pancakes.  They matched her shirt! 

I needed some free time and no one saying "mom'.  I have loved all this extra time with my family over the last year but it has meant not much friend time or alone time so this felt like a gift.  

We walked across to this super cool coffee shop and grabbed lattes before heading out.  

We made a stop at Trader Joe's before we left town.  

I'm so grateful for a fun 24 hours with friends and Tulsa was the perfect place to do it! 


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