Tuesday, April 06, 2021

Easter Blessings

We had such a good Easter! I think I just appreciated it all so much after last year.  Last year was so sad and depressing.  We sat in our pj's and watched church on TV and I hated it.  I was still grateful for Jesus and His resurrection.  But we were surrounded by fear and unknown and it was just hard.  This year I feel just like the spring trees that are blooming and budding all around us and the green is coming back and the earth is awakening that we are experiencing a period of new and hope! 

I was just so grateful to go to church with my family.  It was a wonderful service and I just feel closer to my Saviour more than ever before! 

We are at a  new church this year that has been part of our healing and revival and we are grateful for the change.  But it comes out of a season of deep grief over making the change.  But we feel like we are right where God wants us and that's a good place to be.  

I'm also thankful for new friends who have been such a blessing to me this year.  And especially when they have little boys who are friends with mine and even show up to Easter in the same class in similar outfits! 

For the last 16 years, we have had Easter lunch with the Ormons.  Every year but last year.  We swap houses and always get KFC takeout and it's just my favorite way to spend Easter.  

Laurie in her Easter best.  

In her robe eating her friend chicken.  This is Laurie in a nutshell.  

Laurie let the kids dye Easter eggs.  I'm a good mom in many many ways but I'm not into dying Easter eggs.  Thank goodness they have Aunt Laurie who lets them do it at her house.  

Please zoom in and look at the looks on each of my kids faces.  This is the Stamps house in a nutshell. ha! 

Hollis was excited to be twinning with me.  She's my special girl and I love her so much! 

That top picture was their second Easter together.  And this was their 13th.  I will never get over what a thief that time is.  

More than anything I am just thankful for Jesus and how he has carried me through so many things over the last year.  His love is never ending and unconditional and He loves you so much.  I hope you know that.  

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