Monday, April 19, 2021

Remember the Alamo

Last Sunday - I set out to drive to San Antonio with Susan and Hollis.  We had to stop at Onyx for coffee before we left town.  

Susan was speaking at our friends' church.  She was going to fly but she had a ton of merchandise (books and shirts) to take so she decided to drive and I could go with her.  And Hollis' very best friend lives there so we surprised her and let her go and then she surprised her friend when she showed up (you will have to watch the videos on instagram - it's so sweet).  

I drove Susan's car (which is a fairly new SUV) and about 2 hours down the road I said "this seems to be blowing hot hair".  Y'all we had NO air conditioning.  And it was 90 degrees in Texas that day.  I have never been so hot.  We sweat in that car for TWELVE HOURS! 

We had to keep stopping just to get air and water.  Susan was threatening to buy this swimsuit and wear it - we were so hot.  

We also stopped at our first ever buc-ee's.  Which is quite the experience.  It's huge.  Like a super center/massive gas station/cracker barrell. They have every kind of food and product imaginable.  And swarming with people.  But also the cleanest bathrooms anywhere.  

We made it to San antonio around 9:30 at night.  I couldn't feel my hands because I had gripped the steering wheel so hard as I drove us through terrible Dallas traffic and Austin.  I'm not used to driving in cities.  Hollis went to Kampbell's house and they quickly put on matching nightgowns.  Hollis never complained ONE TIME on our trip.  She was so good.  I think it was worth every hot minute to her to get to see her best friend for just 24 hours.  They talk on the phone every single day.  I love that they have stayed so close after 3 years of Campbell living in Texas.  

My friend Maegan picked us up the next morning and took us to breakfast at Supper.  It's located at the pearl which is the most amazing part of San Antonio.  I have never been to SA and I would love to spend a week there.  I know there is so much to see.  We only had a few hours.  So I will have to plan a trip back.  

Allison met us for breakfast.  Allison had reached out to me through my blog over 12 years ago and was a sweet internet friend.  And then when my friend Maegan went on staff at her church - she took her under her wing and became such a good friend to her - which is so full circle.  I love that they are so close! 

Maegan is one of my best friends.  It was so good to even get 24 hours with her and see where she lives and her church.  It was like oxygen for my soul.  I miss her so much.  I had a big cry when we left because I hate we are 12 hours apart.  But I'm grateful that I am closer than ever to her even with the distance.  

We just had the best morning.  It wasn't super hot and we got coffee and walked around and caught up on life.  We cried and we laughed and it was just life giving.  

Thankful for this gift of time! 

Meanwhile these two girls had the time of their life just being in the same place.  

With matching shirt and matching hair.  

Our night was spent at the church where Susan talked.  Maegan and her oldest daughter who is her twin in every way.  

Hutch was on staff at our church for over 15 years.  WE love him dearly and the people at CBC love him.  

It was such a sweet night.  CBC is a mega church that is full of so many who have just come to know Jesus.  They haven't grown up in church and it's refreshing to see people who love Jesus because they just met Him and see how He has changed their lives.  They had so much freedom in their worship of Him.  

I even got to meet Dinah who has been on my singles page! How fun is that? 

It was pretty crazy to drive 12 hours, stay 24 hours and drive 12 hours back but it was worth all the exhaustion.  We didn't get home to our hotel Monday night until almost midnight. And then we left at 6 to drive home.  I was WIPED out.  But I'm still smiling from such a great trip! 

I love meeting women and I love seeing God change lives.  He is so good! 


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