Friday, March 26, 2021

Spring Break

We didn't go on a trip or do anything special but our spring break has still been fun. 

Monday Harper got to go on her first shopping trip with friends.  One of their moms took them to Branson for the day.  They shopped and ate and had so much fun.  

It made me relive my junior high days of going shopping with friends when one of our moms would take us.  The mom is a friend and she invited me to go but I could tell Harper really wanted the independence so I let her have it.  

You can tell how happy she is.  

She was able to get wifi on her phone so she texted me a lot during the day showing me what she was going to buy.  She took all her chore money she had been saving.  

She has wanted crocs forever and I hate them but since I wasn't there - I think she finally decided she could get some.  She actually called to ask me and I had to say "it's your money".  Because it's a no to orange crocs for me. ha! 

Mean while - Laurie and her family were also in Branson so I went by a couple of times to check on her cats like the good friend that I am.  If you know Laurie - this is NOT Kristen.  Kristen passed last year.  I would have NEVER held that cat.  She was Evil and scary.  This is Laurie's newest cat Finley.  He's actually pretty sweet.  I still don't like cats but I'm not terrified for my life with him.  

Hollis went with me.  She loved getting to pet the cats. ha! 

While Harper was gone I took the other two on a park hop.  It was a little cool and gloomy but they had a great time.  

We hit up four different parks in town and saw a few friends.  

That night - will Holden lost his first ever tooth.  He pulled it himself.  He was so excited!!! 

We kept one of my friends' little girls for a few hours on Tuesday.  We had so much fun playing with them.  

Her little girls remind me of mine when they were little.  

Harper and her friends talked me into a slumber party that night.  And starbucks.  ha! 

Scott and I have spent the last few days re-doing the kids bathroom.  We are painting it and painting the cabinets.  Scott has done most of the work because he told me I was the worst painter in the history of the world.  ha ha ha! He said I'm good at a lot of things but painting is not one of them.  And he's right.  So he can have that job.  I will post pictures when we are done.  I'm so happy for it to be updated.  

Yesterday was Scott's birthday.  We took him to Ruth Chris last night.  I don't think I have been there in 10 years but Scott really wanted to go.  It was good but it's not my favorite honestly.  Especially for the price.  

But we loved celebrating our hard working dad who is so good to all of us! 

The kids loved eating in a "fancy" place and they really loved dessert! 

I think a spring break staycation is what we all needed! 


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