Wednesday, March 24, 2021

Family Time

I'm playing a little more catch up on here! 

Hollis got a package of gum from her favorite teacher who moved last year.  Hollis thinks of her as one of her best friends and the teacher is so sweet to her. She face timed her on her birthday and made her day! 

Hollis had her 10 year old well visit.  I was thinking while there how I used to sweat and be so stressed taking 2 or 3 kids at a time to the dr because I had to and now I can leave the others home and just take one and they are so easy.  

I met my friend Paige one morning last week for coffee at Onyx and a walk around the Momentary.  

The Momentary is modern art in a old factory.  It's cool.  Really really too cool for me because I don't get the art at all.  But I still like going. ha! 

Harper got the Principal's award in an assembly.  This goes to one 6th grader either a quarter or a semester.  I was so proud of her.  Her teacher told me recently that she's the only kid in their section that tells teachers thank you for wiping the tables.  Harper is also the kid who leaves notes for the wait staff when we eat out thanking them for working.  

Scott's parents came for the weekend and we were so happy they got to come.  We went to lunch at Louise on Saturday.  It was so good but it was crowded.  I knew almost everyone there which was fun.  It made it feel very small town.  

Sunday the weather was nice so we took them to walk on Coler Trail.  

We love it here! 

We made it to the coffee shop on the trail for a rest and some coffee.  

The Stamps boys 

Me and one of my girls! 

We also took them to church on Sunday morning.  And then we watched the Hogs make it to the sweet 16 which gave me chest pains the game was so close.  I'm super excited about March Madness this year and counting the days until our next game on Saturday! 


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