Wednesday, March 31, 2021

It was the Best of Times, It was the Worst of Times

We had a good spring break.  It was pretty low key.  Scott took a few days off and we painted the kids' bathroom.  It took us a few days with sanding cabinets and painting trim.  I will post pictures soon.  

One of Hollis' best friends since we little gave her a card and money! Hollis is officially the richest person in our house.  We all have to borrow from her. ha! 

Our weekend took a turn on Friday.  First - I was in a car accident.  I'm fine.  My car is likely totaled.  I'm waiting to hear from insurance and the body shop but pretty sure it will be.  I was pretty shook up and still have PTSD when I get in my car but there was so much to be grateful for.  I was alone in my car - no kids.  I was not hurt and neither was the other person (at least not that I know of).  One of my former bosses and his wife who I am friends with just happened to be biking by right after and they stuck with me for a few minutes and helped calm my nerves until Scott got there.  I just feel very grateful. 

And then we had a leak in our garage that came through walls.  Our friend Craig came over and they cut part of the wall thinking it was the washer.  We later realized it was our refrigerator that was leaking and had gone through the walls in the pantry, laundry room and to the garage.  

Sunday at church we took communion and  I was loving the prepackaged.  It doesn't taste good but as someone who has been the communion committee for 10 years and has spent hours pouring that juice in cups - I'm all about the easy! 

We went to Chuy's for lunch after church.  

Love these kids! 

The hogs played in the Elite Eight Monday night and lost.  I'm so proud of them for going so far.  No one likes losing but I know we will be back and better next year and it was fun while it lasted! Will Holden didn't love the Hog shirt I made him wear on Monday but he sure looks cute! 

I'm also finding blessings in our flood situation.  I'm thankful for our insurance who has been great so far.  They sent over a company to tear out walls and baseboards and we now have high powered fans in our house that sound like a jet plane.  They have to run for 3 days.  We are shouting over each other and can't hear a thing going on but thankfully the guys who did this said "This isn't that bad at all" which made me feel better.  

All and all - it's just stuff.  Stuff can be replaced.  It could be SO much worse.  It hasn't been a fun few days but I keep trying to find the good and be grateful in it.  

 I took this picture of WH running down the sidewalk with the setting sun behind him.  He was so happy - "take pictures of how fast I'm running Mom".  I hope no matter your circumstances that you are all filled with this kind of Joy.  

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