Friday, March 12, 2021

Lately and a year later

Just some glimpses into our week this week.  

Will Holden has a boy in his class that wears ties every Tuesday and so does our vice principal.  Apparently the vice principal slips some candy to the boys doing "tie tuesday" and WH caught wind of it.  So he insisted on wearing a tie on Tuesday.  And apparently every time anyone at school complimented him on it he said "I'm just doing it for the candy".  ha! 

Hollis played her last game of the season.  She got to play against one of her best friends and she guarded her one period and they both were giggling.  It was so cute.  

Hollis and two of her good friends on the other team.  
It was a fun season and I'm thinking she will be ready to play again next year! 

I made a Sam's run this week.  I need you to know that these Salmon tacos are so good! I've bought them three weeks in a row! 

I did car line in the rain without an umbrella and had Monica's hair in the bahamas.  Oh the humidity! 

I have been super busy this week working both on my non profit and at schools.  

But it feels good to be busy.  Especially when I realize that it was exactly one year ago that the world stopped.  

I know we have all been thinking about this.  I took this picture one year ago today.  I took the kids to sonic and the dog park because the news was stressing me out.  And then after dinner I started hearing rumors of no toilet paper and Walmart possibly closing and everything possibly closing and I went to the store in a panic and bought about 5 weeks worth of groceries (which I have never bought more than 2-3 days at a time before).  I think we are all reflecting on how that felt and how can a year have already passed.  But I think I'm finally starting to feel hope that there is a possibility of life looking more normal for most people soon.  But a small part of me is missing those first few months when we were all together at home and went on long walks every day and life slowed down for a season.  I'm also thinking of all those who have lost loved ones and praying for comfort.  

Bright days are ahead.  I know it! 


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