Monday, March 22, 2021

Crawfish and Ten

I haven't blogged in a while so I want to catch up on life! We are on spring break and we didn't go anywhere.  I'm not a big Spring Break trip person.  I feel like the weather is not always great in march and I like a week to just have down time - sleep in late, catch up on house stuff and just chill.  We have a trip to the beach and to Disney planned in the second half of the year so we are just looking forward to that! 

I got my second vaccine almost 2 weeks ago! So I feel like I can let out a sigh of relief.  I was able to get it since I sub.  I'm just ready to move on and get life back to normal.  So I'm happy to do my part of getting shots and wearing masks if it means that some day soon we can live like we used to! Our parents have all had their vaccines so that feels good too! We are fortunate that we never got Covid.  

If I had to tell you my favorite meal  - it would be this.  A crawfish boil.  Maybe it's because I only get to eat it once or twice a year but there is nothing I love more! The Ormons had us over for crawfish last weekend.  We all love this meal.  

Laurie loves it more than ANYONE! 

We are going to get it for our house next month hopefully! 

Will Holden has so much hair.  All my kids do.  His hair turns into a bouffant when it grows.  I had to take him for a hair cut last weekend.  He looked so much better! 

I went for a walk one night and he wanted to go with me.  I obviously like to walk for the quiet and walks with him are anything BUT quiet - but I know how much he likes it.  

This boy.  He is exhausting but I can't help but just adore him.  He prayed this weekend that Jesus would let him have a restaurant.  And then he told our waiter at a restaurant that he was in a boy band.  I don't know where he comes from but I can't wait to see what he ends up being when he is grown.  Nothing will surprise me! ha! 

And this sweet girl turned ten last week! We had a whole fun day with her and I will blog that tomorrow.  I've been having a bit of a midlife crisis in the last week.  I've just been very weepy.  I LOVE the ages my kids are at.  They are easy and sweet and no sassy - still love their parents and think we are cool.  BUT they are growing so fast and I miss the simple life when they were toddlers.  It was hard and tiring but sometimes I wish I could pick up toddler Hollis and just hold her for a few minutes.  

And I guess that sums up being a parent. 


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